After All This Time by TaTyFan13
Summary: Hiroki teases Yumi about her relationship who?
Categories: Ships Characters: Jeremie Belpois, Yumi Ishiyama
Genres: Romance
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1. Chapter 1 by TaTyFan13

Chapter 1 by TaTyFan13
Author's Notes:
Yes, I am hyped up on lemons at 11:30. Yes, it may be rushed.
How do I get myself into these situations, anyway? I finally figured out how I felt about Jeremie. What I figured out: he’s the love of my life. I decided that I would tell him today, after lunch.

+++++++++++++Later That Day+++++++++++++

We both leave the lunchroom at the same time. I pull him aside. A random person stops and stares at us. I see who it is. Hiroki, my pest of a brother. “Go away!” I yell. “What did I do?” Jeremie asks and looks at me as if I had two heads. “Sorry, not you. I was taking to my pest of a brother. Leave us alone, Hiroki! Go to class!” I yell. He smiles at me and starts singing, “Yumi and Jeremie, sitting in a tree! K-I-S-S...” I slap myself and say, “Can we talk, in your room?”

++++++++In Jeremie’s room++++++++

“What did you want to talk about?” he asks. I say nothing. I’m just staring like an idiot. “Yumi?” “Huh? Oh! Um...I, ah, heh, you...” I say stupidly. “Are you okay? Are you sick?” he asks concerned. “Yeah, I’m fine.” “Well, what did you want to talk about?” “A-about, um , you.” “Me?” he asks, confused. “Well, you and me. I, um, I....” I’m still deciding weather or not to tell him.
“I-I, um, think that, um, I, ah, Iloveyou” I say the last part fast.

He looks really freaked out. “Come again?” “Jeremie, I think I love you.” He hesitates before saying, “I love you too, Yumi” He said it. He said he loves me. I do something then almost on impulse. I lean over and I kiss him. And he immediately responds. Hmm. Ulrich never did that.
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