Heartland by GarageKid
Summary: Yumi's mom dies and her dad does whats best. Moves to a ranch! Will the city girl live a contry life?
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1. Death of a Loved One by GarageKid

2. The trip to Heartland by GarageKid

3. The First Ride by GarageKid

4. A New Friend And Old Foe by GarageKid

5. A Girl And Her Mustang by GarageKid

6. Ulrich's Silent friend by GarageKid

7. Hiroki's new Friend by GarageKid

8. Cattle Drive by GarageKid

9. Daughter by GarageKid

10. A Kiss in Hay by GarageKid

11. Rivals in the Ring by GarageKid

Death of a Loved One by GarageKid

Mrs. Ishiyama was getng ready for her high school reunion.

"How do I look?" She asked as she walks down the stairs.

"Good." Mr. Ishiyama said as he begain reading the paper.

"Did you even look?" Mrs. Ishiyama asked angrly.

"Yes." He said.


A car from outside begain to hong the horn.

"Well I see you all monday." Mrs. Ishiyama said as she left.

"Bye mom." Yumi and Hiroki called.


The next day Yumi  met up wih the rest of the gang that morning. Odd came running from the dorms and hid behind Ulrich.

"Sorry about this buddy." Odd said as Emily was chaseing him out of the dorms. Looking ready to kill him.

"What did you do now?" Ulrich asked.


"ODD! You are so dead!" Emily called as she ran up. Ulrich moved out of the way, So Odd ran behind Yumi.

"You wouldn't go through Yumi, would you?" Odd asked.

"She wont have to." Yumi said moving out of the way.

"Jeremie, Aelita, help!" Odd said.

"Odd what did you do?" Aelita asked.

"He started a rumor saying that I kissed a member of the chess club." Emily said.

"Odd, you really know how to get girl to want to rip your head off or beat you to a bloody pulse! Why did you start that rumor anyway?" Yumi asked.

"I got bord." Odd said.

"Can I suggestion?" Ulrich asked.

"That would be nice." Odd said.

"RUN!" Ulrich said as Odd begain to run to the wiids with Emily on his tail.

"I thought Odd liked it when girls chased him." Jeremie said.

"No if there going to beat him up." Aelita said as the gang begain to laugh.


That night when Yumi returned to her house, her dad was waiting for her by the porch.

"Sorry I'm late.....Daddy?" Yumi said as she saw a tear run down his face. Yumi looked past him to the couch to see Hiroki crying.

"Sit down, Yumi." Her dad said. Yumi sits next to Hiroki who leaned on her as she sat down.

"Yumi, Your mother was in a car accedent." Her dad begain.

"What happened?" Yumi asked.

"A drunk driver ran into her car." He said as he sat down on the couch.

"Is she OK?" Yumi asked.

"Yumi.....She's dead." He said as he started to cry, only this time Yumi started to cry with him. Her dad started to rub her back to make her feel better. "There's no harder lost then the lost of a loved one."

The trip to Heartland by GarageKid

"Yumi, Hiroki are you ready to go to the funeral?" Mr. Ishiyama called up the stairs.

"Yeah, dad, be there in e few minutes!" Yumi called down. After ten minutes, Yumi and Hiroki came down the stair case.

"I called your school, the principal gave you guys a few days off. Two week to be exact." Mr. Ishiyama said.

"TWO weeks?" Yumi asked.

"Yes, because we are also prepareing to move. Well I am." Her dad said.

"MOVE?" Yumi and Hiroki said at once.

"You two wil still go to Kadic, we just wont be in the city." Mr. Ishiyama said.

"Were are we moving to?" Hiroki asked.

"Heartland. We are moving to the ranch to get away from the city. And the drunk drivers in it!" Mr. Ishiyama said. His fist was clanched when he said it.

"What's Heartland?" Hiroki asked.

"A beautiful ranch out west of the city. It was for sale, so I took interest to see to buying it. We will be in there in a week. Your mom was with me when we first looked at the place, so loved it so much, if we had the money, she would have bought that place the day we came!" Mr. Ishiyama took a breath before continueing. "You two will love it there! The whide open land! Oh and your older brother is coming back home to help out at the ranch."

"Jonh Ken?" Hiroki asked. "Really?"

"You were too younge to remember him before he joined the army." Mr. Ishiyama said.

"J.K. at a ranch? Now that wont be much of a change for him." Yumi said.

"We better hurry. or well be late for the funeral." Mr. Ishiyama said as he grabbed his car keys.


"Why isn't Yumi here?" Ulrich asked.

"I think she might be sick." Aelita said. "Why else would she not be here?"

"Who knows?" Odd said.

"I hear from Sissi what happened." Emily said. "Her mom died in a car accedent."

"Oh! That has to stink." Ulrich said.

"Today was the funeral, so that's where Yumi is." Emily said.

"I feel really bad for her." Aelita said.

"Yeah, she's probaly in shock." Jeremie said.

"ULRICH!" A girl's voice said from behind them.

"Hey Ulrich, it's your fan club." Odd said as Sissi walks up to the gang.

"Very funny Odd. So Ulrich, Yumi finally stand you up." Sissi said.

"You know very well Yumi's mom died. I know exactly were she is." Ulrich said.

"Then why aren't you there?" Sissi said. As she walks away Ulrich notices that Emily has a suprised look on her face.

"Did Sissi just try to get you and Yumi together?" Emily said.

"What! NO!" Odd said.

"Well, she had a point saying that you should be at the funeral with Yumi. And if you want to go, the funeral is held at the Vine Graveyard." Emily said.

"Did Sissi tell you that to?" Ulrich asked.

"No. I talked to Yumi on the phone this morning." Emily said.

"So, Romeo, are you going to met Juliet or not." Odd said. Ulrich nods and heads to Yumi's house.


After the funeral John Ken went home with Yumi, Hiroki and their dad. When they got home they were packing to leave for Heartland.

"John Ken, It's great to see you move back. Yumi and Hiroki are going to need you around for a while." Mr. Ishiyama said.

"Well, that's why I'm here." John Ken said.

"J.K. can you help Hiroki here. He needs some help, and I'm not willing to awnser his weird questions." Yumi called.

"OK Yumi, I'm comeing!" John Ken called as he ran up the stairs. Mr. Ishiyama heard a knock on the door.

"It's not locked!" He called.

"Hi Mr. Ishiyama." Ulrich said.

"Hi Ulrich. Yumi's upstairs with Hiroki and J.K." Mr. Ishiyama said.

"J.K.?" Ulrich asked.

"Their older brother." Mr. Ishiyama said.

Ulrich walk upstairs to Yumi's room. no one was there and everything was packed up.

"Yumi!" Ulrich called.

"In Hiroki's room." Yumi called back. Ulrich walked into the room to see Yumi wearing black jeans, black riding boots, a white three quarter sleave shirt and a black vest over it. Hiroki was wearing brown jeans, brown riding boots, a white long sleave shirt and a brown vest over it. There was a tall black haired bay wearing

The First Ride by GarageKid

Ulrich had helped them pack while Yumi explained the move making sure he knew that she would still be going to Kadic. Ulrich had asked questions about her mom's death, wich Yumi gave up awnsering after a while. John Ken talked to Ulrich and they soon became friend. No surprise, Ulrich was a great friend of the Ishiyama family. John Ken was a contry boy, his acsent has a contry song to it, he always had a piece of straw in his mouth, and he talked about his days on the ranch before they moved out to the city. Yumi used to ride before she was thrown off and put into the hospital. Her mom had said that they would go back to the contry.

"Yumi, wake up." John Ken said as they reached the ranch house. Yumi had fallen asleep with her i-pod on.

"How long has it been?" Yumi asked.

"An hour." John Ken said.

"So how far are the stables from here?" Yumi asked.

"If you look up, you can see them behind the house. I cann't wait to fill it with horses!" John Ken said excitedly.

"We'll worry about that later. I don't think Yumi is willing to get back on the sadle after what happened last time." Their dad said.

"I fall off on time! Sorry dad but I'm as excited as J.K. over here." Yumi said.

"I'm not!" Mr. Ishiyama said slightly angry.

"Look, I'll be fine." Yumi said stubbornly.

"Your as stubborn as your mother!" Mr. Ishiyama said. Yumi got quite when he mentioned her mom. She missed her.

"Dad I'll be with her. Come on." John Ken said.

"You'll both help unpack! Riding will wait!" Her dad's voice was really angry now. Jonh Ken and Yumi obayed. Everything was unpacked, and put away. After that it as too late to go to the stable.

"Hey, Yumi!" John Ken called Yumi was on the porch. As she turned around her brother had a box in his hand. "I need to fit you for a riding helmet. Dad'll flip it I don't do it." Yumi smiled and followed him into the house.


"Is this the place, Ulrich?" Odd asked.

"Yeah, that's Heartland." Ulrich said as the bus stopped. Him and the gang walked out.

"It's beautiful." Aelita said.

"I'll say. I thought it was on of those, you know, places that looked" Jeremie begain.

"Like it went through World War II." Odd said.

"Yeah." Jeremie said. Jonh Ken was heading out to the stables.

"HEY JOHN KEN!" Ulrich called. He runs over to John Ken with the gang following.

"Hey Ulrich." John Ken said.

"Where's Yumi?" Ulrich asked.

"In the stable tackin' Yankee up." Jonh Ken said.

"Who?" Odd asked.

"Come and see." John Ken said. The gang follows up the path to the stable. Yumi had a brown horse with a white star on it's forehead. The horse had an English sadle and Yumi was getting the horse's reins on.

"That's Yankee." John Ken said as he walked over to the horse. "Ready to ride?"

"I'm waiting on you." Yumi said.

"Hve you riden before Yumi?" Aelita asked.

"Before my parents moved to the city, we lived on a ranch. We moved to the city because...." Yumi paused John ken finishes the sentence.

"Yumi was thrown off one of our horses, Rio, and was sent to the hospital." John Ken said.

"ouch!" Odd said.

"That's why I have second thoughts." A voice said they all turn to see Mr. Ishiyama walking to the stable. Hiroki was with him.

"Dad, I'll be fine." Yumi protested.

"Yeah, dad, I'll be with her for the billionth time." John Ken said.

"OK, but if she falls" He begain.

"Look, dad, I don't know when she will fall because I ride western. Yumi rides English. If she loses her balance Yankee will go to a walk or stop remember?" John Ken said.

"I've fallen before, no prob." Yumi said.

"Other then the one time you went to the hospital." Ulrich said.

"Yeah." Yumi said.

"OK, go have fun. I'll be teaching Hiroki how to ride." Mr. Ishiyama said.

"Can we come?" Odd asked.

"Sure I'll hook Red up to a cart." John Ken came back with a redish brown horse.


When they started for the trail, Yumi was the first to hop and start riding.

"Slow down Yumi, dad's gonna have my head if you run off!" John Ken yelled. He put Red into a trot as he followed Yumi.

"Come on!" Yumi yelled back.

"Yumi look out." Jonh Ken said. Yumi saw a log on the trail. She easily jumped it and waited for the others to get to the other side.

"That was amazing Yumi." Aelita said.

"It's too low! A higher jump would be more of a challange!" Yumi said patting Yankee on the neck.

"Your first ride since the accedent." John Ken said.

"Come on Yankee!" Yumi said as she cantered him on the trail.

"YUMI! Get back here!" John Ken said cantering Red with the cart.

A New Friend And Old Foe by GarageKid

John Ken and Yumi headed back to the stables after giving Lance, a brown horse with a black mane and tail, and Thunder, a golden yellow horse with a golden yellow mane and tail. As Yumi dismounts and brushed down Lance, John Ken was done and was tacking up Whirlwind, a white horse with a white mane and tail.

"I'm going to exercise Whirlwind." John Ken said as he ties his laso to his belt.

"I still need to feed everyone." Yumi said as she put Lance back in the stall and headed to the feed room.

"Need help?" A voice from behind her said. Yumi turned to see a girl with long black hair and was wearing white jeans, white riding boots, a black three quarter sleave shirt, and a white vest.

"Who are you?" Yumi asked her.

"Name's Tori but everyone calls me Tor." Tori said as she walked up. "Your dad hired me and my grandfather to work at Heartland."

"So now you work here?" Yumi said as little suprised.

"Yeah, your day said that you would give me the tour of the ranch." Tori said.

"Well, I can show you all the horses. It's feeling time." Yumi said getting the clipboard with the horses names and what they eat. 

"How many horses are there?" Tori asked.

"Only five for now." Yumi said as she filled the food buckets. The buckets had the horses names on there so the food wouldn't mix. As Yumi showed Tori around, Tori would asked questions about the horses. Yumi could awnser every one.

"So, I met your dad. Does you mom help out here." Tori asked. Yumi was quiet for a long minute.

"My mom's dead." Yumi said. The words came out uneasily for Yumi.

"I'm sorry. But we don't have to talk about moms. I don't have one either. I lived with my grandfather my whole life. I know how it feels to lose someone though, my grandmother died a year ago." Tori said.

"So, Yumi, your dad said you where new at horseback riding." Tori said when they finished feeding the horses. Yumi laughed at that comment.

"I've ridden for years. My dad's worried becouse I fell of one of our old horses and was sent to the hospital before we moved to the city. Them my mom died in a car accedent, because a drunk driver ran into her car, and we moved back to the contry." Yumi said.

"So your OK with your old rival." Tori said Yumi shot her a very angry look.

"That horse snob, Sam, is still rideing?" Yumi said.

"Yeah, but in a year, there's the Sport Horse Cup where you'll kick her butt. She'll flip when she sees you." Tori said to her.

"A new friend and an old rival. This is going to be a great place to live." Yumi smiled at her new friend.

End Notes:
Sorry this chapter's short. The next one will be much longer.
A Girl And Her Mustang by GarageKid

John Ken came back from one of the trail. He wasn't alone.

"Hold her down! Get her to the corral! Watch out for the hindlegs! She going to buck!" Mr. Ishiyama was yelling from outside. Yumi and Tori came running out to see who was there. John Ken had an all black horse. As John Ken closed the door to the corral, The mustang run in circals in the corral.

"What happened?" Tori asked as Yumi walked over to the corral and watched the horse.

"This mustang was interfearing with a cattlesmen's cows. He's paying us big time to tame this thing, and he'll pay us more more to use her in the cattle drive in six months." Mr. Ishiyama said.

"It's.....a......she." John Ken panted. Yumi looked at the beautiful black horse.

"Well, your keeping her right?" Tori asked.

"If we can tame her, she can stay." Mr. Ishiyama said as he turned to Yumi. Who was still watching the black mustang run around the corral.

I wonder if dad will let me tame her. probaly not, he's so protective. I REALLY want to tame a wild horse like mom did. This horse, not a tamed horse like at the horse octions. This horse is so beautiful and looks free spirited. I'll tame her weather dad wants me to or not! Yumi though to herself.

"So John Ken can tame her." Mr. Ishiyama said.

YEAH let him do it! If he does, I'll kill him! Yumi thought angrly. John Ken seemed to know how Yumi felt about things. It was their brother, sister connection. They could tell what one another was thinking.

"Why not Yumi do it?" Jonh Ken asked.

John Ken, If he saids yes, I wont kill you. Yumi thought as she smiles at him.

"Can I, dad?" Yumi gave her dad the same look her mom gave him when she knew she could do somthing.

"After Rio, no." Mr. Ishiyama said coldly.

"Look, If I can get within petting distance of the mustang right now, I tame her." Yumi said. Her dad frowns at her.

"If you get hurt, you never get near her again, at she goes." Mr. Ishiyama said to her. Yumi smiled and hopped onto the corral's fence. Yumi begain to sing in a soft voice to the mustang.

"Thoughts of you keep running through my head....Images I just want to forget....I look in the mirror and put on a happy face...but nobody sees it and I Don't believe it." Yumi looked at the mustang that stoped running and looked up at her tilting her head.

"Hey girl." Yumi said in a soft voice to the wild horse and continued the song. "I bought into every word you said....I never thought that's somthing I'd regret.....I look at you now and wonder how I see....I'm lost in the frenzy and it's never ending." The horse troted over and started sniffng her.

"That wasn't so bad was it?" Yumi asked, mostly to the horse, and petted her.

"Ok, Yumi, you can tame her." Mr. Ishiyama said and turned to the stable.

"Dirty horse. Give her a bath Yumi, she needs one." John Ken said. Yumi runs into the stable to see Ulrich and Odd brushing Yankee and Whirlwind.

"Hey, Yumi." Ulrich said.

"Hey guys." Yumi walks into the wash room and gets a bucket of warm water,, a horse sponge and a wash cloth. Ulrich was putting Yankee back in the stall when she ran back by.

"Where you haeding off to?" Ulrich asked.

"The new mustang needs a bath." Yumi said as she left the stable. Ulrich follows her out to the corral where the mustang was.

"Who that horse?" Ulrich asked as Yumi jumped the fence. This time the mustang came up to her.

"Hey girl." Yumi said as she soaked the sponge and started washing the mustang. I was hard because she would roll in the dirt like all horses do. Ulrich would laugh when the mustang would be almost done, and roll in the dirt.

"So does she have a name?" Ulrich asked.

"Not yet." Yumi said as she finished.

"How about........Flicka?" Ulrich asked.

"Flicka?" Yumi questioned.

"It means 'beautiful young girl' I learned it English class." Ulrich said.

Come to think of it, Ficka would be a good word to use in a poem. Ulrich thought.

"I like it." Yumi said. Ulrich started laughing. "Flicka's rolling in dirt again isn't she."

"Yeah." Ulrich said as he pointed to the horse rolling in dirt.

"Forget the bath. Help me get some hay out to her." Yumi said heading back to the stables. Ulrich followed.

"I'm going back to the dorms, Ulrich. Jeremie's going to tutor me in history." Odd said as he left.

"Good luck with that." Ulrich said.

"Ulrich help me with the hay." Yumi called from the hay arch that was like an attic on top of the stable.

"Throw it down." Ulrich said. Yumi through down a stack a hay. Whan they feed Flicka, she ate it like she never ate in days.

"Six months. You think I can tame her by then?" Yumi asked.

"Yeah, and soon you'll be back at the Sport Horse Cup." Ulrich said. Yumi smiled and lokked back at Flicka.

Ulrich's Silent friend by GarageKid

It has been a week since Flicka became part of the Heartland Ranch. Ulrich and Odd have got jobs at the ranch. John Ken has turned Red into a great race horse. Aelita helps out as with the new colts and fillies. Jeremie doesn't do much, but he helped Aelita on few accations. Yumi has gotten Flicka used to a hulter, english saddle, and reins. Hiroki lerned how to ride Western. Mr. Ishiyama keeps himself buisy so he wont think about Mrs. Ishiyama's death, Yumi falling of a horse, or Hiroki falling off a horse. There where two new colts, one new filly, and two new horses, one mare one stallion. Making a total of seven horses and three foals. (colts and Fillies are Foals.) Tori and Yumi have became as close as sisters. Tori's Grandfather was the top stablemen of Heartland.

"Oatie wont eat." John Ken said.

"Really?" Tori asked.

"Oatie is the shyest horse in this universe." John Ken said.

"Is there anyway you can get him to eat?" Ulrich asked.

"The poor guy has to be hungery." Odd said. "Hey, were are Jeremie and Aelita?"

"With the three foals, Crash, Thunder, and Storm." John Ken said.

"Crash?" Ulrich repeated. "Why Crash?"

"Yumi named him Crash because he loves to tackle everyone. When he came to the ranch the first thing he did was tackle Yumi." John Ken said. "Crash's a golden colored horse with a golded brown mane and tail."

"Hey guys." Yumi said as she walked in.

"How's Flicka?" Ulrich asked.

"I rode her through some of the easier jumps." Yumi said. "She's a great jumper for a mustang."

"I was just telling them about Crash. Oatie still wont eat. And Saphire really is geting to be a moodie horse." John Ken said.

"Oatie still wont eat? He'll die if he doesn't." Yumi said.

"Oh, I did some research on Oatie's past by looking at the files at the horse acctions. Oatie can't make any kind of noise. He must be really scared of humans." Tori said.

"So he's a shy one?" John Ken said.

"Yup." Tori said.

"I'll take Oatie around. Mabe if he was used to humans, he would trust us." Yumi said.

"OK, go get him." John Ken said. Ulrich handed her a leading rope. After a few minutes Yumi came back with a white horse with black spots and a black mane. Oatie didn't move at first, but Yumi got him to the cross ties and hooked him up.

"Hey boy." Yumi said as she rubbed the horse's neck. Ulrich wlked up to the horse. Oatie looked at him with his ears up. Oatie lowered him neck to let Ulrich pet him.

"Wow, He likes you." Odd said.

"Well It's like Yumi and Flicka. Their both stubborn, free willed, and they can both are determond to win. Oatie, like you Ulrich, is quiet, layed back, and you both like soccer." John Ken explained.

"Soccer?" Ulrich asked.

"Oatie loves kicking balls around. Yumi, Take Oatie outside and show Ulrich what I mean." John Ken said. Yumi lead Oatie outside with Ulrich behind her. As soon as they were in one of the riding rings, Yumi rolls a ball over to Oatie. Oatie starts to kick at the ball and chase after it.

"He likes you Ulrich." Yumi said as Oatie troted over to Ulrich with the ball in his mouth, ears purcked up, and snout sniffing Ulrich.

"Looks like he wants to play." Ulrich said as he kicked the ball around the ring with Oatie.

"Hey, mabe if you feed him, he'll eat." Yumi said. Ulrich followed her to the feed room and grabbed Oatie's food bucket, and brought it to his stable where Oatie was waiting. John Ken had cooled him off while Yumi and Ulrich got his food together. As soon as Ulrich put the food in the bucket Oatie rushed over and begain eating.

"Looks like you have a new friend." Yumi said as they leave the stables.

"Yeah." Ulrich smiled to himself.

Hiroki's new Friend by GarageKid

Yumi and Ulrich were on one of the trails with Oatie and Flicka. Jumping every log in the way of the trail that Yumi would say was "Too low." But knowing it was Flicka's first time on the trails, Yumi didn't complain as often. Ulrich Just learned how to jump today and still was a litle shaky on the jumps. Wile Odd anf Hiroki where being tought to ride by John Ken, Tori and Aelita were taking care of the foals.

"I really stink at jumps." Ulrich said as the headed back to the ranch.

"Oatie was a little shaky too. Don't worry you'll get better." Yumi said as Flicka slowed down to a trot.

"Oh! I forgot the fifth grade are supposed to came on a field trip tomorrow." Ulrich started. "We should hurry back to tell the others."

"Race you there!" Yumi said putting Flicka to a gallop. Ulrich followed with Oatie.

Back at the ranch Yumi put Flicka back in the corral and Oatie was put back in the stall.

"Yumi have you seen Crash?" Tori asked as she ran over to the feeding room where Yumi and Ulrich were.

"Crash got out again?" Ulrich asked.

"Well, I kinda left the door opened when John Ken called me for something." Tori said. Yumi just got done filling all the feeding buckets.

"Tori, you go look for Crash while Ulrich and I feed the horses." Yumi said.

Yumi was feeding one side of the barn while Ulrich did the other. As Ulrich got back to the feeding room, Tori was waiting for him and Yumi. When Yumi walked in she had Crash on a lead.

"Fond him." Yumi said.

"Where?" Tori asked.

"He tackled me when I was feeding Flicka." Yumi said. Crash tried to tackle Ulrich or Tori but the lead wasn't long enough. Hiroki came running in and gave Crash a hug.

"Yumi, can I take Crash back to the nusary?" Hiroki asked.

"Go ahead." Yumi said handing him the lead. Hiroki ran off as happy as can be.

"I take it Hiroki likes Crash." Tori said.

"Yeah, and When Crash turns two, Dad'll let Hiroki ride him." Yumi said. By then Flicka would be four.

"So Crash's Hiroki's friend." Ulrich said.

"Yeah their both annoying, energetic, and love to tackle." Yumi said.

End Notes:
This chapter's a little short, sorry.
Cattle Drive by GarageKid

Odd and Ulrich got to the ranch extra early to get ready for the cattle dive. Yumi and John Ken were just as excited. As they packed up the saddles, reins, blankets, brushes, horse shampo, extra clothes, water, food, the whole nine yards. The sweet summer air made it a beautiful day for riding.

"Hey guys!" Yumi called as she pul Flicka in the horse trailer.

"Hey Yumi." Ulrich said. Hiroki was walking Crash into the van.

"Hiroki, what are you doing?" Mr. Ishiyama asked.

"Crash wants to come." Hiroki said as Crash lied down on the seat.

"Crash needs to stay." Mr. Ishiyama said.

"Let him go dad. Hiroki just wants someone to play with." John Ken said.

"OK he can come." Mr. Ishiyama said.

"100 cows is a lot for us to handle." Tori said as she sat down.

"Your grandfather's coming and some of my dad's friends will help." Yumi said.

"So who's everyone riding?" Ulrich asked.

"I'm riding Flicka, Tori's riding Whirlwind, Odd's riding Thunder, John Ken's riding Red, your riding Oatie, dad's riding Banjo, and Tori's grandfather's riding Lance." Yumi said. Her dad looked up.

"Come on we're going to be late." Mr. Ishiyama called.

As on the way their John Ken had his head out the window.

"I thought that only worked with dogs." Yumi whispered to Ulrich how started laughing.

As they stopped at the barn. Their were a few other people waiting for them.

"Howdy!" On of them called.

"Rusty, how are you?" Mr. Ishiyama said as he got out of the car.

"Good, very good." Rusty said as the rest of them got out of the car. Hiroki had Crash by a lead.

"You remember my two sons, John Ken and Hiroki, and my daughter, Yumi." Mr. Ishiyama said.

"Of course! Miley wont let me forget." Rusty said as John Ken started to blush. A girl with long waved brown hair wearing a white three quarter sleave shirt with a red vest over it and red jeans wlked out of the house. Ran over an hugged John Ken. Yumi and Hiroki were giggling.

"Hi Miley." John Ken said as she pulled off.

"So who are the others?" Rusty asked.

"This is Ulrich Stern, his friend Odd Della-Robbia. Our next stableman Mr. Tomus and his granddaughter Tori." Mr. Ishiyama said.

"You all can call me Rusty. And this is my daughter Miley." Rusty said.

"We heard 'bout you're mom." Miley said.

"We're really sorry." Rusty said. Crash tackled Miley.

"Crash, no!" Hiroki said as he pulled on the lead.

"Well we should tack up and ride out." Miley said as Flicka started kicking in the trailer.

"Yumi, get Flicka out. She'll scare the other horses." Mr. Ishiyama said. Yumi grabbed a lead and Flicka's Hulter and took her out.

"She's one fine mustang." Rusty said.

"Yumi tamed her." Mr. Ishiyama said.

"Like mother, like daughter." Rusty said.

As they all tacked up and talked. The cattle's men dropped off him cattle in the pasture. Hiroki tacked up Ace, a brown pony, and was going to let Crash stay in the cart that Mr. Ishiyama and Rusty took turns leading.

Daughter by GarageKid
Author's Notes:
Yumi falls off Flicka and her dad get furious with the poor mustang. Rusty opens her dad's eyes.

As the cattle were taken to the other side, Mr. Ishiyama and Rusty swap stories, John Ken and Miley talked alot, Tori and Yumi had to be the only two how were paying attantion to the heard, Ulrich and Odd were following Yumi and Tori.

"Mr. Ishiyama, Rusty, your turns to watch the cattle." Tori called as her and Yumi troted the horses to the front of the heard. The two men troted backwards. Miley and John Ken were on one side, and Odd and Ulrich were on the other side. 

"Watch it, girls, the woods are up ahead." Rusty called. Tori and Yumi slowed down to a walk and slowly started to walk through the woods. Flicka started to act up and try to back up.

"Come on Flicka." Yumi said trying to get the horse to go forward. Flicka snorted and ignored Yumi's commands. Yumi kept kicking the horse to go forward. Flicka dashed out in a canter. Going behind and around the heard, charging back in the woods, stopping short at the same spot that she was before.

"You OK Yumi?" Tori asked as Flicka snorted and tossed her head.

"Yeah, I always have a heart attack after a ride." Yumi said clenching Flicka's mane. Tori stopped Whirlwind and checked the heard. Yumi calmed down and let go of Flicka's mane and gripped the reins.

"Try to get Flicka through again." Tori said.

"You girls OK?" Mr. Ishiyama's voice asked.

"Yeah!" Yumi called back. She tried again to get Flicka into a walk. This time Flicka cantered around the hread and throw Yumi off by rearing up in. Yumi landed hard on her back. Flicka ran across the field out of sight.

"YUMI." Mr. Ishiyama yelled as he jumped of Bongo and ran over.

"I'm fine dad." Yumi said as Tori helped her up.

"That didn't look like it hurt much." Odd said.

"That dang horse's getting the boot." Mr. Ishiyama said as he looked around. "That mustang took the cattle."

"She might of took them back to our last campsite." Rusty said.

"She's a stupid mustang's not going to take them anywhere near the site." Mr. Ishiyama said as he troted bongo back to the site. Yumi jumped in the cart Rusty was driving with Hiroki and Crash. As soon as they got to the site Mr. Ishiyama was looking for Flicka, shot gun in hand.

"What do you think you're doing!" Rusty yelled.

"As soon as the mustang comes back, I'll shooting her." Mr. Ishiyama said. Rusty looked back to see Yumi jump out of the cart toward them. Everyone else kept their distance. John Ken got off Red and walked over.

"You can't kill her." John Ken protested.

"Boy, when you run this ranch, you make the dicisions." Mr. Ishiyama said.

"I don't want any part of your ranch! I want to go to collange. That's why I spent all the years at the army for!" John Ken said.

"Sorry you feel that way." Mr. Ishiyama said as he heared hoofs. They all look over to see Flicka with the heard.

"No Flicka, RUN!" Yumi called as the horse turned and ran the oppisit direction.

"Why'd you do that?" Mr. Ishiyama yelled angrly.

"Cause I'm not letting you shoot her." Yumi murmered. Mounting Red and following the heard.

"Don't scratch the paint!" John Ken yelled as Yumi put Red in a canter.

"What were you thinking?" Rusty asked as the other dismount and lead the horses over.

"I'm going to let Yumi fall." Mr. Ishiyama said.

"You can't stop a person from falling." Rusty said.

"Yumi loves to ride. Even is she falls, she's willing to get back up on the saddle and try again. Your just overprotective. Just stop" John Ken said before he was cut off.

"Stop what? Stop being her father?" Mr. Ishiyama said.

"When?" Rusty asked.

"When what?" Mr. Ishiyama asked.

"When are you going to look at your daughter and realize she's you." Rusty said.

"She lives in a fantisy." Mr. Ishiyama said.

"So do you." Rusty said. "Your wife's looks and her dad's stubborn personality."

"Ulrich, Odd, Tori, go look for Yumi and tell her I won't shoot Flicka. And I mean it." Mr. Ishiyama said as he put the shot gun down.

"Hurry. The rain's going to roll in." Rusty warned as is started to rain.

Ulrich, Odd, and Tori split up and searched the woods. The cattle had returned to the campsite, but Yumi and Flicka were gone. The rain poured down from the sky. Ulrich and Oatie were looking for hours.

"Come on Oatie." Ulrich said puting him in a trot. Ulrich had put on a few more layers of clothes from his bag to keep warm. Somthing caught Ulrich's eye as they passed the river in the way. He took a closer look. It was Yumi laying on Flicka. Ulrich got of Oatie and lead him over. Yumi was shivering from the cold. Flicka must have fallen because there was blood on the horse's knees.

"Yumi." Ulrich said as he kneeled down next to her. Ulrich put his jacket around her as Oatie layed his head on Flicka.

"Ul-rich?" Yumi shivered Ulrich smiled and wrapped his arms around her.

"We need to get out of the rain." Ulrich said picking Yumi up bridal style and walked over to Oatie thinking of how to get everyone back to camp. Ulrich got on Oatie and left on of his hands to support Yumi. Flicka limped along side them.

A Kiss in Hay by GarageKid
Author's Notes:

Yumi had checked on Flicka after she woke up the next morning. Flicka's knees where wrapped up from the night before.

"Hey, Girl, You OK?" Yumi asked the horse. Flicks walked over a nawed on Yumi's black vest. "Hey, if your hungry, don't eat my vest. That's not horse food." Yumi teased and walked over to get some hay from the arch on top of the stable.

"Need help?" Ulrich asked as a pile of hay fell down on his head, he heard Yumi laughing on top of the arch. Ulrich climbed up and got in a wrestleing match with Yumi.

"Ulrich!" Yumi yelled playfully as she was pinned down in the hay. Ulrich whipped the sweat of his forehead.

"Next time, can you hit Odd with hay and not me?" Ulrich asked. He hear hoof steps and was hit in the back hard by something causing his lips to crash into Yumi's. Both broke apart and looked at each other.

"Uh....Sorry." Ulrich said blushing. Yumi looked over to see Crash had tackled Ulrich into her.

"Little pest." Yumi murmered.

"I hope your not talking about me." Ulrich said offended.

"No, not you him." Yumi said pointing to Crash.

"Oh." Ulrich said as Yumi looked up at him and kissed him again, more gentley and passonatly then the first one. Ulrich pulled away blushing. Flicka nighed in the backround.

"Someones hungry." Yumi said as Ulrich let her up. The two walked out and fed Flicka.

End Notes:
Sorry Short chapter.
Rivals in the Ring by GarageKid

It was the day. The biggest day of the year for the Heartland ranch. The Jr. Sport Horse Cup. Many people where there. The cup was fpr everyone 18 and younger. Yumi tacked Flicka up in a black leather competition saddle, a perfectly fitting girth, black leather reins, and a perfectl fitting bit. She trimmed Flicka's main and tail and had washed her the day before to make her look show shape. Mainly because the Dressage was the first event, and it was all about the way the horse looked. And had fed Flicka with her mom's secret show fed mixed with her normal food.

"OK, everyone take their seats for the dressage!" The announcer said as the huge amount of horse lovers and tamers sat down in the large bleachers. Yumi waited for her name to be called to start the Dessage, it was her strongest.

"Yumi Ishiyama!" The announcer called. Yumi troted to the center of the ring and saluted. Then troted around the ring and did a half circle. Into a canter around the ring and to a twenty metter circle. Then into a gallop to a ten meter circle then around the ring to a ren metter half circle. Then into a trot around the ring.

"Exelent control in the gallop." Judge A said as the next couple of moves where preformed. Yumi troted diagnal across the ring and then to a twenty meter circle. The into a half circle to a walk. Walk half circle into a canter. Cantering around the ring, into a twenty meter circle, then to a half circle.

"Coming in for the final salute." The announcer said. Yumi troted to the center of the ring again and saluted as the crowd applaud the performance. Winning Yumi a 29/30 for the first event. Flicka was able to cool of and rest until the other horses and riders went.

"Checking our leader board." The announcer said as the names came up on the leader board.

1st: Yumi Ishiyama

2ed: Sam Richman

3rd: Miley Greene

Miley was doing good. Yumi never minded if Miley won, after all they were good friends. Now Sam was another story (No not the Sam Odd has a crush on.) With three more events ahead, things where already heating up.

"Nice work." Miley said as she and her horse Morning Star walked up.

"You where good too. The next event is cross country right?" Yumi asked.

"Yup." Miley said.


The next event was up. Miley was the first to go. As she jumped the larged jumps, Yumi's attendion went to Sam, who was holding a mirror up to the sun. At first Yumi didn't know what she was doing, until Sam arranged the mirror, scaring Morning Star and Star threw Miley off and she landed on the jump.

"Miley!" Yumi saw John Ken running down over to Miley, who was out cold. An ambulence toom Miley to the hospital. And Yumi was next.

"Yumi Ishiyama." The announcer called. Yumi cantered through the first jump and the second, switching to the gallop to go over the longer jumps. Sam did the same thing she did with Miley, only Flicka wasn't afraid of the light, she just refused the next jump when the light tried to make her throw Yumi off.

"That's going to cost them points!" The announcer said. Yumi cleared the other jumps perfectly, leaving her with a 20/30 for that event. minus points for the refusal.

"Anouther heated up round! Lets look at the score board." The annoncer said.

1st Sam Richman

2ed: Yumi Ishiyama

3rd: Kira Stoodak

Yumi missed her good friends name on the board. Miley could have won, she could have beated Sam in a matter of seconds. Flicka felt the same way. Morning Star was also a bit injered. He skinned his knee as he thew Miley off. He was such a beautiful stallion, Miley could have won on him.


The third event was show jumping, which was Yumi's mom's favorite event. So Yumi was very datermond to get a good score.

"Yumi Ishiyama!" The announcer called. When Yumi and Flicka walked out, Yumi saw Miley in the stands, she broke her arm. Yumi started at a trot to go over the begining of the jumps as cleanly as she could.

"Such a big powerful mare." A jugde comented. Yumi went into a canter for the last of the jumps leaving her with a perfect 30/30.

"Lets look at the leader board." The announcer said.

1st: TIE! Yumi Ishiyama and Sam Richman

It was all going to came down to the final event. Free Style. This was the more fun of the events, no rules. Which made it the most fun of the events.


Yumi took off Flicka's reins and switched it with a hulter and put a free stlye saddle on her. Yumi had the upper advantage, she could use her gymnastics on the saddle and Flicka had the freedom of a wild mustang.

"Yumi Ishiyama! Which, let me remind you all is in a tie with Sam Richman." The announcer said as Flicka came galloping into the ring. Yumi started with an easy handstand on the saddle and then an easy back flip off it. Flicks galloped in a perfuct circle and came close enough to Yumi for her to jump on her at a gallop. Leading Flicka through a large spring of Jumps. Then, Yumi stopped Flicka, took off the saddle, and got on bareback.

"What an amazing performance!" The announcer said through the mic. Yumi did another backflip landing in the center of the saddle while Flicka stayed at a full gallop. Then she back handspring off Flicka's saddle while Flicka jumpped through a hoop and ran back to Yumi who used a backflip to remound the mustange.

"What a wild performance!" The announcer said. The crowd went wild. The other went and the whole crowd waited to see who won.

"Now, lets look at the score board." The announcer said.

1st: Yumi Ishiyama

2ed: Sam Richman

3rd: Kari Hoodack.


As the group returned to Heartland. Yumi put Flicka's name on her stall, in gold. And the metal in the trophy case. Heartland had over houndreds of calls, people wanted to learn and board their horses here.

"That was cool!" Odd said.

"I know, Everyone wants to be here now. People have been bording here."" Jeremie said.

"And Flicka's got a boyfriend!" Hiroki said as he watched Flicka and Morning Star out in the paddock. Miley and her dad had to close their ranch, but they come over to Heartland, and helped make the ranch much, much bigger.

"Looks like we'll see colts." Miley said.

"Mabe." Yumi said as the group watched the two horses. Morning Star's brown fur and white star mark on his forehead, was know as a the most hansome stallion in the country.

"Next year, Star's going to win it!" Miley said with confudence.

"Star's going to be an amazing show horse." Yumi told her.

"I gotta go." Odd said walking to the door.

"On a date with Sissi." Ulrich said. The other laughed alittle at the new couple.

End Notes:

The End of Heartland.

End notes:

Miley and John Ken are both 20 years old.

What Yumi did in the free style event was really something that people really do on their horses.

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