Family Reunion by GarageKid

Yumi's older brother comes back from the military, her parents are happy about this, but Yumi knows very well that she lives in her brother's shadow. Will and old friend help out, or will she need some help herself.

Warning- A bit of blood in later chapters along with fights.

Code LYOKO/ Wolf's Rain crossover

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Story Notes:
I Do Not Own Code LYOKO. I used the name "Toboe" from Wolf's Rain, only I used it as a girl's name K? Sorry about the other Code LYOKO/ Wolf's Rain crossovers.

1. Toboe and Kiba Intro by GarageKid

2. Welcome Home Bro by GarageKid

3. Toboe Comes to Kadic by GarageKid

4. Toboe's First Day by GarageKid

5. Wolf or Dog? by GarageKid

6. Mission by GarageKid

7. Missing in Action by GarageKid

8. The gang is back Together by GarageKid

9. Xana's new Form by GarageKid

10. Chapter 10: Ending and Writer's note. by GarageKid

Toboe and Kiba Intro by GarageKid
Author's Notes:
Really short Charater Intro for Toboe and Kiba.

Kiba- 20 years old

Kiba is Yumi's older brother, the football star, military hero, and track star. With an ego to match, he is very hard headed, stubborn, and can be a real bully. He has black hair spiked forward (Not like Odd's) with bangs spiked up. Wearing a short sleeve white shirt with a black vest over it and black jeans with black sneakers. His name in Japanese means "Fang" which suits his harsh personality toward Yumi and Toboe.

Toboe- 14 years old

Toboe is Yumi's old friend from Japan. She is very shy and timid. She is very sensitive, and can be called a "Cry Baby" although she can have somewhat a dangerous temper if her "Pack" is attacked of threatened. She has short shoulder length brown hair. Wearing a red country style shirt, green jeans, and black boots. Her name in Japanese means "Howling." She is an all round good person, and a true friend.

Welcome Home Bro by GarageKid

Yumi walked over to Kadic, head down. As she reached the school, she noiticed her friends in wolf form training. She could tell, Ulrich's brown tundra wolf fur from the others, and Aelita and Jeremie on the sidelines. Odd was also in wolf mode, his blonde spiked fur with the purple spot on his head stuck out.

"Hey Yumi." Aelita greeted, she and Jeremi were in human form.

"Hey guys." Yumi said as she sad down next to Aelita watching Ulrich and Odd race across the field.

"You ok?" Jeremie asked as he looked up from the labtop.

"I guess." Yumi said. Aelita turned her a concerned look on her face.

"Somehting wrong Yumi?" Aelita asked as Ulrich and Odd walked over in human form.

"My older brother's coming home." Yumi said.

"That doesn't sound so bad." Odd said.

"Oh yeah? Kadic's not big enough for his ego." Yumi said "He's a big football star, track star, and military hero. Every time he comes over, I'm the one hiden in his shadow, and no matter how importian something is to me, I'm always coming in second to him. They favour him, no matter what. I could get away with murder when he's around. The worst part is, this time, he's staying for his collage years. Four years of this plus the time he will be living with us when he's looking for a apartment after he graduates from collage. One the bright side, when he moves out and gets married, I'll never have to see him again."

"Is he, you know, a wolf too?" Aelita asked.

"His name means 'fang' of course he's a wolf." Yumi said.

"Well, it could be worst." Odd said.

"He could be standing right behind you." A voice said, Yumi turned to see her older brother behind her, with his black messeger bag.

"Kiba, what do you want?" Yumi asked.

"Is that really a way to greet your older brother that hasn't seen you since Christmas?" Kiba asked.

"Sorry. What do you want wolf boy?" Yumi asked. Kiba gave her a nasty look.

"Awww, and that's only on day one. I cann't wait to see how you act when I get on your nerves." Kiba said.

"Hey, I'm Odd, this is Ulrich, Aelita, and Jeremie." Odd said pointing to the face that matched the name.

"Oh, the losers Yumi hangs around with." Kiba said. "Oh, Yumi, mom and pap wanted to see you after school."

"Why?" Yumi asked.

"Why should I care?" Kiba asked. "All I care about is if their are hot cheerleaders."

"No suprise." Yumi said. As Kiba walked over to the football field.

"I don't know see how you two are related." Odd said.

"Yeah, you two are really different." Ulrich said.

"Yeah, anyway, we're going to be late to class." Aelita said as the bell rang. "Right on time."

Welcome back bro, you brought the pain with you. Hot shot jerk. Yumi thought as she walked over to her classroom.

Toboe Comes to Kadic by GarageKid

Yumi and Kiba walked home after school, Kiba talked about football the whole time, which got really annoying at times.

"Jim's jaw just kept getting lower and lower as I kept kicking fifty-five yard field goals! HAHA! I made quarterback and team captain. I can't believe everyone at Kadic are wolves, even the teachers! Talk about an easy way to live!" Kiba said as Yumi unlocked the door to the house.

"Mom?" Yumi called.

"Kitchen." Their mom said as the two walked in and took a seat. Their mom walked over and sat across from them.

"You wanted to tell us somthing?" Yumi asked.

"Yes, something very importain. You two remember Toboe right?" Their mom asked.

"How could we forget?" Yumi asked. "We were very good friends."

"That weakling? I don't know why you two were friends. She's really weak and she was raised as a house pet! That wolf is more like a puppy dog." Kiba said. "Why were you two friends anyway?"

"We were both the same. We both were outcasts." Yumi said.

"Well, there is some bad news." Their mom began. "When she walked home one day, her house was burned down, and her family was killed by wolves. She ran out toward town where the police found her, So, your father offered me and him to be her guardians instead of forcing her to be put with a Foster family."

"Why?" Kiba asked.

"Kiba, she a wolf, she needs to be around other wolves. Besides, your father is bringing her home with him when he comes back from his buisness trip to Japan." Their mom said. "I'm afraid war will break out soon, attacks like this have been happening all over the world."

"Jim has been makeing the students take extra combat classes. The school must think the same. Poor Toboe, she must be really upset." Yumi said. Their mom nodded.

"So, will it be alright for you two, to let Toboe stay here?" Their mom asked.

"Fine with me." Yumi said.

"Ok, as long as she's fighting her own battles. That I wont be doing." Kiba said.

"You've never fought her battles." Yumi pointed out.

"I know, I know. I'm just saying." Kiba said.

"Glad to see you two are OK with it." Their mom said.


Yumi and Kiba set the spare bed in Yumi's room, since Kiba was living in the guest room, Toboe and Yumi would have to share a room. Yumi had no problem with that. Her and Toboe had been as close as sisters. Hiroki remembered Toboe as well, Yumi and her stayed in contact by letters.

"Ok, the beds ready, and dad should be home in a few minutes." Kiba said. "I'm going to unpack."

"Ok, have fun." Yumi said sarcasticlly as Kiba walked out into his room. Yumi was very sure that the rest of the gang would exept Toboe, but if they didn't, she would talk them into giving her a chance.


"Yumi, dad's back!" Hiroki yelled from the bottom of the stairs. Yumi hurried down, her dad was in the living room with Kiba telling him about football. Toboe was sitting on the couch with Mrs. Ishiyama acting like she was paying attendion to Kiba. Hiroki was showing off the fact that he learned how to control his wolf form.

"Yumi!" Toboe said as she hugged her old friend.

"Ok, we all know Toboe will be staying with us, I have a few things to say." Kiba said as Yumi and Toboe took a seat on the couch.

"What is it?" Yumi asked.

"Just a few rules. One, Yumi and Toboe shouldn't bother me on Kadic grounds. Two, I don't want anyone to know that I know the weakest wolf in the school. Three, I'll be the one to say weather or not those two are following my rules." Kiba began.

"Four, you leave Toboe alone. Five, no showing off." Yumi continued.

"I agree Kiba, Toboe wouldn't porpusly get in your way." Mr. Ishiyama said. "Any who, It's almost eight, everyone under 30 has to get ready for bed."

Toboe's First Day by GarageKid

Toboe and Yumi met up with the rest of the group.

"Hey guys." Yumi said casually.

"Hey who's your friend?" Odd asked.

"Toboe." Yumi said as she gestured for Toboe to step forward.

"Hey." Toboe said shyly.

"Hey we have combat practice in five minutes, we should get to the gym." Odd said.


Jim was instructing a few of the students. Reminding them the rules of sparing. "No biteing or claws. Only use tackles and paws." He continued to talk about how the match ups work. The board shuffled the names until two names came up.

Yumi Ishiyama VS William Dunbar

"William? I thought XANA got a hold of him a while ago." Yumi whispered to her friends.

"Careful Yumi, this guy's bad news." Toboe said as Yumi walked over to the gym floor.

"Ready......FIGHT." Jim called as William got into wolf form, which had messy blueish black fur, and charged at Yumi faster then she could get into Wolf Form. His paw striking her hard in the waist cousing her to fall.

"Darn." Yumi whispered as she got into wolf form herself, which has short German Shepard like black fur, and run at him. William moving slightly to the left and gripping her neck with his teeth. Causing the wolf formed Yumi to yip.

"He's hurting her." Aelita said as Yumi struggled to get free.

"William! Let go!" Jim yelled panicing himself. William refused to loosen his grip, starting to use his paw to put pressure on her stomach making it harder for her to breath. Toboe paniced the most.

Toboe's Flash Back

The fire's flames reached the highest peak on the house. Toboe standing in shock.

"MOM! DAD!" Toboe yelled in fright. Her parents were dead, and were now as good as wolf food. A Black wolf with long sharp teeth dug into his kill, two humans.

"MOM! DAD!" Toboe yelled agian in a worthless attenpt to stop it. The black wolf turned and laughed at the poor girl unable to save her own family.

End Toboe's Flash Back

Toboe's fear was getting the best of her. Her anger rose and she unkowningly ran onto the gym floor. She changed into Wolf form, which was a brown wolf with a darker colored spot on her back with short German Shepard like fur, and bit William in the face forceing him to let go of Yumi.

"Toboe!" Yumi yelled as her friend attacked William until he backed far away and changed to human form with blood going down his face. Yumi was also back in human form with a hand on her bleeding neck.

"Yumi, are you OK?" Ulrich asked as he and the others walked over. Toboe changed into human form and walked over.

"Yeah." Yumi said wincing at the pain in her neck. "What got into you Toboe? You've never acted like that."

"I don't know." Toboe said. "I just snapped."

"Well, I'm glad you did." Yumi said. "Or I would have been as good as wolf food."

"Well, we better watch out for William, he's been acting very strange." Jeremie said.

"Ok, but first we go to the nurse so she can look at that bite." Odd said. "He had a good grip."

"You have no idea." Yumi said, not moving her hand from her neck.

"Well, It could have been worse." Ulrich said as the group walked to the nurse.

Wolf or Dog? by GarageKid

The group met up in the school yard after classes. Kiba walked up with his new "Pack" and looked over at Toboe.

"Well look here. A dog hiding behind a wolf." Kiba smerked thinking of Toboe being a weakling dog hiding behind Yumi.

"Knock it off." Yumi said defending her friend.

"Knock what off? You know it's tru how Toboe acts like a dog." Kiba said making the others in his group laugh.

"Yeah, and your a no good pampered pooch who loves the spot light." Yumi said as Kiba tried to head back to the football field.

"Watch it! I can kill you in no less then two minutes." Kiba said turning back to her. Yumi shot him an angry look.

"You think your so strong, I'll tell you what you are, a dog who needs to be the top of the breeds. You never fight unless they say something about your lame football skills, or bad judgement." Yumi shot back leaving Kiba very angry.

"Look, I'm not scared to" Kiba stared.

"To what? Kill me? You have better luck seeing through that ego of yours." Yumi stated. Kiba got into his wolf form, which is a white artic wolf, and charged at Yumi who also changed into wolf form.

"HEY!" Jim yelled stopping the soon to be fight. They both turned back to humans and Kiba walked away.

"Mabe Kiba's right." Toboe said.

"Don't listen to him, he's a jerk." Yumi said.

"He's just jelous you made him look bad by saveing Yumi." Odd said.

"Yeah, he's probaly very guily about not saving his own sister." Ulrich added.

"So, I'm not a pitiful dog?" Toboe asked.

"Of course not. He and I have more dog in our blood then you do." Yumi said.

"Thanks." Toboe said.

"No prob." Yumi said as the bell rang for their next classes.


Yumi and Toboe had a report to do so they headed to the library. Their topic was on legends. Toboe saw a book that caught his eye and turned through the pages.


The legend only few wolf hear about. A great place in which there is no pain or suffering. A long journey only a wolf can make through smelling the sent of the Luner Flower. Long days past, but many who have searched for the land, have never been seen again. Most likley killed or have mabe found a paradise. The old tail may not be such a tail, though there has been no sent of a Luner Flower in over 100 years, a legend has to exist. The wolves that live there remain ever stray and free of other humans. The last journey was made by a young man named Kiba Inozuka. A great White wolf who's pack was killed in the need to find the unknown place. Great numbers of people and wolves where killed in search of this place and many think that they have died in the prosses. But no matter what, the legend of Paradise lives on in many wolves.

In the cold breeze
That I walk along
The memories of a generation burn within me
It's been forever
Since I cried the pain, the sorrow
I live and die
With the pride of my people gaining
I'm standing on the edge
Staring up at where the new moon should be
No regrets cause I've got nothing to lose
Now I'm gonna live my life as I choose
Untill I fall

Toboe looked around to find Yumi, who had gone of somewhere, but smelled something, Luner Flower.

Mission by GarageKid

Kiba was talking over something with the other members of his pack. Which seemed to be fighting over a small piece of paper. Toboe and Yumi watched them fight, now caring who won the argument.

"Fine, we'll give it to Toboe and Yumi, they can do this dumb mission!" One of the members said grabbing the paper from Kiba and walking over to the two girls.

"Tsume! Don't do that we could get in trouble." The other member said.

"Whatever. Toboe, Yumi, you two have a rank B mission." Tsume said handing them the paper. Tsume was a 20 year old boy that had black buzz cut hair, wearing black jeans, black boots, and a black leather shirt. He had an X shapped scar on his cheek.

"But, we are only alowed to go on rank D or C missions. B or A missions are too difficult." Toboe said.

"And? It's only in Cohem. That village is always calling for back-up. They over rank every mission!" Tsume said. "Me and Kiba always have these missions that turn out to be C or D rank from Cohem."

"Well, Toboe, It couldn't hurt." Yumi said taking the paper.

"But what if the principal knows about us doing the mission and not Kiba and Tsume?" Toboe asked.

"Delmus could care less WHO does it, he just wants it done." Tsume said as he walked back to Kiba.

"Well, what's the prob?" Toboe asked as Yumi read the mission slip.

"It said 'Black smoke and loud noises coming from the mountians.' Aren't those the factories of Cohem? Tsume's right, this is a C or D ranked mission." Yumi said as she shoved the paper in her pocket.


Ulrich, Odd and Jeremie were in combat. Jim was talking about the course they would do in wolf mode.

"Stern, Della-Robbia, Belpois, you all first!" Jim said as the three got in wolf mode and started the course which was a 100 yard dash into a 3 foot jump into a 5 foot jump, then a 200 yard swim to the stick wihich you had to grab and run back through the course with. I took 10 minutes for each team of three to go.

"Man, Jim loves courses." Odd said as the tree walked to the bench where they normally met Yumi and Toboe.

"Hey where are they?" Jeremie asked. Aelita ran back from her Graphics Class, which got her out of gym.

"Hey guys." She called as she walked up.

"Where are Toboe and Yumi?" Aelita asked.

"Don't know." Ulrich said.

"Mission." Kiba said. "Tsume gave them the slip, and they went off."

"When will they be back?" Ulrich asked.

"By tonight." Kiba said. "Oh man! If their late, mom and pop are going to kill me." Kiba walked over to the cafitirea with Tsume.

"I hope their back." Aelita said.

End Notes:


Tsume means "Claw" In Japanese.

Sorry 'bout chapter length.

Missing in Action by GarageKid

Two days ago, Yumi and Toboe went on a mission, they never came back. Kiba has switched to brother mode, he paniced because he knew it was his fault for letting Tsume give the two the mission slip. Yumi's parents are just as worried, they knew Toboe would have trouble on missions, but Yumi was the stronger of the two, physiclly and emotionaly, and would have at least sent Toboe home if the mission was to extreem.

The group was just as worried. They knew something wasn't right. They would have been home by now. Kiba said they would, but he was wrong. Now they worry about the worst. They both could be dead. But everyone douted it, if they were dead, the people of Cohem would have called for more back-up. That never happened, now everyone's worried. The group and Kiba needed to make a dission.

"We need to get to those two. I think we should head out." Kiba said.

"OK, but Ulrich, Odd, and me aren't on your level." Jeremie said.

"You and Aelita stay here in case they come back." Kiba said. "I have Tsume and Hige by my side. We could use all the help we can get."

"Ok, when should we had out?" Odd asked.

"A.S.A.P" Kiba said as they heard yipping and whimpering come from outside.

"TOBOE!" Hige said, he was a 18 year old boy that was Odd's older brother. They both have blonde hair and have a need for food. Hige wears white sneakers, blue jeans, a yellow short-sleeve hoddie with a long sleeve black shirt under it. The gang looked over to see a bloody, beaten up, wolf form Toboe limping to the school.

"Come on." Kiba said as the others ran over outside to Toboe. She was biten and scratched in many places.

"What happened?" Odd asked.

"Attack, wolf, William." Toboe said and then passed out.

"William?" Ulrich questioned as Kiba and Hige carried Toboe to the school nurse. (The nurse in this school is more advanced and like a small hospital with a building of it's own.)

"We should head out as soon as Kiba and Hige get back." Tsume said.


Yumi layed in the blood soaked snow. She was il Wolf Form, as she stood up she felt something around her neck. She limped over to Cohem, It was the only place she could rest.

What's this thing around her neck. Yumi wondered as she walked over to the village. She fainted over to the entrence of the village.


Ulrich, Odd, Hige, Kiba, and Tsume headed off. All of them on the road to the mountians where The mission was going to take place. They found a bloody battle field.

"What happened?" Hige asked, His wolf form was a blonde mexican wolf.

"A real blood fight." Kiba said. "I can smell Yumi's and Toboe's blood. Along with another blood that I don't know of."

"You think it's William?" Odd asked.

"Mabe." Kiba said.

"We should look around." Ulrich said as the wolves tried to smell Yumi out.


Yumi limped over back at her house, nobody was home. She walked up the stairs to her room looked in the mirror to see what the thing around her neck was. It was a strong leather collar with a metal tag with a fansy "Y" on it. Yumi tried to take it off, but it wouldn't move.

"Well, mabe I can change into something that will make the collar a little less stupid looking." Yumi told herself as she changed in to Black jeans, black, combat boots, and a white short-sleeve shirt with a black zipper sweat shirt. The collar didn't look as stupid as before, she fell asleep after caring for her wounds.

"Next time I wont be as easy to push around." Yumi said as she fell asleep on the bed.


The group decided to go home after a doy of no success.

"See you all later." Kiba said as he walked home.

The gang is back Together by GarageKid

Yumi was asleep all day, and Kiba never bothered to look in her room. Their parents were gone for the week, and Hiroki went with them, the trip was for Hiroki's wolf form or some other buisness like that. The next day, Yumi changed into clean clothes and walked down the stairs. Kiba, saw her and rushed her in a hug.

"YUMI! I thought you where dead or worse!" Kiba yelled.

"First of all, What's worse then being dead. Second, I was here for the night, I fell asleep." Yumi said Kiba was too buisy yelling something Yumi couldn't understand. A thought came to her head. "Where's Toboe?"

"She's fine, she's in the school nurse's building." Kiba said. Yumi broke out of the hug and ran to the school. The gang, was very shocked to see her, she didn't stop for them and ran to the building.

Toboe was a bout to leave, but after seeing Yumi, she rushed out and hugged her friend.

"YUMI!" The gang's voices said all trapping her in a group hug.

"I missed you all too." Yumi said as she got out of the hug. Everyone watched as Kiba, Hige and Kiba ran up.

"Glad to see everyone's back." Hige said. No body understood why Hige was part of Kiba's group, he was a good guy, and never picked on the younger people. Hige was a idol to most of the younger students, and was never snobby or stuck up, he just competes the group, he could be the leader, if he was older and more bold.

"We need to get back up there! The luner flower sent is strong. And William and one other wolf are threatening the area. Talk about a A+ rank mission." Toboe said.

"Toboe's got a point." Yumi said. Hige agreed.

"We should go back, the mission's still incomplete." Hige said.

"Who cares?" Tsume asked.

"Look, Kiba, I'm sure you don't want to be labeled a bad guy if your sister gets killed and you had the chance to help her and you didn't. Tsume, you wouldn't want people thinking you are a no good trader to wolf kind if you let young wolves go on a A+ mission." Hige said. The two older boys gave in

Nice work Hige. Toboe thought. The goup decided to head out later, most likely after class.

Xana's new Form by GarageKid

XANA still had control over William. He possessed him and upgraded his wolf form. while XANA had his new slave, he called the new form "Shadow Wolf Form" wich he had claimed his own.

"William, how did you fight go? I didn't program that screen to show you fighting Yumi for nothing, did I?" Xana asked.

"Another wolf stepped in before I could finish her off."

"WHAT?! Then when my new body is complete, I will be the one to kill the wolves. You just make sure they don't find out, got it?" XANA asked.

"Yes master."

"Also, bring up the files of all the students at Kadic." XANA requested. "We'll strike when they are at there weakest. Project Cohem was distrupted by those over grown all humans, pull up there files too."

End Notes:
Short, I know, next chapter will be longer.
Chapter 10: Ending and Writer's note. by GarageKid

The gang meet up in the school yard. Everthing seemed like a normal afternoon, Kiba and the others acting like jerks, Hige keeping them from driving everyone crazy, Odd failing to prove his feet don't stink, Jeremie on his computer, same old.

"XANA has bee way to quiet, I mean, a month with no attacks?! Come on, he's not that layed back about his attacks." Jeremie said. Odd looked over his shoulder.

"Mabe he's scared of us now." Odd said with his goofy trade mark smile.

"Or he may have a new threat he's throwing our way, here comes Yumi and Toboe." Jeremie said as the two walked up.

"Mabe we should have Toboe join the group, we have known her for about a month now." Odd whispered in suggestion to Jeremie.

"OK, I guess we can trust her." Jeremie agreed. Ulrich nodded his head.

"And the battle against XANA continues." Odd said.

End Notes:
Sappy ending I know, I will write a sequal if you review me and want me to, but I have the worst case of writers block on this story and have not been able to update it for months. So I will end it here and hope to start a sequal if you want. The ending is short I know, but with other stories, season 4 airing, and back to school, I have no time to finish this so I am truely sorry. I also have my new story "Code Element" I am working on, along with another story. So many things, sometimes you gotta end a story short.
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