A Helping Hand by metrunui1

Yumi is feeling down, and help comes from an unlikely sourse.

There is a very small ammount of mild language in this though.

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1. A Helping Hand by metrunui1

A Helping Hand by metrunui1
Author's Notes:
After looking at a few other ship stories, I thought of doing my own...so here it is

Lost, alone, foresaken we have become. We fight, fight, and fight some more, but it seems like we are going nowhere. Yumi thought, toying with the mashed potatoes on her plate. She looked up at her friends. Jeremie and Aelita were absorbed in a long printout of techno gibberish from the Supercomputer; Urich was studying the notes that he had gotten from Mrs. Hertz, the science teacher. Odd, for once, was silent, and was staring into space, a pensive look on his face. Yumi sighed, ever since they had materalized Aelita things seemed to just go downhill. XANA seemed determined to make thier lives an absolute misery, attacking at the most inopertune times. Her relationship with Urich was hanging by a thread. Even worse, her grades had started to slip, and her parents were thinking of having her transfer schools, so whe wouldnt have so many distractions.

"I'm done." Yumi said, even though she ahd hardly eaten anything. She got up, shoving the tray of food to Odd, who gave her a confused look. After she left the mess hall she wandered aimlessly, absorbed in her thoughts.

After a while she felt a hand come down on her shoulder. She whirled, sinking into a defensive position, ready to put a dent in whoever it was.

It was Herb "Whoa girl, calm down." he said, holding his hands out o show he meant no harm.

"Sorry Herb, I'm not in the mood for company right now." Yumi said, and started tow walk off.

"I think you are." Herb said, following her. "You're not really yourself today."

"Yeah? No shit Shirlock." Yumi mumbled.

Herb rolled his eyes. "You know, we have a lot in common," he said. "We both have people that we really care about, but don't really want to admit it for fear of looking stupid. Every time we seem to gather up the courage to tell them they are focused on someone or something else, and never notice what you say."

Yumi stopped and looked at him; he was right. She sighed. "I'm under a whole lot of stress right now," she said. "It seems like every time i succeed at something I fail at three others."

"Ouch. That has to suck," Herb said, "But I know the feeling. I've been trying to best Jeremie at something for over two years now, but every time he seems to predict my every move."

Yumi smiled a bit at that. "Um listen Herb, I have to go and talk to Mr. Fumet about the assignment on the anciant Nubian and Kush Empire," Yumi said, and started to walk away, then stopped. "Oh, Herb." She turned around and smiled "Thanks."

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