Enter Digimon by GarageKid

I started over my season, so I decided to make this. Yumi was dumped by her old boyfriend, when she has to help out the new boy, will dating be added to her agenda? Will her cousin help keep her feet on the ground? Will the new world of Digimon comes to life as teenaged Jeremie finds an abandon factory. Ulrich has secrets as to why his father seems to hate him. Aelita finds clues to where her long lost dad has gone. Odd has problems of his own.

Rated T for language and Blood

Categories: Ships > Jeremie and Aelita, Ships > Ulrich and Yumi Characters: Aelita Hopper, Herb Pichon, Hiroki Ishiyama, Jeremie Belpois, Nicholas Poliakoff, Odd Della Robbia, Sissi Delmas, Ulrich Stern, William Dunbar, Yumi Ishiyama
Genres: Action/Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Mystery, Romance
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1. Chapter 1: New Beginning by GarageKid

2. Chapter 2: New Kid by GarageKid

3. Chapter 3: Dark Secrets by GarageKid

4. Chapter 4: Factory by GarageKid

5. Chapter 5: The Digital World Opens by GarageKid

Chapter 1: New Beginning by GarageKid
Author's Notes:

Ulrich, Jeremie, and Yumi are first.

Ulrich’s POV

Me and my Digimon DemiVeemon where headed off toward our new school. Kadic. Ya see, people with Digimon are called Tamers, and Tamers are sent off to DATS schools, which are schools filled with Digimon Tamers. My dad was a very successful tamer and ever since I had gotten my Digimon, he had been pushing me to be the same, only I wasn’t really the nerd type. I was more of the average German teen who had different problems other then grades. Dad never saw that I was just a normal teenaged boy who wanted to work on his fighting style. DemiVeemon never pushed me to be something I wasn’t. He was a true friend. Well, here I was trapped in a car being pushed toward another new school.

“Ulrich, I expect big things from you going into this school, you better not disappoint me.” My father told me. He never cared if I had friends, or even if I was happy. The truth was, I wasn’t happy. Why should I be, I never had one friend thanks to my dad other then DemiVeemon. I don’t care, as long as it’s me and DemiVeemon, I don’t need anyone else.

Jeremie’s POV

I typed a mile a minute on my laptop. Terriermon looked over my shoulder at the screen. I had been going to Kadic for a very long time. I was currently Typing an Email to my parents. Telling them about how the first month of school has been and all that. I can’t say I have any friends, well I know a few people that seem to be almost friends. But then again, I can’t say I hang out with people. Terriermon on the other hand is the only friend I can say I have. Of course he’s only my Digimon. Terriermon looked over my shoulder again to read what I wrote.

“Hey Jeremie, is writing to your parents really as painful as you say it is? They really are nice people.” Terriermon said as he looked up at me.

“I love them, but you know how my older brother and cousin are about how they’re doing compared to me.” I said as I typed a few more things before ending it with the usual ‘Love Jeremie’ at the bottom. Terriermon looked skeptical at it. I retyped. ‘Love Jeremie and Terriermon’ Terriermon nodded in acceptance. I looked around at the pile of finished homework and opened up my Digital world notes and set in my special Digital World Program.

“Wouldn’t it be amazing to find a way into the Digital World?” I asked. Terriermon looked at my notes, I had checked out, read, and took notes on almost every book on the Digital World ever written in the library. I also has brought every one in the stores. Just thinking about another world interested me. A world just like ours, but with more Digimon, civilization differences, culture, all of it was amazing. How cool it would be to walk along a new world.

Yumi’s POV

I walked along the dirt covered concrete floor. Dorimon was in my arms as I headed back to Kadic after a training session. I was more thrown out of my old home by my mom. She was cheating on my dad and seeking a divorce, my dad had no clue she was cheating on him, so after I had eavesdrop on her conversation with her hidden boyfriend, she had convinced my dad to let me go to Kadic with my cousin Sai and his Digimon Koromon. She had told my father that it would be a great opportunity to had quality time with Sai and Hiroki. I looked over at Dorimon.

“Yumi, I’m sure your parents can get through this.” He said, but even his voice was unsure. I looked at the lonely gates of Kadic. Why was this happening to me? I was the teenaged girl who kept to herself, who hang around a small group, who was dumped by the school hottie. William Dunbar. He and his Digimon Cyberdramon, their names make me sick now. And to top it all off I have to show the new student around as soon as I step into the school yard, is the second I have to look after the new boy, Ulrich Stern.

Chapter 2: New Kid by GarageKid
Author's Notes:
PS There clothes are the same as the ones in "Maiden Voyage" and so on.

Yumi’s POVI saw a silver Honda park into the student drop-off as Mr. Delmus the principal, and Jim, the gym teacher, welcomed a brown haired man that looked to be in his forties. A boy stepped out of the car and took out a suitcase as Jim turned to me.

“Ah just in time. YUMI COME OVER HERE!” Jim called as I jogged up with Dorimon at my heels. The brown haired boy looked over at me and raised an eyebrow.

“Yumi, this is Ulrich Stern. The boy we told you, you where going to have to help get settled in.” Mr. Delmus said. “Ulrich, Mr. Stern, this is Yumi and her Digimon Dorimon. Yumi is one of my model students, so she would be any problem.”

“Model student you say? Maybe Ulrich could learn a thing or two from you.” Mr. Stern said. I gave a small smile. He seemed nice, as for his son, he was quiet. I caught sight of a blue object jump out of the car.

“A DemiVeemon?” I guessed. Ulrich looked over at me, surprised I had gotten it right.

“Yeah.” He said. “How did you know about DemiVeemon? Normally people think he’s a blue dog or something.”

“I’ve heard about them.” I said kinda coldly to him. I had just been dumped by one boy, and I was NOT going to be the victim of another. He seemed kinda hurt, but at the moment, I really didn’t care. Dorimon looked over at the DemiVeemon. DemiVeemon sniffed at him.

“He’s a Digimon,” DemiVeemon said. Dorimon laughed and looked at him.

“Course I am.” Dorimon said. “Come on Yumi, we have to start our tour.” I smiled at him.

“Whatever you say.” I said.

Normal P.O.V

Ulrich’s father looked over at the principal.

“Ulrich, go on and I’ll talk with Mr. Delmus about your enrollment.” Mr. Stern said as DemiVeemon and Dorimon started toward the soccer field.

“Hey, Dorimon wait up.” Yumi called as Ulrich followed her up to where the two Digimon where.

Ulrich’s POV

I watched DemiVeemon and Dorimon on the bench with Yumi. She seemed, I don’t know, pissed off to have to show me around. But at the same time I guess she didn’t want to be harsh.

“How long have you been going to Kadic?” I asked trying to start some kind of conversation to be friendly. She turned to me.

“A year. My mom” Her voice wanted to sound harsh, but she fought to keep it under control. “My mom though it would be good for me to stay here with my little brother and cousin.”

“Oh.” I said as I watched Dorimon fish out a soccer ball and the two start in a friendly game of soccer.

“You dad seems nice.” I heard her say.

“He hates me.” I tell her not wanting to get into a conversation about my father. She looked over at me, but didn’t ask any questions. She stood up.

“Dorimon.” She called as Dorimon turned his attention from the game and looked over at her. DemiVeemon did the same. “We’re going.”

“Why?” DemiVeemon asked.

“Hey, aren’t you supposed to show me around?” I said cutting in. She turned to me.

“I don’t have to. Go find someone else.” She said to me in a harsh tone. Dorimon looked at her with a shocked face.

“Yumi.” The sound of her name made her look over at Dorimon. “Don’t be harsh. Look if you really want to leave you can, but can me and DemiVeemon finish our game, please.”

“OK, I’m sorry you can finish your game.” Yumi said as I watched Dorimon nod and hurry back toward the field with DemiVeemon.

“What was that about?” I asked. She turned to me again.

“I don’t have to explain anything to you, go find someone else to give you the tour.” Yumi said. As she walked to the other side of the field to watch Dorimon play, but not have to sit near me.

*** Lunch, 12:00 Ulrich’s POV***

I filled my tray while I watched DemiVeemon fill his. I looked across the room to see Yumi and Dorimon eating lunch with another pink haired girl with a Lopmon sitting next to her. DemiVeemon started over with me following.

“Hi Dorimon!” DemiVeemon called. Yumi didn’t seem happy about seeing me or DemiVeemon. The pink haired girl smiled as did her Digimon.

“Hi, you must be DemiVeemon. I’m Lopmon.” Lopmon said. “And this is Aelita.”

“Hello.” Aelita said. DemiVeemon sat next to Dorimon while I sat next to him. “You must be Ulrich. Wasn’t Yumi supposed to show you around?” I watched her give Yumi a look and turn back to face me.

“She was, but she changed her mind and left me on my own through my classes.” I said.

“Yumi.” Aelita said in a angry tone. But Yumi had already stood up and went to toss her tray. Dorimon followed with a worried look on his face as he followed her out.

“I’m sorry, forgive Yumi, she’s just not really herself ever since William Dunbar dumped her.” Aelita told me. “She really doesn’t want that to happen again, so she was kinda trying to push you away.”

“Give her a second chance, she really hasn’t been acting like herself.” Lopmon said.

“Her world’s just not well put together at this time.” Aelita said. “Her mom’s cheating on her dad, and as soon as Yumi found out her mom kicked her out so she wont tell.” I was shocked.

“Is that why she acted like that?” I asked. Aelita nodded. “Well, I guess I could give her another chance. Since Dorimon and DemiVeemon get along.”

“Please, you have to earn her trust before she’ll open up to you.” Aelita said. I nod.

Chapter 3: Dark Secrets by GarageKid

***Hallway Sai’s POV***

I has finally gathered my books and headed down the hall with Koromon when I saw my tomboy cousin and Dorimon run through the halls and swiftly turn the lock and open her locker.

“Did you rob a bank or something? What’s the rush?” I asked she grabbed her books for class and slammed her locked shut.

“The new kid. I was supposed to show him around and I kinda dropped him like a rock. So I need to avoid him for a while.” She said as Koromon looked over at her.

“Kinda dropped him like a rock?” I asked.

“Yeah just kinda. Like you kinda got dumped by Sissi.” She said. I glared at her and sighed.

“Can you let it go? I never held you getting dumped by William over your head.” I said and tsked my tongue at her like mom would when we got into trouble. “Now hurry up, we have math in a few minutes and I don’t want to get spit on by the sub so hurry.”

“OK, OK.” Yumi said as we started down the hall for class.

***Ulrich and Aelita, Hallway Ulrich‘s POV***

Me and DemiVeemon read through the paper the principal gave me as I walked down the halls toward me new locker. I didn’t tell Mr. Delmus about Yumi backing down about showing me around, Aelita took over for the rest of the day thinking her friend would be in a better mood tomorrow. Soon I bumped into a teenaged boy wearing black sneakers, blue slightly bagged jeans, and a black long sleeve shirt with a red short sleeve button up shirt with a flame design on it. He also had goggles around his neck.

“Oh, Ulrich this is Sai, Yumi’s cousin.” Aelita told me. The black haired teen nodded.

“And Yumi is” Before Said could finish echoes of Yumi’s combat boots where heard in the distance. “Not here.” He finished plainly.

“Yumi’s kinda hard to gain trust with.” Aelita said. “I’ll talk to her later.”

“Good luck Aelita. Anyway Yumi has to come back down this way. Math class is in two minutes and if she doesn’t hurry she’ll have to sit near Mr. Gush.” Sai said.

“You mean the teacher that spits when he talks?” Aelita asked. “Oh no.”

“Well, Don’t let me make you late for class, see ya later.” Sai said as Aelita and I walked past him to class. Aelita lead the way to our class.

“Look’s like Sai isn’t as hard when it come to trust like his cousin.” I said.

“Well, No, Sai’s the luck-go-happy type. Pretty much, well, he gives you a chance and if you break his trust, you wont make it to graduation.” Aelita said. “He’s a great guy.”

“So what do I have to do to gain Yumi’s trust?” I asked deciding I needed to start somewhere.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure I can convince Yumi to give you a chance, then the rest is pretty simple.” Aelita said as we reached the classroom. Aelita told the teacher I was new and she nodded and looked over to me asking my name and ect. Which as soon as I answered The teacher pointed to a said next to a girl with long back hair in a pink outfit. She smiled a flirty smile at me as I sat down, opened my notebook and began taking notes.

***After class, Ulrich’s POV***

After class I was about to walk up to my new dorm, Aelita had gone off to find Yumi and talk to her. As soon at I was near the bench in the school yard I heard someone run up to me. It was the same black haired girl who I had sat next to in class.

“Well, hello.” She said. “My name’s Sissi, and you?”

“Ulrich.” I said.

“Ulrich! What a handsome name.” She said.

“Un, Thanks?” I said. Sissi looked over at me.

“Well, I would love to show you and your blue dog thing around.” She said as a Palmon stood next to her. “My Digimon Palmon could keep that um, dog-thing company.”

“Uh, well.” I stammered at thought for a moment. Sissi would be willing to, but Aelita was already talking to Yumi about having her help me out. And after all DemiVeemon and Dorimon got along so well. But then again, I can’t wait all day for Aelita and Yumi. “I guess.”

“SISSI!” I heard someone shout as Sissi and I turned to see Yumi and Aelita. Aelita was the one who yelled. And Yumi had already walked up to Sissi.

“Well, well, well, if it isn’t Yumi and her purple squeaky toy.” Sissi said as Dorimon growled at her.

“Elizabeth,” Yumi said.

“IT’S SISSI! I hate Elizabeth.” Sissi said as Palmon backed her up.

“Why don’t you and your squeaky toy go back home, oh wait you where thrown out!” Palmon said.

“Hey you’re the one to talk! Why not you and your tamer jump off a cliff.” Dorimon yelled back.

“Well, I was just about to show Ulrich Dear around.” Sissi said. I watched Yumi’s fists clench in anger.

“Sissi, you-you already have a boyfriend!” Yumi yelled at her in rage. Sissi smiled.

“It’s not like William would mind.” Sissi said.

“YOU’RE SUCH A PEST!” Yumi said letting her anger reach her. I would tell.

“How would you know anything about me?!” Sissi yelled back.

“We were like sisters since kindergarten! If I never knew who you are who did?!” Yumi yelled and all of a sudden silence filled the air. I needed a minute to think things through. Sissi and William where going out, but was this the same William who cheated on Yumi? And what about Yumi and Sissi being ‘like sisters since kindergarten’ why did they hate each other now? I looked over at Sissi who had turned and walked away.

“So, Does this mean you’ll give me the tour?” I asked she turned to me for a sec before answering.

“Yeah.” She said as Aelita smiled and clapped her hands.

“Way to show Sissi.” Aelita said as Lopmon agreed with a nod. I had plenty of questions to ask, but I kept to myself.

“I have to get going, I’m working on a project.” Aelita said as she turned.

“With who?” Yumi asked before Aelita could walk away.

“Uh, Jeremie Belpois.” Aelita said blushing.

“That boy you like?” Yumi asked in an interested way.

“Oh, shut up Yumi.” Aelita said before walking away leaving Yumi and I alone. Yumi turned to me.

“Well, we should start the tour.” Yumi said as Dorimon and DemiVeemon followed us toward the main building.

Chapter 4: Factory by GarageKid

***Jeremie’s Dorm Aelita’s POV***

We where working on our science project together, me and Jeremie, no one else. Yumi knew I liked him, and lets face it everyone and everyone’s Digimon knew I liked him. Jeremie was talking about doing our science project on robotics, and well, I wasn’t about to say no to him. I knew how much he liked building robots.

“I’m going to need some more robot parts, I don’t have as much as I thought I did.” Jeremie said as his Digimon Gummymon and my Lopmon who had gone into her in-training stage as Kokomon where one the bed.

“Hey, you know that old factory on the side of town, the abandon one no one uses anymore?” I asked.

“Yeah.” Jeremie said.

“Maybe there are robot parts there.” I said he looked over at me and smiled.

“That’s a great idea! We’ll go there tomorrow after school then.” Jeremie said. I nod.

“OK. Hey maybe Ulrich should tag-a-long, he is new here and I wouldn’t mind getting him and Yumi together.” I said.

“Ulrich? You mean that guy who sat next to Sissi today?” Jeremie asked.

“Yeah, trust me he’ll never make that mistake again.” I told him. I knew if I didn’t go to the factory with a group, Yumi would never let me live it down.

“It’ll be fine with me then.” Jeremie said, he and Yumi where OK friends, they didn’t hang out all the time, but they still looked out for each other. I had almost forgot about Sai, with all those robot parts, he might come in handy, and he wouldn’t stay behind knowing his cousin was going to an abandon factory on the other side of town with the chance of there being Digimon he could fight be there. He loved to fight, and he wasn’t going to miss that chance.

*** Ulrich’s new Dorm Ulrich’s POV***

I turned the lock and opened the door to my new dorm, as soon as I did, I saw a red dinosaur like Digimon in the room with a spiky haired teenaged boy in the room.

“You must be Ulrich, I’m Odd you new roommate.” Odd said as he jumped off the bed. “And my Digimon Gigimon.” Gigimon looked over at DemiVeemon and sniffed at him.

“My new roommate?” I asked, I was not told I was going to have a roommate. He and his Digimon where both weird. I walked over to the bed where I had thrown my bags earlier, I hadn’t paid attention to the other bed, I opened the suitcase and took out my normal sleep wardrobe and headed for the showers.

***Next Morning 5:30 am Odd’s POV***

I woke up to Gigimon poking at my side.

“Gigimon!” I said trying to make him stop.

“Wake up Odd, it’s time to get ready for class.” Ulrich said. I yawned and reached over for my D-3 and sat up in the bed. I also took my crest and placed the two on the side table. “Hurry up, I’m supposed to meet Aelita and Yumi later.”

“Wait. Aelita Hopper, the girl that’s into Jeremie Belpois?” I asked. Ulrich nodded. “And Yumi Ishiyama, that mystery girl who used to hang out with Sissi and who was recently dumped by William Dumper.”

“I thought it was Dunbar.” Ulrich said.

“Anyone who dumps a girl like he did get the name Dumper.” I said. “He’s dumped and cheated on more girls then I’ve dated.”

“Has everyone in this school heard about Yumi and William?” Ulrich asked me. I nodded.

“The school has a news paper. Anything that happens gets published.” I tell him. “I’ve known both of them for a while, Their both really nice. I haven’t dated them, but I’ve known them for a while.” That part was true, I’ve known the two of them since I was new here a while ago. Now I was old news and this Ulrich dude was the new kid here.

“Hey come on we should meet up with the girls.” Ulrich said. I nod and got my clothes and headed for the showers.

*** Yumi and Aelita’s Dorm 5:35am Aelita’s POV***

I was up and dressed. Yumi wasn’t, she was still fast asleep. I walked over to her bed and gave her a shove. She yawned and turned her back to me. She was never a morning person, in fact, she would probably sleep through a Digimon attack if it was far enough. Her and Dorimon, both of them hated mornings.

“Yumi, Dorimon WAKE UP!” Kokomon yelled trying to wake them up. Yumi pulled her pillow over her head to avoid the noise of Kokomon and her shouts.

“YUMI GET UP!” I yell. Soon there was a knock on the door, knowing Yumi wasn’t dressed for the day, well except her normal white T-shirt and sweatpants she slept in.

“Who is it?” I asked.

“Ulrich and Odd.” I heard Odd’s voice say.

“Yumi’s isn’t ready, well, she’s not awake.” Kokomon called through the door.

“Well, try the water bucket.” Odd said I watched Yumi shoot up to a sitting position.

“You wouldn’t,” Yumi said. I gave her my evil smile.

“Try me.” I said. With that Yumi got up and headed for the wardrobe for her clothes. Dorimon also woke up and fished out Yumi’s D-3 and her crest.

“Spare us from your water bucket of doom!” I head Dorimon cry as he did his best to make the bed.

*** After school, 3:30, school yard, Ulrich’s POV***

I waited with the others for Yumi and Aelita to turn up. Odd had asked to tag along on our trip to the factory, so we decided to see what the girls think. It was funny, since we were all in a group, Yumi had seemed more comfortable around me. I’ve seen the side of her she didn’t show me earlier. Somehow, I really liked being around her.

“Hey guys!” I heard Aelita call with Yumi behind her flashing her smile. I’ve never seen Yumi smile, the first time I’ve seen her smile was at lunch, and I loved seeing it. She hadn’t smiled for me yet, but I guess that will happen in time.

“Hey Aelita, Odd was wondering if he could come along with us.” Jeremie said I was still looked at Yumi though as soon as I caught myself staring at her I turned away.

“Come on Aelita, I figured you needed a big strong man to help you guys out.” Odd said. As Aelita giggled.

“Ok Odd you can come.” Aelita said.

“Hey Aelita, I bet you twenty bucks your big strong man runs and screams like a girl.” Yumi said making most of up laugh, Odd didn’t like spiders, little ones where OK for him, but the big hairy ones crept him out.

“We’ll see about that.” Odd said.

***Abandon Factory, Normal POV ***

The gang reached the old factory and headed into the main section.

“Wow, I didn’t think the factory would be so intact.” Aelita said as Odd found the elevator. He went to lay his hand on the cold bar.

“OW!” Odd cryed.

“Odd what happened?” Yumi asked him.

“I pricked my finger on a nail.” Odd said kissing his boo-boo

“How pathetic.” Sai said. He had also come along with the group.

“Hey Odd do you think the elevator works?” Yumi asked.

“I don’t know, test it out.” Odd said.

“You’re the big strong man, how come you don’t test it?” Yumi asked.

“My finger hurts.” Odd said.

“Be a man!” Yumi told him.

“Be a man? Make me a sandwich woman!” Odd countered.

“Both of you knock it off.” Aelita said as the group headed into the elevator.

“I’ll test it.” Jeremie said as he pressed the button closing the elevator door sending the group down onto another level of the factory.

End Notes:

Character Digivices and crests. The Digivices are D-3 style

Yumi- Crest of Love- White/Purple D-3 (Later upgraded to Black/Purple and and then to a Black/Purple and gold trimed one)

Ulrich- Crest of Friendship- white/blue D-3 (Later upgraded to a black/blue one and then a black/blue and gold trimed one)

Sai- Creat of Courage- White/Orange D-3 (Later upgraded to a Black/Orange one)

Jeremie- Crest of Knolodge- White/Green D-3 (Later upgraded to a Black/Green one)

Aelita- Crest of Light- White/Pink D-3 (Later upgraded to a Black/Pink one)

Odd- Crest of Hope- White/Red D-3 (Later updated to a white/gold one.)

Chapter 5: The Digital World Opens by GarageKid

The Digital World Opens


As the elevator opened, the room was reviled to have a large computer in the center of it. Jeremie approached the computer and turned it on. Soon the screen flashed with light as the machine came to life.

“Are you sure that’s a good idea?” Yumi asked nervously.

“Of course. Look I know you guys might not believe me, but I have been to this factory many times before.” Jeremie said.

“Me and Jeremie know what this computer is used for, it’s a gate to the Digital World.” Gummymon said. “There are many gates all around this world, this is one of those but it was abandon many years ago. Jeremie can use it and the Scanners to teleport us to the Digital World.”

“So, you found a way to the Digital World after all.” Odd said.

“Wait, so you brought us here, for what?” Ulrich asked.

“Look, I’ve heard something about this factory being used for a project in the past that has something to do with the digital world. But you see, I can’t go on my own, me and Gummymon might not stand a chance, but I knew Aelita had to know strong tamers who could go in my place and check it out.” Jeremie explained.

“So you want a test subject?” Odd guessed.

“Well, yeah, look I know you guys don’t know me very well, but I promise you all this is safe and easy.” Jeremie said.

“I think we can trust him.” Aelita said. “Yumi?”

“OK, but I swear if any of us get hurt because of you, Jeremie, I will hunt you down.” Yumi said strongly. “Ulrich?”

“I guess, but like Yumi said, your responsible is anyone gets hurt.” Ulrich said. “Odd?”

“Hey, I need an adventure.” Odd said simply.

“Great.” Jeremie said. “Head down to the scanner room and I’ll explain the process.”

As the small group headed down the latter into a room with four scanners.

“I mean it Aelita, if your crush misses one detail.” Yumi started.

“Shut up! He’s not my crush.” Aelita said as she and Kokomon walked to the center.

“OK guys, you see the scanners are big enough for both you and your Digimon to enter. Enter the scanner and present your D-3 and your crest, and then I can transfer you all without a problem.” Jeremie said from the loud speaker. Each member enter a separate scanner with there Digimon.

“OK Jeremie. What next?” Aelita asked.

“There was one more detail, those crests are the main key to getting to the digital world. As soon as you guys have gone to the digital world, your become DigiDestined, so this is your last chance to back down.” Jeremie said. “I’ll start the process.”

“Transfer Odd and Gigimon, Transfer Aelita and Kokomon, Transfer Yumi and Dorimon, Transfer Ulrich and DemiVeemon. Sorry Sai, you’ll have to wait a while before I can send you.” Jeremie said.

“No Prob.” Sai said.

“Ok, Scanner Odd and Gigimon, Scanner Aelita and Kokomon, Scanner Yumi and Dorimon, scanner Ulrich and DemiVeemon. Virtualization!”

*** Digital World Yumi’s POV ***

I woke up to something nuzzling my shoulder. As I woke up I saw Dorumon. Dorimon must have Digivolved, but how? I guess that’s what happens when you come to the digital world. I looked around to see Odd, Guilmon, Ulrich, Veemon, Aelita and Lopmon all looking around the area, Ulrich was the first to notice I was up.

“You OK?” He asked me offering his hand. I took it as he helped me up.

“Thanks.” I tell him as Dorumon looked at me. “How long was I out?”

“Ten minutes, not very long. The rest of us just woke up a while ago.” Ulrich told me. “Jeremie told us how long we were out.”

“How?” I asked as Ulrich held up his cell.

“Oh,” I said as Dorumon rested his head on my leg. Sai was here too, Jeremie must have sent him after us. He and Agumon where looked around near what looked like woods. But then again we were in the digital world, so I wasn’t so sure things where what they appear to be. After all, just the fact that our Digimon go into the rookie state when entering the Digital World should give Jeremie enough to work with for a while.

“Looks like the woods off campus.” I heard Odd say. Him and Guilmon where looking at the far end of the clearing we all were in.

“I guess Jeremie’s teleportation process was a success.” Aelita said. I continued to look amazed at the fact I was a normal teenaged girl with her happy-go-lucky cousin, a Mrs. Einstein, a “Lady’s man” prankster, and a silent-and-cute type boy with a group of Digimon standing in this new world that no one thought existed.

“So How do we get back?” I asked. Aelita looked over at me with her classic I-never-thought-about-that look.

“Jeremie said something about there being TV like portals that are the connecters between here and the digital world, all we have to do is present our D-3’s and we’ll be back in France.” Aelita said.

“OK, well, while where here we mine as well look around.” Sai said as we all started into the woods.

*** Somewhere in the woods, Normal P.O.V ***

The group had been walking for almost an hour with no sight of anything. There was nothing there but trees and plants. By this time, the Digimon where tired and they where unwilling to go any farther without taking a break.

“We need to stop.” Sai finally said. “All of us are tired and if we run into any trouble, we sure wont be any help to each other if we’re all tired.”

“Good idea.” Odd said dropping onto a near-by log. The rest of the group sat down to join him.

“We really haven’t seen anything worth coming to the digital world for.” Yumi said.

“Your wrong! There will be something that will make it worth coming to the digital world, you’ll see!” Aelita said.

“Yeah right, you just can’t face the fact that your crush was wrong.” Yumi said.

“He was NOT!” Aelita said getting worked up.

“Calm down Aelita, Yumi, we’re all tired and starting to get on each other’s nerves.” Sai said as Aelita stood up.

“IF YOU KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT LOVE! I’D SURE LOVE TO HEAR IT!” Aelita busted out without thinking. Yumi had stood up, but wasn’t going to fight Aelita.

“I’m outta here.” Yumi said as she and Dorumon started to walk away from the others. Aelita watched her go, she headed toward the north side of the woods with Dorumon at her side. Aelita had realized what she had said and cursed herself for saying it. Yumi was very sensitive when it came to her old relationship with her ex-boyfriend, William, so she really didn’t like being made fun of because of it.

“Should one of us go after her?” Ulrich asked.

“No, let her be, she wont go far, she just has to cool down.” Sai said.

“She really doesn’t want to loose her temper with Aelita, so all Yumi can do is walk away.” Agumon said. “She has problems with controlling her temper depending on the situation. If the situation is bad enough, she’ll go into overdrive to protect the ones she cares about.”

“Right now, all we can do is rest and catch up to her later.” Sai said as he and Agumon sat down on the ground.

*** Deeper in the woods, normal POV ***

Ten minutes of walking deep into the wood. Yumi felt her temper go down as she started to relax and enjoy the landscape of the Digital World. Dorumon had gotten his rest to.

“Should we head back?” Dorumon asked.

“Yeah, I feel a lot better now.” Yumi said as her and Dorumon started back. A golden yellow flash was seen going across the trees. “What was that?” Yumi looked at the few trees in front of her. In a blur of motion two of the trees fell to the ground as a lion like Digimon stood before them.

“It’s a Leomon, He’s the king of the jungle, watch out for his Fist of the Beast King attack! He’ll knock you out in minutes.”

“Dorumon, why is he attacking us!” Yumi asked ducking from the sword Leomon trusted at her as she and Dorumon broke into a run.

“I don’t know, but something’s wrong with his eyes.” Dorumon said as a strange symbol could be seen in his eyes. Yumi tried to think of a way to give him the slip, but a Digimon as fast as he was wasn’t about to let it’s pray go. Soon she felt herself go to the ground.

“YUMI!” Dorumon said in full panic.

“I can’t move my ankle.” She said after an attempt to stand. “Leomon is a champion Digimon, you’ll have to Digivolve.” Yumi said taking out her D-3.

“OK! Dorumon Digivolve to. . .” Dorumon said as he tried to Digivolve, but failed. “Uh, ha, ha, funny story. I can’t.”

“Oh, that’s real funny.” Yumi said sarcastically. “No fooling around, I need you to Digivolve!”

“I can’t Yumi, I can’t.” Dorumon said. “Something’s stopping me from Digivolving.”

“This is a real bad time.” Yumi said as she and Dorumon crawled over to a bush to hide for Leomon.

“Hey look.” Dorumon whispered pointing to a black tower-like think in the distance. “That has to be stopping me from Digivolving.”

“Maybe, but right now we need help.” Yumi said taking out her D-terminal and searched for Sai’s name in her contacts and sent him a text.

Sai, I need your help, Leomon attacked me and Dorumon, and he can’t Digivolve.

Minutes later she could hear Leomon searching for her and Dorumon. She could hear the patter of the beast’s steps. It was getting close, soon she felt a paw grab her by the back of her neck and whip her around sending her flying into a tree.

“YUMI!” Dorumon called as he saw Yumi crash into the tree, back first.

“Fist of the Beast King.” Leomon called as blue energy waves shaped like lions came out of his fists and toward Yumi.

“Metal Ball!” Dorumon countered as each of the fiery beasts disappeared at the touch of each metal ball shot back at them. Yumi saw Leomon swing his fist at Dorumon in front of her and was thrown back at the tree next to Yumi.

“LEAVE HER ALONE!” I heard a voice call.

“Vee Headbutt!” A Blue flash attacked at the Leomon throwing the beast to the ground.

“Ulrich! Veemon!” Dorumon cheered getting up. Ulrich headed toward Yumi.

“Are you Ok?” Ulrich asked.

“Yeah, just a little sore.” Yumi said using the tree to stand up.

“We have to hold him up until Sai and the others destroy that black tower.” Ulrich said helping Yumi to her feet. Her back ached as she leaned against the tree. “Don’t worry as soon as this is over we’ll be heading home.”

“I know, Dorumon, ready?” Yumi said.

“Yup.” Dorumon said as he got in the fight with Veemon.

“Vee knockout!” Veemon said.

“Metal ball!” Dorumon called the two attacks brought the Digimon to the ground.

“Is that it?” Ulrich asked. Yumi heard her D-terminal beep with a message.

The tower is destroyed, head back to the portal.

Yumi reread the message to Ulrich.

“Ok, follow me, I know where it is.” Ulrich said as they started over across the field.

“W-what? W-where am I?” Yumi turned to see the Leomon rise to his feet. His eyes no longer had the strange symbol. “What are you humans doing here?”

“You tried to hurt us!” Ulrich said.

“WHAT!? Me hurt you two? NEVER!” Leomon said.

“Ulrich, I don’t think he did that willingly.” Yumi said. Ulrich turned to face her. “He had a strange symbol in his eyes.”

“I’m the protector of this forest, I would never hurt humans.” Leomon said. “Unless of course you hurt any of the innocent Digimon living here.”

“We didn’t, you just popped out and attacked me.” Yumi said.

“Well I would never attack a person.” Leomon said. “Were are you two headed?”

“The South Forest Portal.” Ulrich said.

“Or course, take the shorter way through the trees to your left and go straight, I’ll tell you if I hear anything about this what seems to be a virus. This has been going on for three days, Digimon, very good ones at that, are attacking others in a way they would never.”

“Thank you Leomon.” Yumi said. “Come on Ulrich lets head back to our world.”

*** Factory, night, Normal P.O.V ***

“I’m really sorry for not knowing the Digital World was dangerous.” Jeremie said.

“It’s OK, it wasn’t your fault Jeremie.” Aelita said. “How could you have known?”

“I’ll do more research and see if I can find out what’s going on.” Jeremie said.

“Both of us will.” Gummymon promised.

“We should all get to bed.” Odd said.

“Good idea Odd.” Aelita said as Yumi and Ulrich followed them out the door.

“Your going to be bruised in the morning.” Dorimon told Yumi.

“I know.” Yumi said.

“Don’t worry Yumes, Me and Kokomon will help ya out while your healing.” Sai said giving her a thumbs up.

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