Disappearing by Kiwi Lee
Summary: Ty mathews goes to Kadic Acadimie and falls in love with Odd.
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Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama
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Series: The Next Generation
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Story Notes:
I hope you love it as much as i did.

1. Chapter 1 Ty by Kiwi Lee

2. Chapter 2 Love is in the air by Kiwi Lee

3. Chapter 3 The Office by Kiwi Lee

4. Chapter 4 Lyoko by Kiwi Lee

5. Chapter 5 More Love by Kiwi Lee

6. Chapter 6 School can be so much of a drag by Kiwi Lee

7. Chapter 7 He knows by Kiwi Lee

8. Chapter 8 It’s over by Kiwi Lee

9. Chapter 9 Love is in her room is more like it. ;) by Kiwi Lee

10. Chapter 10 The morning by Kiwi Lee

11. Chapter 11 No by Kiwi Lee

Chapter 1 Ty by Kiwi Lee
Author's Notes:

Kiwi is here, and talking.

‘’Taxi!’’ I heard myself shout. I had just made a universal communicator and decided to go and test it out. I’m a German that knows no French, and is about to go to Kadic Academe in France. On my shoulder is a bag that held everything I have ever own. Yes, I have stole a couple of things, like the equipment to make the communicator, the laptop in my bag, and about every ounce of liquid in my body.    

     A yellow taxi pulled up in front of me, and I jumped in. ’’Kadic Academe, please.’’   

      The driver nodded his head in response and drove me there.     

    When we got there, I felt a slight bump of the tire. I got out, grabbed my bag, and the driver rode away. I looked at the edge of the street where I had felt the bump, and there laid a cream rat terrier. His leg was bent in an unusual position. I walked over to it and touched it. It shivered at my hand and I started to talk to it.

        ‘’Hello.’’ I said, ’’ what’s your name?’’  

      And this might surprise you, but he said, ’’Kiwi.’’  

       ‘’Alright, Kiwi, where’s  your owner?’’

         ‘’At the school.’’ he said, ‘’Just be careful at bringing me in, animals are not aloud. His name is Odd Della Robbia. His feet stink if that helps.’’  

      ‘’Can you get up?’’ 

       ‘’I think so.’’ Kiwi said. 

       I grabbed him behind the shoulder bones and he put himself on all fours. ‘’Now put all your weight on  your paws.’’  

       He did so and began to walk in place. ’’It don’t hurt.’’   

      ‘’Now, where’s you master?’’  

      ‘’I can take you to him.’’ said Kiwi, ’’You’ll like him. But I worn your nose, his feet stink!’’

End Notes:
Told you he talks ;)
Chapter 2 Love is in the air by Kiwi Lee
Author's Notes:
Odd's in Love

I grabbed my bag and followed him past a gate and into a park. He went into a building and went to a room on the right. The door was shut, so I knocked on the door and a voice responded.  

      ‘’One second.’’ it said. It was male, but other than that, I didn’t know who it would be.   

      ‘’His name is Odd Della Robbia.’’ said Kiwi.  

      I looked at the closed door and waited for Odd to open it. It opened and a blond haired boy opened the door. His hair was up in an arrow kind of way. He was dressed in a purple jacket with a long purple shirt under that and a pink shirt under that one. His pants were purple caprices  and orange shoes. ’’Hi.’’ I said, ’’Is this your dog? My taxi almost killed him.’’  

      ‘’Almost squashed me, more like it.’’ said Kiwi.  

      ‘’Shut up.’’ I whispered.   

     ‘’What did you say.’’ Odd asked.  

      ‘’I was talking to your dog.’’ I said, ’’He made a smart remark about the taxi thing. Oh, shit.’’  

      ‘’What do you mean, Kiwi talked to you?’’ 

       ‘’Let me in and I’ll tell you more.’’

        He let me in and I sat on the bed on the left side. It looked like two kids lived there. He sat on the other bed and I said, ’’ I made a translator because I don’t know much French. Well it dose more than translate German to French. I can understand dog, cat, horse, and anything you give me.’’

        ‘’So that’s how I can understand you.’’ said Kiwi. 

       ‘’What did he just say?’’  asked Odd.  

       ‘’He said, that’s how he could understand me.’’ I said. ’’Oh, I forgot. Name’s  Ty Mathews.’’  

      ‘’Odd Della Robbia.’’   

     ‘’Well, Odd, see you in class.’’ I said getting up. I opened the door, and as I shut the door, saw that Odd face appeared to say stay. In my heart, I wanted to stay too. ’You can’t fall in love, father will never allow you to stay on earth for more than a year.’ I told myself. ’ All I’m suppose to do is get on their good side and get back home. End of story. No happily ever after in this story.’

End Notes:
No happy ever after:(
Chapter 3 The Office by Kiwi Lee
Author's Notes:
etting into shool is SOOOOOO much fun.

I walked out of the building and over to the office. No one was there excepted for the secretary.    

     She put me on the list as a couple and their kid walked out of the room connected to the room I was in. She said I could go in and I sat down in the chair in front of the principals desk.    

     ‘’Ty Mathews?’’ asked an older man. His hair had grayed with age, and I say he was about 60.   

     ‘’Yes sir.’’ I said. 

       ‘’All of your paper work is good, your parents e-mail said you were an brilliant student. They also mentioned a translator, an I correct?’’

        ‘’Yes sir.’’ I responded. I pulled out the right hearing ad I had used and showed him. ’’This is the only way I can really understand you.’’ I put it back in and he gave me the list of my classes.  

       ‘’You’ll be in room 211.’’ he said, ’’If you need any help, the class rep. as he calls himself, will help you. His name is Odd Della Robbia. I’m sure you’ll find him in no time flat.’’  

      ‘’Thank you.’’ I said as I got up. I grabbed my bag, the list, and the key, and went back to the building I had just been to.

         I walked up the stairs and found room 211. I had it all to my self. But it was setup for two people. I unpacked my clothes and put them in the closet. Set up my laptop and got out a poster I was able to get. I found some tape and put it up. It was of a germen band called It is out.   

      After I unpacked I looked at the list he gave me. I had Mrs. Hertz and some other teachers. I thought about asking the principal where the classes were, then remembered he said to go to Odd. I went downstairs and knocked on his door.

End Notes:
Ty loves Odd, if you couldn't tell.
Chapter 4 Lyoko by Kiwi Lee
Author's Notes:
Hi Ulrich.

This time a brown haired boy opened the door. He was wearing a green button up shirt over a darker green shirt. He had jeans and green shoes. I liked his color scheme since my own outfit and my hair was green.

        ‘’Hello?’’ he said, ’’Can I help you?’’ 

       ‘’’I’m looking for Odd.’’ I told him. ’’You know where he’s at?’’

         ‘’No, sorry.’’ he said. He was about to shut the door and then opened it again. ’’Name’s Ulrich.’’ he reached his hand out and I took it and shook hands.

         ‘’Ty.’’ I said. We let go and I said, ’’Well, tell him I came by.’’   

     ‘’Sure.’’ he said and shut the door.  

       I walked down the hallway and almost ran into a pink haired girl coming from down the stairs. She was dressed in a purple dress and pink pants underneath. She looked familiar but I couldn’t put my finger on it. She stopped and looked at me, realizing that she ,too, knew me from somewhere. She broke the stare and ran to Ulrich’s and Odd’s room. He let her in and in a seconded glance, they were out and went to find Odd. They went my way, and I got to the wall out of their way.

        I decided to follow them. They lead me to a manhole in the park. In the tunnel, they went a long way to a ladder that lead to a bridge. I went on the bridge only went I knew they were out of sight. I walked into a factory and followed them as they went into an elevator. I decided to look around for the second entrants to the lab that I remembered was down there. I had remembered how I knew that pink haired girl who’s name is Aelita. Went Xana created me, she was in Lyoko.

         While I was remembering all of this, I was now in the catwalk. I looked down to see Aelita, Odd, Ulrich, a black haired girl, a black haired boy, and a blond haired boy. The blond was sitting in the chair. In front of him was a computer.         ‘’The supercomputer.’’ I thought, ’’Home sweet home’’

        I looked down to see them talking about turning off the supercomputer.        ‘’No, don’t do it now!’’ I wanted to shout down at them. I bit my lip so I wouldn’t.         I could see them taking a vote. Only two raised their hand for, the rest was against.  

       I sighed, but then it hit me. If they wanted to turn off the supercomputer for good, Father would be died. Yes, to anyone out there that didn’t know. I’m not from Germany. That’s just the only language I know. My father is Xana. He created me, named me, and gave me everything I know today.  

       I looked back at where they had been. The elevator door just shut and I haled myself down the ladder to the computer. 

         The screen was off. I sat in the chair and just stayed there. Collecting my thoughts on how was I going to get back to Lyoko. If Xana was really died, I was going to need their help.

End Notes:
Ty's father's dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chapter 5 More Love by Kiwi Lee
Author's Notes:
More confustion is more like it.

The next day a breakfast, I walked over to Odd and asked, ’’Could I talk to you alone?’’   

     He got up from the table and we went around a corner. ‘’I wanted to say something to you too.’’

        ‘’Well you first.’’

        He paused for a second, which surprised me. I never thought Odd for a person to be lost for words. ’’Would you like to be my girlfriend?’’ He asked me.   

     I couldn’t speak. I couldn’t do anything but stair. He looked down, thinking that my silence was a no. I tried to say, ’’Yes.’’ But it turned into more of a ’’Yyyy…aaa…ssss’’  

      I hugged him and he hugged back. This was way better than my plan, and I’ll just go with the flow.

        We let go and he asked ’’What were you going to ask me?’’ 

       ‘’Never mind.’’ I said. He slid his hand into mine and we walked back to the table.    

      At the table, I sat down next to Odd. Aelita looked like she wanted to say something, but didn’t as Odd started to speak.’’ These are my friends. Ulrich, Jeremie, Aelita, Yumi, and William.’’

        ‘’Hi.’’ I said.   

     They were all finished eating, we just sat talking in till the bell rang to get out of the cafeteria.

End Notes:
Boring Day. I think not.
Chapter 6 School can be so much of a drag by Kiwi Lee
Author's Notes:
Love in Drawings

Odd took me to my first class with a Mrs. Mires and he went to Mrs. Hertz. All during class, all I could think of was Odd. Thankfully all Mrs. Mires did was read to us from some book. On my paper was pictures I drew of Odd. In my opinion, they were really good. The bell rang and I grabbed my things. Odd was outside the door and walked me to my next class. I gave him the paper I had doodled on and said, ’’Hope you like the pictures.’’  and went in the class room.   

      At lunch, Odd and me sat separate from his friends. He started of talking.

’’You know, I probably shouldn’t tell you but there’s a supercomputer by here.’’   

     ‘’What’s so secretive about a supercomputer?’’ I asked, pretending to have no knowledge of Lyoko.  

      ‘’It has different reigns in it and you can go there.’’ Odd said tacking a bite of his food.   

     ‘’Cool.’’ I said.  

      ‘’Ya, but it’ll probably have to be shut down.’’ Odd said.   

      ‘’What!?’’ I exclaimed, dropping my fork in the mashed potatoes. ’’Why would you do that?’’ 

       ‘’Xana’s died. There’s no point in keepn’  it up.’’ Odd said.   

     When he said that, it just conformed it. Dad was died. I picked my fork out of the mashed potatoes and ate in silent.   

      Odd notices and asked,’’What’s wrong?’’  

       ‘’Nothing.’’ I said, not looking at him.    

    ‘’Did I say something wrong?’’ He asked, worried.   

     ‘’It’s not your falt.’’ I told him, looking him in the eyes.  

      He took my hand under the table and held it tight. I looked in his eyes again and saw it. We dumped our trays and went outside.   

End Notes:
What did she see in his eyes? look ferther.
Chapter 7 He knows by Kiwi Lee
Author's Notes:
He knows what????????????????????

‘’So Aelita was right.’’ He said when we were siting in the park. ’’You are a Lyokoen.’’   

     ‘’Yes.’’ I said, looking at the ground. ’’My father was Xana.’’ 

       ‘’I’m sorry.’’ Odd said.  

      ‘’It’s not like it realy mattered.’’ I said. ’’He created me, but I never realy liked him. He was always for the taking over the world thing. I just wanted to live a life. He sent me away to Gerany to let me, but forgot one thing.’’ I looked at the ground at my feet. ’’He had part of me. If the supercomputer gets turned off, I die.’’ 

       ‘’I…’’ Odd sarted to say. He turned his head to face mine and I looked at him. ’’I love you, Ty, and I’ll do everything I can to stop my friends from shuting the computer down.’’ He came closer to me and tillt my head and he kissed me. I huged him and he came closer. A minuet,a hour it lasted, I don’t know. All I knew is that it felt good, intill I heard a camera and a little chant behind us.


       ‘’Odd and new girl, sittin’ in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G.’’  

       ‘’What the…’’ I said. It was a little brown haired black girl with a camera and a white girl with red hair.    

     ‘’What are you doing here?’’ asked Odd, getting up from the bench.  

       ‘’And how long have you been spying?’’ I asked them also getting up. 

       ‘’Just the whole time you two were kissin’.’’ the black girl said.    

     ‘’I was begin’in’ to wonder if you two were even breathing.’’ The red haired girl said.   

     ‘’Gerrrrr.’’ I said. For the next couple of minuets I had the translator off. I said some words I didn’t want any one to really hear.   

      In the end, they ran to their dorms and I had a role of film with our pitures in it.  

       ‘’I’ve never seen that happen before.’’ Odd said.

        ‘’No blood shed, and I got the film. Good deal.’’ We walked out of the park and heard the bell ring for our next class. We spit and got to our classes.

         I didn’t see Odd after that class or after any of the others. I was starting to think something had happened to him. I kept my eyes open for him, but didn’t see him till diner. He looked sad so I went over to him.

End Notes:
Anoing Milly and Tamiya
Chapter 8 It’s over by Kiwi Lee
Author's Notes:
What is. This is frusterating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

’I’m sorry.’’ Odd said, ’’They’re goin’ to turn it off tomorrow.’’    

     ‘’When?’’ I asked as I sat down.  

      ‘’Lunch. But I’m not goin’ to be there.’’ Odd said.  

      We sat in silens and Odd said, ‘’You want to sneak out and watch a movie?’’

        ‘’Sure.’’ I said with a smile. 

       After diner, we went to his room and he got some money and we left. He led me down the tunle exit and we grabbed to skateboards off of a pipe. We got to the movies and watched The Cronocals Of Narnia, Prince Caspine.   

      After that, we got some food at Presto Burger and sat in a booth. Nothing realy happened that night intill we got back to the dorms.

End Notes:
Boring till the next chatper. I promise
Chapter 9 Love is in her room is more like it. ;) by Kiwi Lee
Author's Notes:
This is were the worning is.
Jim was bloking the way to Odd’s room and he had to go to my room. Once we got there the power went out. And so did the heater, and to make it better, the wether men were predicting it to be in the 20’s.         Odd was getting ready to sleep in the other bed in my room, calling Ulrich to tell him that he wasn’t going down stairs. He took his shoes and socks off and put them by the bed.          ‘’Hey, Odd, could you put your head under the covers so I can change.’’ I asked him. He did so and I turn so that my back was facing him. I got out of my clothes and got out a green t-shirt and a pair of black shorts. Slid them on and said, ‘’Ok. Thanks.’’        He got out of the blackets and shivered. The room had gotten colder as the temtper outside dropped.         ‘’It would be wormer if he slep in your bed.’’ I told myself.’’ I got in the covers and took my translator off.        I sighd and pulled the sheets so it would look like to ofer Odd something wormer. He got off the bed he was on and climed into mine. He shifted so that his head was facing out word and my arm layed over his belly.        It was compterable for a while till it started to get hot for both of us. Odd took his pants off and kick them onto the floor. I did the same. Odd still felt hot to me and I mothond him to take his shirt off. He did so and trew that to the floor. He tured to face me and I did the same thing. Now, me and Odd, just in our underwere, faced each other. I huged him. His worm body felt good tuching mine. I fell asleep like that. I didn’t realy want to wake but my alarm clock did it’s job anyway.
End Notes:



Chapter 10 The morning by Kiwi Lee
Author's Notes:
How about this....

‘’Bonjour Ty.’’ I heard Odd say.   

     I opened my eyes and saw his face. We were still mostly naked. He kissed my lips and I huged him tight. We skipped breakfast just by lying there. I looked at the clock and saw that the bell was going to ring. We got up, got dressed and got to class. I looked into his eyes before class and saw what I knew. Today was that day. I was to die. 

End Notes:
Odd skipps breafast
Chapter 11 No by Kiwi Lee
Author's Notes:
Don't Die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

At lunch, Odd sat with me and his friends went to the factory. I was able to eat, and then it went dark. I fell onto the floor and felt myself coming out of my body. Odd was looking at me, and I wanted to give him a kiss, but I flew away. I went threw walls and people. I got to the factory and fell into the supercomputer. And everything went black.

                                                       The End

End Notes:

It's over!!!!!!!!!!Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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