Claustrophobia by Kiwi Lee
Summary: A new girl goes to Kadic and meets the gang.
Categories: Seasons > Season 1 Characters: Aelita Hopper, Herb Pichon, Jeremie Belpois, Nicholas Poliakoff, Odd Della Robbia, Sissi Delmas, Ulrich Stern, Yumi Ishiyama
Genres: Action/Adventure
Warnings: None
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Series: Atina's Diary
Chapters: 10 Completed: Yes Word count: 1913 Read: 25427 Published: Feb 23, 2009 Updated: Feb 24, 2009
Story Notes:
Yes, this is a take off of the season 1 episode of Claustrophobia. After I saw that I had this, more or less, as a dream

1. Chapter 1 by Kiwi Lee

2. Chapter 2 by Kiwi Lee

3. Chapter 3 by Kiwi Lee

4. Chapter 4 by Kiwi Lee

5. Chapter 5 by Kiwi Lee

6. Chapter 6 by Kiwi Lee

7. Chapter 7 by Kiwi Lee

8. Chapter 8 by Kiwi Lee

9. Chapter 9 by Kiwi Lee

10. Chapter 10 by Kiwi Lee

Chapter 1 by Kiwi Lee

       It’s my second day here at Kadic and I’m loving it. Thou the gym teacher, Mr. Morales (Everyone calls him Jim) was surprised that I was good in sports. O.K. I don’t look strong, but I am. He told me to play against Ulrich Stern one day, and that day is today.

        Sorry, my name’s Atina. Atina Ell. But back to what happened.

       Ulrich was sitting with his friends at the soccer field and they looked pretty board to me. I walked over and asked, “Hey, you Ulrich Stern?” 

      He looked at me like, ’Who’s askin’ ’ and said, “Yes.”

       I pulled a soccer ball from behind my back and said, “I heard you’re the best. Wanna play?” 

      “Sure.” he said. Ulrich got up and asked, “What your name?”  

     “Atina.” I said dropping the ball on the ground in front of my feet. “You wanna have a goalie or just us two?” 

      “If you’re so good, no goalie will be fine.” he said with a crud smile. 

      “You’re on.” I said.

       We played a game till we had a big crowd. His smart friend kept score. I think his name was Jeremie. But in the end, he had 24 goals and I had 30.

       “Wow.” he said panting. “You’re good.” 

      “Ya.” I said not panting as had as he was, “and I don’t even like the sport. I just play ‘cos I’m good.”  

     “Huh?” He asked surprised.

       Some black haired girl came over and said, “Ulrich dear, you wanna play soccer. You and Odd against Herve and Nicolas.”  

     “What? You’re not playing?”  he asked sarcastically.

       “I’m a cheerleader.” she said pointing to herself.

       “I can tell why.” I said to Ulrich as I walked past him. I sat down as Jeremie got up mumbling something about a computer program, I think.  

      I watched a few rounds and looked at my watch and saw that I had to go and help them out in the cafeteria. That’s how I was going to school here. I ran to the cafeteria and got the sink ready for me to clean the dishes.

Chapter 2 by Kiwi Lee

       At diner I saw some other new kid. It looked like he had all ready made some friends. I could hear the conversations from the kitchen. 

      “Hey, why don’t ya eat with us, Champ?” I heard Odd say.

       He replied back with, “Thanks a lot but I can’t abandon my team.” and he sat next to that cheerleader girl I still haven’t learned her name.  

      “Hey, stop trying to worm your way in!” Herve said pretty mad. I was staring to get worried. If anyone started a fight, I was supposed to brake it up. “You’re not in our group, so go take a hike.” 

      “Ya, I know Herve, but I’d like to join you group, or should I say Sissi’s group, is that it? What do I have to do?” 

      “Well you have to pass our initiation test and it really dangerous and hard.” Herve said sounding like he didn’t like this dude. “Much too hard for you.”  

     “Initiation test, tell me a little more about them.” he said.

        “Test number 1,” Herve said, “You have to clean all the toilets with a tooth brush.” 

      “Sounds like a petty dumb test. It’s like the kind they give to ten year olds at summer camp.” He said, “So I’ll pass.” 

      “O.K. Since you refuse to pass our test, Chow!” Herve said, getting all in his way. 

        “Hey!” Sissi, I guess that’s her name, said, “When do you decide on the test! I’ll tell you what you have to do. You’re gonna mummify the skeleton we use in the science room.” 

      “O.K. Now that sounds cool.” he said. 

      “Atina!” Rosa’s voice startled me. “You’re supposed to be cleaning the dishes, not listening to other people’s gossip!”   

    “Yes ma’am.” I said getting back to my work.

Chapter 3 by Kiwi Lee

       Once I was done, I grabbed my diner and went to my room. On the way there, I saw Herve and Nicolas running to the science building with some toilet paper. After they went away, I saw Odd and Ulrich going that same direction with a dog and a pillow case.  

      “What are they doing, other than mummifying the skeleton? ” I asked myself as I followed them. They went inside and I hid behind one of the pillars.

            The dog started to howled and run around under the pillow case. It went threw the door and the next thing I heard was what sounded like two girls screaming. The dog came back threw the swinging doors and Ulrich said, “Nice work Kiwi Ghost.”  

     The new kid opened the door and said, “What are you two guys doing here?”   

    “It’s O.K. We were going to tell you.” Odd said getting up from the floor. I went back to my room before they could start walking and ate my diner.

Chapter 4 by Kiwi Lee

       The next day, every thing went fine till lunch. I was in my normal spot, cleaning out the used dishes, facing the eating area and watching out for fights. 

      For the second time, I listened in on Ulrich and his friends conversation.        “Hey, things look serous between Sissi and Theo.” the Japanese looking girl said. 

      “Ya, they sure do.” Odd responded. 

      Jeremie got up and Ulrich asked, “You finished lunch already?!”  

     “No,” he said, “But I want to see Aelita a while before class.”       “I wouldn’t mind either.” The girl said. ”We’ll go together. O.K.” 

      “Who’s Aelita?’’ I asked in my head. 

      “Leave your trays.” Odd said “It’s a shame to let go desserts go to waist.”       “Odd,” Jeremie said, “Don’t you ever stop eating, huh?” They sat down their trays and went outside.

Chapter 5 by Kiwi Lee

       I noticed that one of the outlets by me was having some trouble. I could see electricity coming out of it very easily. Normally I have to concentrate to see the electricity there. 

      I looked back over at Odd and Ulrich and saw Odd eating like a pig.        “Odd,” Ulrich said, “You’re gonna explode if you keep this up.”  

     Odd shrugged his shoulders and started to drink. Than an explosion did happen. The outlet by me acted like it blew up.

        “Rosa,” I said to my boss. ”We got to get outside and check the power.”       “You stay here.” she said, “Jim isn’t in so I need someone to keep these people in order.” 

      They left me in there as the whole staff went out threw the back door. 

Chapter 6 by Kiwi Lee

       Odd went down to the outlet by him and looked at it. He looked back up at Ulrich and asked, “Xana?” 

      Ulrich pulled out his cell and said, “I’ll call Jeremie.”   

    Than I started to hear an electric pulse above my head. I looked up and saw that electricity was coving the whole cafeteria.

       “Let’s get out of here.” Odd said going for the door.  

      “No!” I said, jumping over the counter. But was too late. He had grabbed the doorknob  and was getting electrocuted. Ulrich bumped him off and Odd fell to the floor.   

     Somehow the principal found out we were incased in an electric jail and brought Jim and Mrs. Hertz. Why her brought her I’ll probably never know. Jim went for the doorknob and got shot back by the electricity. Mrs. Hertz ran to him. Jim got himself up and went off to cut the current.

       Sissi called her dad, who ended up being the principal as Ulrich threw a chair at the window. It bounced back and we all ducked.

Chapter 7 by Kiwi Lee

       “I’ve gotta get out!” I head some one scream.

    I went over to the little red head that said it and said, “It’s O.K. We’ll find a way out.”

       I got up and walked over to the window and saw that Mr. Delmas called the firemen.  

      I saw Theo go over to Herve who was hugging a table leg and say, “We’ll get out of this, don’t worry Herve.”   

    “Let me go will ya!” Herve said going back to hugging the leg of a table.       Sissi was telling that little red head that help was on the way.  

      “We could try the roof.” Odd said. 

       “It’s probably the same.” Theo said.  

     “It’s worth trying.” Odd said grabbing a chair. “Out of the way!” he shouted as he threw the chair. It hit the ceiling and came crashing down on a table. Once it landed, it shattered.   

     “It’s like a prison.” Theo said.

Chapter 8 by Kiwi Lee

       I saw Ulrich walk over to the window and touch it. Then I remembered. One time I had been able to control electricity. I walked over to the window and put both hands to the window. It didn’t hurt so I concentrated to the pulses of the electricity. Some how my pulse follows. My hair went on end and I guess Theo saw what I was doing.   

     He ran over to me and bumped me off the window. “What are you doing!” he said to me.  

     “What does it look like, trying to find a way out!” I said getting back up.        “You could’ve been kill…” I cut him off.  

     “No I’m not.“ I said. “I’m alive by electricity, so I can touch electricity.”   

     “What do you mean?” Odd asked me as he walked over to our conversation.  

     “I’ll tell you latter,“ I said. “But now I can’t do what I was trying to do.”  

     “What not?” Theo asked. 

      “You cut my connection off.” I said crossing my arms.

Chapter 9 by Kiwi Lee

       “I’ve got an idea.” Ulrich said. “Let’s build a tower so if the walls cave in, the roof won’t fall.”

       We did that and once we were done a big eploshion came from the kitchen. Pieces of that box I was suposted to take outside yesterday came herling at Sissi.   

     “Look out!” Theo shouted as he ran to her. He pushed her out of the way and her cell phone fell out of her hand. Theo landed on top of Sissi and they just looked at each other for a while. 

      “I’ve gotta get out!”  I heard Herve shream, “I’ve gotta get out!”  

      He ran to the door and Theo shouted at him. “No, don’t Herve, The electricity, it’s live.” Theo grabbed his hand and pulled it away from the handle.

       “Leave me alone!” Herve said pulling his hand back.  

     “Take it easy Herve, calm down.” Sissi said. “You’ve got to.” She walked over to him and took his hand. “You understand?”

Chapter 10 by Kiwi Lee

       We all hudeled under the building like stucher and Sissi found out that the firemen were running out of things to try. The ceiling started to creak even more.  

      The table on the top was starting to brake and Odd said, “It’s all over now!” 

      I saw Herve go over to Theo and say, “Thanks for what you did before. I was perry awful to you.” 

      The roof was about to fall and then, it all stoped. A blinding light took me over and I found myself back in the kichin.

       “What happened?” I thought as I washed my dishes again. “I guess I’ll ask Ulrich the next time I see him. But I shouldn’t say anything about what happened. Incase it’s like last time.” 

      That day, before I went back to my dorm, I took that box out to the trash. The End 

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