Amnesia by Kiwi Lee
Summary: Atina Ell is getting used to her new life at Kadic but some weird things are happening.
Categories: Seasons > Season 1 Characters: Aelita Hopper, Herb Pichon, Jeremie Belpois, Nicholas Poliakoff, Odd Della Robbia, Sissi Delmas, Ulrich Stern, Yumi Ishiyama
Genres: Action/Adventure
Warnings: None
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Series: Atina's Diary
Chapters: 5 Completed: Yes Word count: 2053 Read: 12056 Published: Feb 24, 2009 Updated: Feb 24, 2009
Story Notes:
You have to read the first one in the set! If you haven't, don't read this till you have! D'accord!

1. Chapter 1 by Kiwi Lee

2. Chapter 2 by Kiwi Lee

3. Chapter 3 by Kiwi Lee

4. Chapter 4 by Kiwi Lee

5. Chapter 5 by Kiwi Lee

Chapter 1 by Kiwi Lee

       I guess you could say today went on pretty good. If you haven’t noticed, or haven’t read the last one in this series, this is my blog like diary of weird events of my new school, Kadic Academe. My name is Atina Ell and today went weirder than three days ago.

       We were all in the science room with Mrs. Hertz talking about the nao-doctors. ”Here we have the nao-sphere.” Mrs. Hertz started off with showing us a ball like glass inside of a mettle frame. ”The nao-tech service was kind enough to lend us. Who can tell us what nao-technology is?” 

      Of course, Herve raised his hand so that everyone could see and Jeremie just held up one finger. 

      “Jeremie, go on.” 

      “It’s micro sized technology. There are nao-motors, nao-circuit boards, and nao-gear.” 

      “Exactly, in the metical field, there are scientist that are working on creating nao-doctors.” Mrs. Hertz said, adding on to Jeremie’s.  

     “Are these robots capable of fighting off pimples, cellulite, and things like that?” Sissi had to ask. 

      Every one in class laugh as Mrs. Hertz said, “Yes, they can, but the priority is for more serious illnesses.”

       “And nao-technology can’t do a thing about stupidity,” Odd said about to die from laughing, “poor Sissi, what a shame.”

       “All right now, quiet down.” Mrs. Hertz said, back to her old self, “So this nao-sphere is used to make the microscopic devises.” She took the led off and said as she saw some blue gunk, “Strange, it hasn’t been cleaned properly. There‘s gelatin inside.” 

      “Looks like the grease stuff Odd puts on his hair every day.” Ulrich said with a laugh.

        “Well, since you think you’re so clever, Ulrich, why don’t you take a sample for us to examine.”  

     He took the glass like sheet from her and dipped it in the gel.

       “The gelatin is used as a cutler where nao-devices can develop.” She said.  

      “It looks kinda like jam.” Ulrich said as he went to sniff it.

       Odd grabbed the back of his head and shoved it to Ulrich’s nose. “Sorry, but I just couldn’t resist.” Odd said to him.

       “I’ll get you for that, Odd.” he said as I cringed as I noticed something like a bug go into his nose.

       “This is a science class children, not a comity club.” Mrs.  Hertz said, putting the led back on the nao-sphere.

Chapter 2 by Kiwi Lee

       Latter that day, I was sitting with two of my now good friends, Paul Gaillard and Tania Grandjean. (Paul’s got glasses and said that he sometimes starts some of the food fights, but said he wouldn’t on my lunch duty days and Tania is a brunette, like me, and wears all black.) Thomas Jolviet couldn’t be there because of something the teachers had him doing. We were sitting on a bench talking about a new video game that had just come out when I felt myself start to listen to the group next to us. It was Ulrich and his gang. (I finally found out what that Japanese girls name was. It’s Yumi.) 

      Ulrich was unwrapping a chocolate dessert and Odd asked, “Hey, could I have some of that?” 

      “Here.” Ulrich said, putting the candy right in the middle of Odd’s forehead. “I warned you!” He said as his friends started to laugh. 

      “Ya. Ha, ha.” Odd said, not to happy. “But taking advantage of my sweat tooth wasn’t fare.” Odd got a napkin from  his pocket and wiped off the remaning chocolet.

       “I said I…” Ulrich started to say, than I heard something like he was having problems. Me and my friends all turned around and saw that he was falling.

       “Ulrich,” Yumi asked, “What is it?” 

      “Ah! It’s my head! I, ah!” He said as he fell to the ground.   

        I called to Jim as he noitesed what was going on and he came over. “What’s going on around here?” He asked. 

      “Ulrich pasted out.” Yumi said, as if it was no real big deal.

       “I’ll take him to the imfermery.” Jim said as he picked Ulrich up.

        As he walked away Jeremie said, “He was just fine this moring.” 

      “Ya, it’s really weired.” Odd said.

Chapter 3 by Kiwi Lee

I went to the infirmary after I saw Sissi heading that way and ended running into the nurse. I let her go out the door and went to the nurse’s door. I cracked the door open just enough to see in. Sissi had goten next to him on the bed and was playing with his hair. He got up and Sissi looked scarred.  

      “Where am I anyway?” Ulrich said, looking around.

       “In the infirmary.” Sissi said. “you pased out.” 

      “The infirmary?” Ulrich asked. “What infermery?” He walked over to the mirror and asked, “Who am I? What’s my name?”  

     “Ulrich” Sissi said. 


      “You must of hit your head when you fell down.” Sissi said going next to him. 

      “And who are you?” he asked Sissi. 

      “Me? I’m Sissi.” Sissi said, “Sissi, your sweetheart!” 

      Ulrich grabbed the egde of the sink by the mirror he was at and started to mummble things, “You’re kidding. I’m alrgit to anyone who’s conseted. You’re your own favort fan club.”

       Right after that, I heard the nurse came back and I ran for it, right out the door. When I was outside, Jim was carring a little black girl I’ve only seen once. It look like she had fanted too.

       After they went in, Ulrich being pulled by Sissi, came out. “See those three kids over there.” Sissi said, pointing to his real friends, “They’re your worst enimes.”  

     “But why?” Ulrich asked her but got no response.

       I went to find Paul and Tania and told them, “I’m goin’ to play a little detective, you wanna come?”  

     “Sure.” Paul said right away and Tania follow us. “Who we spyin’ on?” Paul asked me.

       “Ulrich and Sissi.” I said pointing to the new cuople and their kids, Herve and Nicolas. Ulrich was drinking out of the coke can I had just seen in Herve’s hand and Sissi grabbed his arm. Ulrich gave the soda back and followed.

        We ran after them as they went into the park. We got our selves behind some trees and noticed Odd was doing the same thing as we were. Only Odd had made one big mistake. He was behind the tree right behind the new couple.        Sissi cave Ulrich a cockie and said, “Here, you need the energe.”  

     Ulrich took the cockie, not looking hungery and took a bite out of it.  

            “Ulrich,” Sissi asked, “What do you feel, knowing you’re with the pertyest girl in school?” 

      “To be honist, well, nothing.” Ulrich said.  

     “What did you say?” Sissi said.

       “What I mean is, you’re realy not my type.” Ulrich said standing up.

       “At least he’s not completely out of his head yet.” I heard Odd say.

       Ulrich heard him as well and jumped over the bench. “Hey, what’ya doing!? Spying on me!” 

      “No, Ulrich,  I was just…” Odd said, backing up to were our trees were. I held my breath as they kept going. 

      “You’re a lier!” Ulrich said.

       “Ulrich, cut that out!” Odd said, they were still backing up. “We’re buddys, remember!” 

      “That’s not what she says, so get out of here, and make it fast!” Ulrich said getting ready for a fight.   

     “Ok, Ok, Don’t get all worked up.” Odd said. He turned around and left.  

      As he did so, Ulrich grabbed the branch to Odd’s tree as a nother headake came on.  

      “Ulrich, are you alright?” Sissi asked, going over to him. “Come on. Come sit down, you need to rest.” 

      “I’m sorry, but, what I nead is to be alone.” he said walking away in our directon. He didn’t see us and we wated for Sissi to leave before coming out.

Chapter 4 by Kiwi Lee

       We went back to the scence building and I went into Mrs. Hertz class room.

       “What are you doing?” Tania asked me.

        “I’m just ceriuse.” I said as I went into her room.

       Mrs. Hertz was liying on the front table with the gel all out in front of her. Her glasses had fallen off and now ladded on the table. Paul and Tania came in and pulled me behind a table and said, “Shh”  

      Jeremie, Odd, and Yumi came in and Yumi said, “Mrs. Hertz!”  

      Jeremie took the sample and put it on the tv screen micoscope and said, “Look at this.” 

      “It’s the gelatin from this morning.” Odd said. “Ah, what are those ugly creahers?”  

            “It’s what I was afrad of, their nao-viruses. Xana must of created them to atack memory cells.” Jeremie said.  

      “Who’s Xana?” Tania asked me.

        “Sh.” I said going back to their conversation.  

     “That means that it is contages.” Yumi said.  

      “Like all viruses, you can catch it from food, contact, snezing, soon the whole school will be infected, including us.”

       “A world without memory.” Odd said.

        “Under Xana’s control.” Yumi said.

       “Let’s go to the factory.” Jeremie said walking out of the room. “Aelita must be in danger on Lyoko.”  

     “What about Ulrich,” Odd said, “We’ll nead him.”  

     “No Odd,” Yumi said, “It’s Ulrich who neads us. He’ll only get well if we can deactivate the tower.”  

     “Yumi’s right. Besides, if he can’t remember anything, he whon’t be much good to us.” Jeremie said.

       “What’s all this they’re talking about?” Paul asked me.

        “I don’t know, but I want to.” I said, getting up, “Let’s follow them.” 

      We ran out of the building and went threw the bunch of benches. Paul fanted and I sat him up against one of the pilers. “We got no time to waist, he’ll be alright.”

        We past Thomas and saw that he was already pasted out. Once in the park, we saw a man hole and Ulrich right next to it. We followed him slowly in a mase of sewer lins. He eventualy got us to a factory.

       Something told me to go a diferent way than Ulrich was going and we ended in a venting senten for the factory. I could hear Jeremie’s voice saying, “Scanner, Vertulization.” 

      I looked out of a opening and saw Jeremie sitting in a chair working on a computer. He was tiping like crazy and looking in a book. Jeremie said, “Hang in there girls, I’ll try to send in some reinforcements.”  

      He typed some more and said, “Ya, but now it’s time to stop. Aelita and Yumi nead you.” 

      I couldn’t see the computer but I could feel it was attached to a virtual world. I closed my eyes and concentrated on where his voice was going. Than I saw it. A computerized ice regone.  

      Yumi and some pink haied girl were fighting giant crabs. “Hit again, Yumi be carful.” Jeremie said. “You only have a few life pionts left.” 

      She used a fan and cut a line in the middle of the carb and it blew up. “Nice going Yumi.” Jeremie said.

       “One to go.” Yumi said.  

     “Hurry, Yumi, the wall’s not gonna last.” the pink haired girl said. Than for some reasone, I got kicked out. I couldn’t see what was happing. Everything started to go black and I couldn’t tell where I was. I blinked my eyes, but l couldn’t see anything. Tania was next to me and I felt her try to stedy me, than I remembered something, but I couldn’t quite grab it. The next thing I remember was earler today.

Chapter 5 by Kiwi Lee

       Mrs. Hertz was talking again about the nao-technology and Sissi made that same stupid comit. Alonge with Odd’s. Although, this time, Ulrich said, “Let’s try to cook it. You never can tell.” He went over to the berner and held it over the flame. The glass and mettle melted together and Ulrich dropped it on the table.  

      “Ulrich, What are you doing!?” Mrs. Hertz said. “How dare you destory school equepment, I’ll have to punish you severly for that. And it‘s going to be a punishment you won‘t forget.”

       “I hope not, I sure hope not.” Ulrich said as his friends and hisself started to laugh.

The End  

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