Spying 101 by Kiwi Lee

‘’Ulrich, dear, you’re here.’’ Sissi said with a tray in her hands. She rushed over to him and said, ’’So, what’s your answer?’’   

    ‘’What’s my answer to what?’’ Ulrich asked taking a bite out of his croissant.  

     ‘’The question I asked you last year.’’ Sissi said with a smile.    

    ‘’Oh, ya.’’ Ulrich said, ’’My answer was…uh…oh ya. No.’’

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The Last On Standing by Kiwi Lee

       I looked out the window for a second and saw that everyone was out side.       A movement cault my eye made me turn around and see the MIB had his gun pointed strait at me. 

      He shot his gun at the same time I did. He hit me in the abbs. I fell to the ground hard. I looked up and saw that I had killed him. My friends came over to me and I said, ’’Don’t worry about me. Go and turn the supercomputer back on for Aelita.’’   

    ‘’I’ll stay here.’’ Yumi said getting a bandige to stop my bleeding. 

      My friends left the room and I took off my shirt that was now covered in blood. The bulet had just grased my skin. I was deep but not deadly.   

    The door was busted down and four police officers came in with guns at the ready. They saw me and Aelita and got the ambulane in there. They got me and Aelita on stretchers and Yumi was told to go to the hospital. We got in the ambulane and went to the hospital.   

    They cleaned my wonds and Aelita woke up. Yumi just had a srach on her face so they told her to wait in the waiting room till we were done. 

      They put us in the same room and Jeremie, Odd, Ulrich, and Yumi came in. 

      ‘’I guess I owe you an apolige.’’ Yumi told me.   

    ‘’No nead.’’ I said. ’’I was being a trator, sort of. My name’s not Alis Zulrich. It’s Maxlen Arôd. The min in black told me just about the computer. I agreed because it got me out of America.’’                       

       Odd was next to me and asked, ‘’Did you realy talk to me on the pin pal thing?’’


      ‘’No. I read all the old mesegess though. But I never wrote any of them.’’ I said. I tried to get the cup of water that was on the try next to me, but Yumi gently pushed me back and got it for me. ‘’Thanks.’’


The End

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