Spying 101 by Kiwi Lee

‘’Ulrich, dear, you’re here.’’ Sissi said with a tray in her hands. She rushed over to him and said, ’’So, what’s your answer?’’   

    ‘’What’s my answer to what?’’ Ulrich asked taking a bite out of his croissant.  

     ‘’The question I asked you last year.’’ Sissi said with a smile.    

    ‘’Oh, ya.’’ Ulrich said, ’’My answer was…uh…oh ya. No.’’

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RTTPN! by Kiwi Lee

       ‘’Return to the past, Now!’’ Jeremie shouted. For a moment I was blinded by a bubble of white light. It cleared up and I found myself where I was before. Nothing had changed like it dose normally. I normally go back a couple of hours. But this time, I didn’t move.  

     I looked down to find Jeremie had disappeared. 

      I found a ladder was underneath the opening I was at and climbed down. I went over to the computer and turned it on.   

    A hologram of a world-like place appeared as the computer came to life. I got off the chair to get a closer look of this world. It had a little ball of blue and white light in the center and four, what looked like regions, around it. Mountain, forest, dessert,  and ice.   

    ‘I wonder if this is the computer they were looking for?’  I asked myself.  

     I went back over to the chair and sat down. I started to look though some files. I found out that there is a virtual world called Lyoko. A virus named  Xanadu Anephit Nortoriós Assassion, aka Xana, wants to take over the world. I found a file that had all of my friends pictures on it. Inside, Aelita’s dna strand looked more digital than anything in my opinion.

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