Spying 101 by Kiwi Lee

‘’Ulrich, dear, you’re here.’’ Sissi said with a tray in her hands. She rushed over to him and said, ’’So, what’s your answer?’’   

    ‘’What’s my answer to what?’’ Ulrich asked taking a bite out of his croissant.  

     ‘’The question I asked you last year.’’ Sissi said with a smile.    

    ‘’Oh, ya.’’ Ulrich said, ’’My answer was…uh…oh ya. No.’’

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1. U.S. to Fr. by Kiwi Lee

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17. The Last On Standing by Kiwi Lee

U.S. to Fr. by Kiwi Lee

       ‘’Come on you stupid rock!’’ I said threw grinding teeth. I was laying down a pathway for my mom. She wanted it from the back door to the berry garden in the back by the tree and fence.  

     Next to my house was a park. People walked over there all the time. But that’s not what caught my attention. Three men, dressed all in black, were sitting on a bench watching me. I continued to lay down the stones, keeping one eye on them.   

     Once I was finished, one of them came over and leaned on the fence. In ruff English he said, ’’Whould yu like a go a French school?’’    

   ‘’Yes, I would.’’ I said, pretending to be interested and trusting. ’’What’s in it for you?’’   

    ‘’Je just need some une a get Kadic a find a computer. If you say yu will go, je will tell the rest.’’  

     ‘’But I don’t have a passport.’’ I told him, ‘’And my parents are defiantly not paying for an air plane ticket, plus I don’t know French.’’  

     ‘’Je have un translator tu can use et will pay pour yur passport et trip.’’ 

      ‘’All Cool.’’ I said, really interested now. ’’Now just talk to my parents and I’ll be packin’.’’

       He talked to my parents and some how they agreed. 

      I packed my bags and left with them. Since school was going to start in two weeks, they had to fill me in.   

    ‘’We need you to find a computer.’’ he told me. 

      I could understand him perfectly because I had the translator on. It was made of a bracelet, hearing aids, and a pop in tooth brace. The bracelet was suppose to help me write in French, even when I was writing English. The hearing aids helped me hear in English and the tooth brace helped me talk in French.  

     ‘’The computer is controlled by kids that go to Kadic Academe. That’s the school you’ll be going to. Our specialist in computers has been talking to a Odd Della Robbia. We have reason to believe that he’s part of the group.’’  

     The dude next to me in the car gave me a laptop. The man driving continued to talk.   

     ‘’In that laptop he just gave you is a link to a internet chat room. You have been talking about wanting to go to his school for months but your parents wouldn’t allow it. Read the old pages and continue to talk to Odd. He may help. Get into the group of who Odd’s talking about and find the supercomputer.’’  

     The wind blew my light blue hair in my mouth and I spit it out.

       We got to the air port and One That Talks came with me. I gave him an Indian like name that sound good for me to call him. He said, ’’I’ll go to France with you so it looks like your father dropped you off.’’    

   I nodded my head then asked, ’’What’s my name?’’     

  ‘’Your name’s Alis Zulrich. Your father is a computer wiz and your mother is a stay at home mom. You live in a big house in America.’’   

    It took about two hours to get onto the plane. We finally arrived in Paris, France. It was 1:25 in the morning, so we got a hotel room.

Whoopee School by Kiwi Lee

       The next morning we went  to the boarding school I was to go to. It was called Kadic Academe. The headmaster, Delmas, acted surprised to see me. I guess he doesn’t see much blue hair. I was able to get a room to my self. But it was set up for a roommate. The man in the black left and I unpacked.  

      Once unpacked, I went out to explore the school grounds. Surprisingly a lot of people were already there. Most were teachers. I saw a girl with black hair in a pink cropped shirt. Her arms were crossed and she was talking to some nerdy looking short dude. So a lot of people are short to you when your 5’ 10’’.

       The black haired boy looked disappointed. I walked over to them and said, ‘’Hi! Name’s Alis.’’ I had my hand out for her to shake it. She didn’t shake so I put it down.  

     ‘’Name’s Sissi. And this is Herve.’’ pointing her thumb to the small sized boy. 

      I held in my laughter at her name and said, ’’I was wondering if you knew anything about a group of kids that disappear a lot.’’

       ‘’No.’’ she lied. I could tell she was lying because her eyes moved quickly. 

      ‘’Well thanks.’’ I said and walked off. I found myself in a park. There was a group of kids talking. I hid behind a tree when I heard the word ’’supercomputer’’. I pulled myself up into a tree and got myself over the group. A black haired girl and a pink haired girl were talking to a blond boy with glasses. 

      He was talking, ’’Xana’s been quiet lately. I wonder why?’’

       ‘’I don’t know.’’ said the pink haired girl. 

      ‘’We’ve got to keep our eyes open.’’ the other girl said. ’’Odd and Ulrich’s going to have to get here soon before he attacks.’’ 

      The branch I was on started to crack under my weight. I started to move but was too late.  

     ‘’Aaaahhhhh!’’ I screemed as I fell. I landed face first onto the ground. They helped me up and I spit some grass out of my mouth.   

    ‘’Are you ok?’’ the blond dude asked me.  

     ‘’Ya. Thanks.’’   

    The pink haired girl looked at me strange and I asked ‘’What? Do I have more dirt on me?’’ I tried to brush off my black shirt.   

    ‘’No.’’ she said, ‘’Your mouth, it moves different to what you said.’’   

    ‘’Translator.’’ I said simply. ‘’I don’t know that much French.’’     

  ‘’Oh.’’ she said in understatement.

Who is Who by Kiwi Lee

       ‘’Sorry.’’ the blond dude said, ‘’I’m Jeremie, this,’’ pointing to the pink haired girl, ’’is Aelita, and this is Yumi.’’ pointing to the black haired girl.  

     ‘’Alis.’’ I told them. ‘’Do you know anything about a group of disappearing kids?’’ 

      ‘’Uh…’’ Jeremie’s eyes were shifting, ’’No. Why?’’ 

      ‘’My pen pal said him and his friends disappeared a lot from school.’’ I told them.   

    ‘’What’s his name?’’ Aelita asked me.   

    ‘’I don’t know his real name, but his nick-name’s Odd.’’ I said.   

    ‘’That’s his real name.’’ Yumi said. ’’And he’s lying about that.’’  

     ‘’What? He’s your friend?’’ I asked.   

    Aelita nodded her head.  

     ‘’Oh.’’ Yumi said looking back at her friends, ’’I might have to live here for a while.’’   

    ‘’You live in the city?’’ I asked.     


     ‘’If you need a room, mine’s set up for it.’’ I told her.     

  ‘’Thanks.’’ Yumi said.  

     ‘’Why?’’ asked Aelita. They had started to go back to the school and I kept my steep the same. 

      ‘’Dad’s job isn’t doing well so me and Hiroki have to move out. Mom said it would be cheaper and give us some experience at living at a school.’’ Yumi said. 

      ‘’I hope it works out.’’ I told her.   

    ‘’What year are you in anyway?’’ she asked me.    

   ‘’Year 10.’’ I said.   

    That shocked them. ’’I figured you would be in my class.’’ Yumi said.   

    I noticed that I was just about an inch taller than Yumi. ’’A lot of people think that.’’ I told them. I looked ahead and saw what looked like my supposed pen pal. His blond hair was up in an arrow looking way with a purple diamond in it. I waved to him and he waved back.     

  ‘’That’s my pen pal.’’ I said.  

     ‘’Yap, that’s Odd alright.’’ said Aelita.   

     Odd sat his stuff down and waved them over to him.     

  ‘’Hi Odd.’’ I said   

    ‘’Hey Alis.’’ Odd said. We slapped a high five and said, ‘’I was able to get souvenirs for all of you and Ulrich.’’  

      ‘’Ah, right.’’ I said remembering, ’’Your trip to your grandparents. How was it?’’   

    ‘’Great.’’ Odd said. He pulled out a key chain and gave it to me. I looked at it and read, ‘’Welcome to New Zealand!’’

        He gave a shirt to Aelita, a snow globe to Yumi, and a pair of flip flops to Jeremie.

       Yumi looked at her cell phone and said, ‘’I’ve got to get going.’’    

   ‘’Bye.’’ I said and she left for the gate.   

    Once she was gone, Odd said to me, ‘’So you’re going here now?’’  

      ‘’Ya.’’ I said, ‘’My parents finally said yes.’’   

    ‘’I didn’t expect your parents to let you even leave the house let alone America.’’   

    ‘’Dad came with me.’’ I said.   

    ‘’You know when Ulrich’s coming?’’ asked Aelita.   

    ‘’He said next week.’’ Odd answered picking up his bag. ‘’See ya at lunch.’’ he said as he started to the dorms.   

    I looked at my watch and said, ‘’Darn.’’   

    ‘’What?’’ asked Jeremie.   

    ‘’My watch’s still set up for eastern time.’’ I told them. ‘’You know what time it’s?’’ 

      Jeremie pushed up his sleeve to see his watch and said, ’’10:59.’’  

     ‘’Thanks.’’ I said as I fixed it

Show me Around by Kiwi Lee

       ‘’Hey could you show me around campus?’’ I asked.  

     ‘’Can’t. I’ve got to do something I forgot.’’ Jeremie said.    

   ‘’Well I can.’’ Aelita said.  

      Jeremie waved and went to the dorms.  

     ‘’You know were the dorms are, do you know were your classes will be?’’ she asked me.  

     ‘’Ya.’’ I said pulling out a folded sheet of paper from my back pocket. I showed it to her and she looked at it.   

    ‘’Hey this is the same exacted schedule I have.’’ Aelita said.   

     ‘’It is.’’ I said. ’’Well that makes it easer.’’  

     ‘’Ya, come on.’’ Aelita lead me over to the science building. She showed me Mrs. Hertz class. Once she was done with the list, she asked, ’’You know were the cafeteria and office is, right?’’  


   ‘’Well, I guess that’s it.’’ Aelita said.

MMMMMMM by Kiwi Lee

       I took in a deep breath and smelled something I couldn’t identify. ’’What’s that smell?’’ I asked her.   

    ‘’Which smell.’’ she asked back, ’’There’s so many smells here.’’  

     ‘’The one that’s got eggs, crème, and I think, nutmeg.’’    

   ‘’Could be lunch.’’ Aelita said, ’’It sounds like crêpes.’’   

    ‘’France just smells so different.’’ I told her. ‘’In America, most of what you can smell is grease from fast food joints.’’  

     I looked around and noticed we were back in the park. ’’Who’s Xana?’’ I asked. ’’Is it like a band or something?’’   


    ‘’Ok.’’ I said, closing the matter. ’’I’ll Google that when I get back to my room.’’ I told myself.  

     The bell rang and I jumped a bit, not expecting that  it would be as loud as it was so far away from the source.    

   ‘’Lunch time.’’ Aelita said, ’’Follow me.’’ she lead me to the long, windowed building. I went in and looked around.   

    People had already filled in. Most were in line. The teachers were sitting at a table getting waited on by a chef.  

      I grabbed a tray and got crêpes filled with some gray filling, a croissant, and a coke.      

  I sat with Aelita and her friends, next to Odd. Aelita sat next to Jeremie.   

      ‘’I’m never bringing a water globe again.’’ Odd said. 

      ‘’Why not?’’ asked Aelita.    

   ‘’Most of my stuff is wet.’’ he said, ’’Even Kiwi got wet!’’ 

      ‘’How did Kiwi get wet?’’ Jeremie said with a laugh.  

     ‘’I don’t know.’’ Odd answered.    

   ‘’Who’s Kiwi?’’ I asked them before taking a bite out of my crêpe.

       ‘’Kiwi’s Odd’s dog,’’ a brown haired boy said as he came up. He still had a bag on his shoulder, but had grabbed a tray of food, ’’that sheds too much.’’    

   ‘’Hi Ulrich.’’ Odd said as Ulrich sat down on the other side of him. ’’I thought you said you were getting here next week.’’  

     ‘’My parents changed their minds.’’ Ulrich said. 

      ‘’Hey Odd,’’ I said after finishing my try, ’’You were right, French food is way better than american food.’’    

    ‘’You eat faster than I do.’’ Odd said looking at my tray and then at his. He still had a bite of crêpe and part of his croissant left.  

     ‘’Ya, and I’m still hungry.’’ my stomach growled in an agreement.    

   Everyone laughed and Aelita gave me the rest of her crêpe.

Little Sissi Of Ulrich by Kiwi Lee

       ‘’Ulrich, dear, you’re here.’’ Sissi said with a tray in her hands. She rushed over to him and said, ’’So, what’s your answer?’’    

   ‘’What’s my answer to what?’’ Ulrich asked taking a bite out of his croissant.   

    ‘’The question I asked you last year.’’ Sissi said with a smile.   

     ‘’Oh, ya.’’ Ulrich said, ’’My answer was…uh…oh ya. No.’’ 

      ‘’Why would he want to anyway?’’ Odd said with a sneer.  

     ‘’Grrr. Stay out of this Odd!’’ she shouted at Odd. She looked back at Ulrich and left.    

   ‘’What’s up with her?’’ I asked.    

   ‘’Sissi?’’ Ulrich asked, ’’She’s always like that.’’    

    ‘’Ok.’’ I said, ’’Name’s Alis by the way.’’  

     ‘’Ulrich.’’ he said.  

     ‘’I fixed the program.’’ Jeremie said after a moment of silence.   

     ‘’You did.’’ Aelita said surprised, ’’How?’’  

     He said some stuff that did but didn’t make sense and Odd said, ’’In French please.’’   

    ‘’It was just a giant bug.’’ Jeremie said rolling his eyes.

       ‘’Ya, a bug that took our summer away.’’ Aelita said.    

   ‘’You spent the whole summer here?’’ I asked.   

    ‘’Ya, I…’’ she cut herself off.    

   ‘’Ouch, I’d hate to do that.’’ I said

Shocking by Kiwi Lee

       A second after I said that I jumped from my chair, making it fall back, ‘’Ohw! Something shocked me.’’

       Before I could sit back down, another shocked scream broke out. I looked over to see it was an older teacher.   

     Then it started to happen right after another. People all over the cafeteria was getting shocked.  

      I looked back to where my friends where and found they had disappeared. I saw them leave out the door as soon as a ghost came out of a socket. I ran after them, wondering where they were going. 

      I followed, about five to ten meters behind them. Just enough to keep them in sight. They lead me back into the park and got to a clearing. I hid behind a bush and watched Odd take off the cover to a man hole.  

     They looked around and then went down. Once they shut it, I waited for a minuet and opened it for myself.  

     It was a sewer line. I could hear the wheels of skate boards on the hard cement and followed it. 

      I had to jump over an area and almost fell into the sewer water. My back foot barely missed. I went all the way to the end of the tunnel where it lead out to the river. There was a ladder over a pipe with three skate boards and two scooters were leaning against. I went up the ladder and found myself on a bridge. I heard some machinery from the factory to my right and went that way.  

     Inside I found an old set of stairs that used to lead to an old elevator shaft. ’I guess they went down.’  I thought.       I grabbed a rope and swung down.   

     I didn’t want to make any noise so I went and looked for a set of stairs that went down.   

    I found an assembly line, and found the stairs that lead down.   

    Eventually I found myself in a catwalk that opened up to a big room with wires hooked up everywhere. I looked down to find Jeremie sitting in front of a computer.   

    He was talking to somebody with a hand free mike and that was attached to his ear.  

      Almost nonstop, he was typing on the keyboard.


RTTPN! by Kiwi Lee

       ‘’Return to the past, Now!’’ Jeremie shouted. For a moment I was blinded by a bubble of white light. It cleared up and I found myself where I was before. Nothing had changed like it dose normally. I normally go back a couple of hours. But this time, I didn’t move.  

     I looked down to find Jeremie had disappeared. 

      I found a ladder was underneath the opening I was at and climbed down. I went over to the computer and turned it on.   

    A hologram of a world-like place appeared as the computer came to life. I got off the chair to get a closer look of this world. It had a little ball of blue and white light in the center and four, what looked like regions, around it. Mountain, forest, dessert,  and ice.   

    ‘I wonder if this is the computer they were looking for?’  I asked myself.  

     I went back over to the chair and sat down. I started to look though some files. I found out that there is a virtual world called Lyoko. A virus named  Xanadu Anephit Nortoriós Assassion, aka Xana, wants to take over the world. I found a file that had all of my friends pictures on it. Inside, Aelita’s dna strand looked more digital than anything in my opinion.

Batteries dead by Kiwi Lee

       An hour latter the power went out. I couldn’t see anything. I heard the elevator door being pried open and heard someone come in.     

  ‘’Is anybody in here?’’ a voice asked. ’’I’m lost and the elevator broke down.’’    

   He clicked on a flash light and shinded it right in my face. 

      ‘’Hey, watch where you point that thing!’’ I said coving my face with my arms. 

      He put it lower down and asked, ‘’Do you know a way out of here?’’    

   ‘’ya.’’ I said. ‘’It’s up the ladder.’’ I lead him the way I came and found out that on the outside world, a thunderstorm was tearing up the town.   

    Power lines were down, lightning was striking the ground everywhere. 

      I suggested to the worker man he should stay but he insisted he had to get home.   

    I stayed in the factory in till the weather calmed down. I tried to go back the way I had came, but the river under the bridge had flooded and so was the underground tunnal.   

    Some how, I managed to get back to Kadic.

Soaked to the Bone by Kiwi Lee

       I went to the dorm building and got back to my room. I reached into my soaked pocket of my blue jeans and found my key.       

         I went in and found Yumi sitting on the bed opposite of mine.  

     ‘’Nice weather out there, hu?’’ I said to her. She looked up from unpacking and said, ’’Ya, this morning, it was so clear.’’  

     The room was surprisingly light, for the power was out.  

     A knock on the door and I said, ’’Come in.’’  

     It was Jeremie. He looked worried sick. Odd and Ulrich came in behind him.    

   ‘’What’s wrong?’’ Yumi asked.  

     ‘’Aelita just got sent to the hospital.’’ Jeremie said. It sounded as if he was fighting emotions.   

    ‘’They said, she’d be lucky to come out alive.’’ Ulrich told us.   

    ‘’What?!’’ Yumi and I said together.  

     ‘’She fainted at lunch.’’ Odd said. ’’Right after the re… the storm started.’’ 

      ‘’And the electricity went out.’’ I said. I bit my lip to stop me from saying anything else.   

    That night, Aelita was spending the night at the hospital in till she was better. They said she was in a comma. The electricity was still out.

Help me! by Kiwi Lee

       It was past 10:00 pm. Jim Morales roamed the halls. ’’Yumi’s parents had to stop calling her!’’  I thought.   

    I was already in bed, facing the wall. ’’All of these secrets.’’ I thought, ’’Sometimes I wish I could just die. Than I wouldn’t have to worry about anything.’’   

    I didn’t notice, but I had started to cry. Yumi heard me and hung up with her parents. She sat in the edge of my bed. She patted my shoulder and said, ’’Are you alright?’’ 

      I tried to steady my voice, but it didn’t work. ’’No.’’ I said about to break.    

   Than I lost it. ’’I just want to die.’’ my nails went threw the pellow and got stuck.  

      I sat up and tried to get them out without ripping the pellow anymore than it was and said. ’’The world’s wanting to kill me anyway.’’   

    ‘’You don’t know that for a fact.’’ she said in a nice, sweet, voice.    

   ‘’You try having too many secrets that if you tell anyone about them, you or the world or even both will explode.’’ I said. Tears were streaming down my cheaks. I put my face to the pellow.


       Yumi patted my back and said, ’’Ya, I know.’’ She went over to her bed and layed down. She covered her head with the blancets and whispered, ’’I know too well.’’

End Notes:
A kid spy, not the best of ideas
No Power by Kiwi Lee

       Two weeks past. Both Aelita and the power were out. Class started with candes as the sorce of light.  

     The teachers couldn’t give any test or homework because candes weren’t allowed in the dorms.  

      Four days after school started, the power came back on. I woke up to my alarm clock. Both me and Yumi awoke to a jump.   

    ‘’Yes, power!.’’ Yumi said as she turned on the light.

She is alive by Kiwi Lee

       Over at the hosptal, Aelita’s heart was beating slowly. Two doctors were talking about her and the generator.     

  ‘’If she doesn’t come to soon, she’ll die.’’ one said    

     ‘’There’s got to be a way to save her, Dave.’’ the other one said. 

      The lights overhead blinked as the power came on just as the generator died.  

     The pink haired girl in the hospital bed woke up as her heart beat went faster.   

    ‘’Equces me, sirs.’’ she said, ’’could I have some food?’’  

     They happily got her a tray of food and she eat all of it.   

    ‘’Call her school.’’ the other man said to Dave.  

     He ran to the front desk and diled the schools number.  

     Mr. Delmas answered the phone and started, ’’Kadic Ac…’’

       ‘’Sir, your little pink haired girl is awake.’’ Dave interrupted.   

    ‘’Excuse me?’’ Delams asked.    

   ‘’The pink haired girl, uh, Aelita Stones. She’s awake.’’   

    ‘’Why that’s great news. I’ll send Mr. Morales and one of her friends to help her back.’’ Delmas said. 

      ‘’I’ll call you when she’s ready.’’ Dave said and hung up the phone.

Let us Go! by Kiwi Lee

       ‘’Mrs. Hertz?’’ Delmas said coming into our classroom. Mrs. Hertz stopped with what she was doing and let him tack over.    

   ‘’Jeremie Belpois, could you come with me, please.’’   

    Jeremie got up from his seet, grabbed his bag and walked out the door.  

     Once in the hallway, Delmas asked, ’’Jeremie, you are good friends with Aelita Stone, Right?’’   

    ‘’Yes sir.’’ Jeremie said.   

    ‘’You and Jim will pick her up as soon as we get the call that she’s ready.’’   

    Jim Morales came down the hall and said, ’’Sir, Aelita’s ready to be picked up.’’ 

      ‘’Good, you and Belpois can go and pick her up now.’’ Delmas said. And that was the last thing I heard. But the first thing Mrs. Hertz did that day was give us homework.    

   At lunch, Aelita joined us. She was a little out of it still, but when I asked her, she said she was fine.

MIB by Kiwi Lee

       In our last class, latin, she realy didn’t look good. I sat next to her and ketped one eye on her.  

     The teacher was going on of how our words came from latin. She started to fall asleep and I elbowed her. 

      ‘’Sorry, but you’ve got to stay awake.’’ I said.  

     She mumbled something and couldn’t stedy herself. Her eyes she fell off her chair and into my lap.  

     ‘’Aelita.’’ I whispered. I tried to poke her but she didn’t wake up. 

      ‘’Sir.’’ I said interrupting him.   

    ‘’Yes, miss Zulrich?’’ he said. Than he looked up and saw that Aelita had fainted. ’’Take her to the nurse, who’ll help?’’  

     Odd, Ulrich, and Jeremie all rased their hands.  

     He let us go and I grabbed her uper part and Jeremie grabbed her feet. Odd got the door and Ulrich helped us not kill anything.   

    Once in the hallway, I asked, ’’She’s not realy human, is she?’’

       They were surprised and only Jeremie  could answer. ’’Yes, how’d you figure it out?’’  

     ‘’I found the computer underground.’’ I said.

Treachery by Kiwi Lee

       We got to the infirmary and the three men in black were waiting for us.  

     ‘’Thank you, Zulrich, we’ll take it from here.’’ the one that talks said. 

      The other two grabbed Odd and Ulrich. 

      Jeremie almost dropped Aelita when he saw them. The MIB (men in black) put hand cuffs on Odd and Ulrich while TOTT (the one that talks) cuffed Jeremie. They didn’t worry about Aelita. 

      ‘’What are you gonna do to them?’’ I asked him.  

     ‘’Eleminat them.’’ he said.  

     At that, Urich started to fight more. Odd looked at me. I looked at the door as it opened to see Yumi standing there with a wondering face. They hand cuffed her and dragged her over to her friends. Her hair got in her face as she looked up at me.  

     ‘’Trater!’’ she shouted.   

     I didn’t say anything. A millon thoughts flew through my head and I picked one. I ran at the closest MIB and grabbed his gun. He wasn’t expecting it and I was purrty quick. I stude behind him and said, ’’Drop the kids!’’ I had the musle pointed straight at his back. He turned around, reaching for me and dropping Ulrich and I shot him.  

     He fell to the ground and I turned to the other two.  

     ‘’If you hert even one hair off of my friends,’’ I said, ’’You’ll end up like your friend. When I agreed to help you, I just wanted to destoy the computer. But the kids are clean.’’   

    Jeremie, Odd, Ulrich and Yumi were still cuffed, but the MIB weren’t holding them anymore. Jeremie got himself over to Aelita. She was still unconsish. 

      ‘’She’ll never wake up.’’ TOTT said. ’’She’s an AI. We shut down the supercomputer.’’       ‘’Aelita!’’ Jeremie said.   

    ‘’Unlock them.’’ I said, pointing the gun to TOTT. He pulled out a set of keys and unlocked them all. 

      The other one made a move to grab his gun while I was watching TOTT and was about to get shot.  

     ‘’Alis!’’ Odd screemed. 

      I moved the gun and shot the MIB. He fell to the ground and his gun flew over to Odd’s feet. 

      He picked it up and pointed it to the last one standing.  

     ‘’Please, make a move to your gun. I don’t kill unless selfdefense.’’  

     ‘’Ya, what about your dog and grandparents?’’ he asked me.  

     ‘’I was five, grandma and granddady got on my nerves. Tuff Tuff got in the way. One bulet went through all three. I didn’t know any beter.’’ I said. 

      By this time, I guessed the prinsipal would have called the police and they would be at the door any mineut now.

The Last On Standing by Kiwi Lee

       I looked out the window for a second and saw that everyone was out side.       A movement cault my eye made me turn around and see the MIB had his gun pointed strait at me. 

      He shot his gun at the same time I did. He hit me in the abbs. I fell to the ground hard. I looked up and saw that I had killed him. My friends came over to me and I said, ’’Don’t worry about me. Go and turn the supercomputer back on for Aelita.’’   

    ‘’I’ll stay here.’’ Yumi said getting a bandige to stop my bleeding. 

      My friends left the room and I took off my shirt that was now covered in blood. The bulet had just grased my skin. I was deep but not deadly.   

    The door was busted down and four police officers came in with guns at the ready. They saw me and Aelita and got the ambulane in there. They got me and Aelita on stretchers and Yumi was told to go to the hospital. We got in the ambulane and went to the hospital.   

    They cleaned my wonds and Aelita woke up. Yumi just had a srach on her face so they told her to wait in the waiting room till we were done. 

      They put us in the same room and Jeremie, Odd, Ulrich, and Yumi came in. 

      ‘’I guess I owe you an apolige.’’ Yumi told me.   

    ‘’No nead.’’ I said. ’’I was being a trator, sort of. My name’s not Alis Zulrich. It’s Maxlen Arôd. The min in black told me just about the computer. I agreed because it got me out of America.’’                       

       Odd was next to me and asked, ‘’Did you realy talk to me on the pin pal thing?’’


      ‘’No. I read all the old mesegess though. But I never wrote any of them.’’ I said. I tried to get the cup of water that was on the try next to me, but Yumi gently pushed me back and got it for me. ‘’Thanks.’’


The End

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