A Fine Mess by Kiwi Lee
Summary: What happens durning the night after Yumi and Odd swiched bodies. This is the clean version. If you want to read the more detailed version, you have to be a teen.
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1. Yumi POV Dinner in Odd’s body by Kiwi Lee

2. Odd POV Already in Yumi’s body. After he went to Yumi’s room for the night. by Kiwi Lee

3. Ulrich’s POV Yumi had just fallen asleep on Ulrich’s bed after awakening from fainting from Odd’s smelly feet. by Kiwi Lee

4. Yumi’s POV After falling asleep by Kiwi Lee

5. Odd’s POV The next morning. by Kiwi Lee

Yumi POV Dinner in Odd’s body by Kiwi Lee
                “It seems weird to still be here.” I said to Ulrich as we walked into the cafeteria for dinner.

               “I like it really.” Ulrich said.

               We got our trays of food and I realized how hungry I was.

               “I don’t know how Odd stands it.” I said as we sat down and my stomach felt like it was trying to eat itself.

               “Stands what? His hunger, he doesn’t.”


              “He doesn’t tell us how bad, thankfully, or he’d never shut up.” I said as I started to eat my spaghetti.
Odd POV Already in Yumi’s body. After he went to Yumi’s room for the night. by Kiwi Lee
 I opened the door and walked in, shutting it behind me. I walked over to Yumi’s closet and opened it up, looking for her pajamas.

               You know, in a way, I could have sex with myself. I thought before shaking my head. No Odd, Ulrich would kill you. But he would never find out, would he?

               I reached into her closet and found the spaghetti strapped shirt and lounge pants she uses as pajamas. Something green caught my eyes as I reached to shut the closet and moved things away to see Ulrich’s green outfit, neatly folded in the back of the closet.

                Oh ho ho, Ulrich, Something going on between you and Yumi more than “just friends”. I thought as I held up Ulrich’s shirt.


                I folded Ulrich’s shirt and threw it back in the back of the closet and picked up Yumi’s pink cell to answer it.

               “Hello?” I asked in my normal voice.

                “Is this Yumi?” I heard William ask from the other end.

                “Oh, uh yes.” I said, raising my voice to be more like Yumi’s.


              “You sound weird, are you ok?” William asked.

                “Ya, I’m fine William.”

                “Alright, I was wondering if you remembered about that math test we have tomorrow?”

               “Ya, I remember.” I lied, I had forgotten about her math quiz.


              “Are you sure you’re ok?” He asked again.

               “I’m fine William. I’m just a little tired.”

               “Alright, sorry than. Good night.”

               “Night William.”

               I hung up and sighed as I sat down the cell. I walked back over to where I had sat down Yumi’s pajamas and picked them up again. I changed out of Yumi’s clothes and into her pajamas, trying not to get too distracted for Ulrich’s sake. I tried to put up her hair in the pony tail thing she had it in, and failed for the first five or six times. I haven’t had my hair down like this in years and haven’t had to do my sisters’ hair so it took me a while. After I got it in the pony tail, I turned off the lights and went to bed.
Ulrich’s POV Yumi had just fallen asleep on Ulrich’s bed after awakening from fainting from Odd’s smelly feet. by Kiwi Lee
                I looked over at Yumi from Odd’s bed. Since she had fallen asleep on my bed, I didn’t want to wake her just to get her on Odd’s bed. I saw her shiver and got up to put the blanket over her body.

               I went back to Odd’s bed and got under the blankets. I wonder what she’s dreaming about. I thought as I watched her sleep. I wish I could tell her about what I dream about.

               I turned so that I was facing the ceiling. My eyes started to fall and I gave in, falling asleep.
Yumi’s POV After falling asleep by Kiwi Lee
                Run Run!

               I turned back and saw something chasing me threw the park. Something went across my cheek as I ran away from something. What it was, I had no idea.

               Someone jumped out from the trees above and I turned to see that it was Ulrich.  He was in a fighting stance and was ready for what ever it was that was trying to get me.

               Than I saw what was trying to get me. A Xanafide Ulrich from Lyoko. He had his sword out and ready to fight.

               Ulrich was able to give him a few kicks and punches before he even attacked, but when he did, he cut Ulrich down, slicing him in half.

               “Ulrich!” I felt myself cry.

               Xana looked up at me and went at me, standing on Ulrich’s dead body.


              “Yumi!” Ulrich’s voice called to me.


              I looked at Xana and saw that Ulrich’s voice was coming from him.


             “YUMI!” Ulrich called again, louder this time.

               “No, get away!” I said as I turned and ran, only to find myself in a bed, Ulrich’s hands on my shoulders, trying to wake me up.


             “Yumi.” He said, trying to get me to wake up.


             I blinked and saw that he looked scarred for a moment, than his face relaxed.


            “Are you ok?” he asked.


              “I’m fine, it was just a nightmare.” I said.

               He let go of my shoulders and I hugged him.
Odd’s POV The next morning. by Kiwi Lee
                After my hands reappeared and Yumi’s mom had called me to wake up, I got up, off the bed and went over to the closet to see if I could find something to wear. I didn’t want to wear her same old black clothes. Not me, Odd Della Robbia, the only guy at Kadic that can pull of wearing purple and pink and not have many people think I’m weird, which I am anyway, but that’s different.


              I found an orange long sleeve shirt and put it on. Than I found a green vest and put that on over top of the orange shirt. Now for the pants. The only thing I could find was black pants and one pair of old faded out pink sweats and I don’t want to be murdered by Yumi even though she’s going to be made if she ever sees that photo of me and Ulrich, well, her and Ulrich by the cafeteria. I found a pair of black pants with a white line going down both legs and put that on.

               I looked on the floor of her closet and found an old pair of orange shoes and put them on. As I got up, I saw a hat and pair of gloves on her table. I picked up the hat and saw that it was one of those Japanese cat hats, with the ears and pom-poms. I put that on with the gloves before walking down stairs.

               “Hey Yumi, why you dressed like that?” Hiroki asked. “You want to impress Ulrich?”          

               “Hiroki, leave your sister alone.” Mr. Ishiyama said as he was looking at the paper.


              “Here you go hun.” Mrs. Ishiyama said as she handed me a bowl. I looked in it and saw it was rice and smiled as if I was used to having rice for breakfast.


              I took the chop sticks and tried to use them as a shovel so I could just push the food into my mouth. Not eating much had made me hungrier than normal.


             “I see you have your apatite back.” Mrs. Ishiyama said, smiling.


             I sat down my empty bowl and looked up at the clock. 7:45.


              I stud up and said, “I’ve got to get going to school.”


              “Alright, bye honey.” Mrs. Ishiyama said as I left the room and headed for Kadic.
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