Masochist by Kite Chiaki Amaru
Summary: She loves him for every painful thing he does to her.

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1. She loves him just for that by Kite Chiaki Amaru

She loves him just for that by Kite Chiaki Amaru
Author's Notes:
I do not own Code: LYOKO. BUT I do know the feeling of being a masochist and believe it or not people do feel like this. Ending may surprise you.

“Don’t tease me.”


“I’m not teasing you!”


“I would consider that teasing.”


His hand tightens on her jaw as he brings his face to her. It is a rough, exciting kiss. Something that she gets often; his lips trailing from her own, leaving a delicious bruise upon them, cascading down her neck to the crook.


“I shall do the teasing now.”


Her stomach muscles tighten as he teasingly left marks on her neck, licking the flesh, his fingers trailing to her chest leaving hyper sensitive spots that could cause her to release in all lust. She is still holding out, still, still, her head tilted to the side as his teeth began to nip at her flesh. His tongue left a final wet mark on her neck as he rose from it.






“You’re difficult to make lustful lately. Still thinking? Of him? Are you?”


“There isn’t a moment when I think-“


“You think you should’ve dismissed desire? Lost it to the plague of falsehoods childhood wants and needs? Let me tell you, lover, even if I had not given you an offer you would’ve come to me.”


Her body trembles with the need for more. Critique her more, she wanted to her him critique her every problem. She needed the pain.


“There it is,” He laughs. “There is that tremor in your mind that says you need me.” He grips her chin licking her earlobe seductively. “It is not what you want anymore, lover, it is what you need.”


She whimpers once before he roughly pulled her body closer.


“Tell me, lover, do you enjoy being a slave to pain?” He leans forward and bites her bottom lip. “Ashamed of masochism? Love it?” He laughs. “You need me.”


“Do you need me?” He slaps her, she enjoys every second of the pain.


“Of course not, but you are convenient.” She loves him for the harsh words. “It’s easy to make you want me. It’s simple. All I have to do is tell you you’re worthless and hit you.” He presses himself on her fallen body. “Then you are mine and I can do whatever I want.”


She loves him for taking advantage of her.


“Would things have been different if she didn’t die?”


He grins sadistically.


“Oh, Yumi.” He drones removing her clothing. She shudders at the sound of her name. It sounds so delicious in his voice, so devilish in his accent. “Many things would have been different. Perhaps that ending you still dream of would be true.”


“But then…” She lets him pin her down. “…I would’ve lost my Jeremie.”


He grins wolfishly before continuing with the sardonic ritual.

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