Not the One by Cybra
Summary: AU -- What if Aelita had been in love with Odd the entire time and had been introduced as Jeremy's cousin? (O/A, one-sided J/A)

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1. Not the One by Cybra

Not the One by Cybra

Not the One
By Cybra

A/N: Random thought becomes fic. What if Aelita had been in love with Odd the entire time and, when she came to the school, she’d been introduced as Jeremy’s cousin?

Disclaimer: Code Lyoko belongs to the French.

He loved Aelita with his entire heart, his entire soul. Which is why seeing her and Odd together always made Jeremy want to find something to stab his own heart out. At least then it would stop breaking.

It was a repetitive process. She’d smile and hug him, give him a kiss on the cheek, and his heart pounded in his chest as it started to hope that this time she did it because she’d fallen for him. Then Odd would come in the room, and they’d kiss, hold hands, or something else that shattered his heart into billions of pieces. And he’d slowly put those pieces back together like a living, bleeding puzzle until her next smile, hug, and kiss.

As much as it killed him, he continued to stand there and take the emotional beating because at least he could be close to her. And while he wanted to scream at her just how much he cared for her and finally have the whole mess out in the open, he had to stay silent. To the rest of Kadic, they were cousins.

Besides, she loved him as if he were her brother. It might as well have been incest.

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