Broken by zukogirl6
Summary: Sequel to "The New Girl" and second in series "To Understand." Odd finds he has feelings for the new girl, and Jeremie is torn between Aelita and Kaitie. Ulrich tries to bring Yumi back to him as she tries to ignore his protests. The team is falling apart, and only one person can bring it back together.
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Series: To Understand
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1. First Book Overview by zukogirl6

2. Chapter 1 - Virtualization by zukogirl6

3. Chapter 2 - Love is Cruel by zukogirl6

4. Chapter 3 - Resisting Secrets by zukogirl6

5. Chapter 4 - What If by zukogirl6

6. Chapter 5 - Like None Other by zukogirl6

7. Chapter 7 by zukogirl6

8. Chapter 8 - The Mistake by zukogirl6

First Book Overview by zukogirl6
Author's Notes:
The review of "The New Girl."

The New Girl

A new girl, Kaitie, arrives at Kadic. She, within a few days, encounters XANA. She is carried by the team to the factory. They go back in time, and she is chosen as one of them. Having an IQ nearly as high is Jeremie Kaitie becomes his apprentice if something should happen to him or if they ever need a backup genius.

Character Info

Kaitie had the appearence of an eleven-year-old on a ninth grade level, who takes classes in eighth and seventh grade. She has brown hair with light blue eyes, and is nearly as smart as Jeremie. She has feelings for Jeremie which she dare not tell anyone, and senses that Odd likes her, too.


Kaitie has gone through much of Jeremie's training. At the beginning of this story they are all gathered in the factory, about to be virtualized. Except that Kaitie has already been and is about to virtualize them instead of Jeremie. She has found a way to keep a diary/blog that barely anybody would ever be able to hack into. she hang out with the gang every day, and seem to take her eyes off of Jeremie. Yumi has decided for sure that she and Ulrich are not together, and Ulrich regrets nearly telling her that they shouldn't be together. The team is having some major relationship issues, in other words.


Chapter 1 - Virtualization by zukogirl6
Author's Notes:
You know, I wrote this once before. And then the computer decided to go crazy and erase all my work, so you're looking at the new-and-improved chapter 1.

"Do you remember the procedure?"

"I... I think."



"Transfer, Odd, transfer, Yumi, transfer, Ulrich."








"Scanner, Odd, scanner, Yumi, scanner, Ulrich."

Aelita, virtualized. What a nerve-wrecking thing to do, virtualizing people. All those hard codes to recognize, and memorize.





I did it. The cards uploaded on the screen and Odd's voice came out of the monitor's speakers. "Great job, I still have all my body parts." I laughed, half in relief and half at Odd. Of course he was only trying to make me feel less nervous if I did something wrong. But it wasn't that comlicated as I thought it would be. It was simple as heck. At least for me.

That's me, Kaitie Zelu. Always last in the alphabetical name list, but me all the same. The cute boy standing behind the chair luaghed and hugged me. his name's Jeremie, taught me everything about Lyoko and XANA that I know. some say he's a bit nerdy, but I like him.

He's Jeremie, nothing more, nothing less. And he's the boy I like.

Any problems?



Chapter 2 - Love is Cruel by zukogirl6
Author's Notes:

What do you get out of doing nothing?


Entry from the virtual diary of Kaitie Zelu-

Today I virtualized near the whole group. Jeremie told me that next I would learn to set of the back-in-time mechanism. I really wish he would stop telling me to wait for the next thing. Maybe one thing at a time is too much for him. Not much else happened today. He did hug me in private after I virtualized everyone, though.





Kaitie's point of viewn-two days after virtualization.

I sat on the bench next to Ulrich and Yumi. We chatted about a few random things. not much about Lyoko. William came up and asked Yumi if she would like to go out with him. I sighed in disbelief. how many times had this happened all week? Yumi stood up, took his hand, said alright and walked away. This time, Ulrich didn't just grumble. We all sat silent, knowing he was about to burst. Yumi and walked out of earshot, and he said aloud, "Well if that's the way it has to be!"

Standing up, the infuriated boy screamed at Sissi to "get over here right now!" She ran over with a sqeal of delight and he told her they were going out. She grabbed his hand and ran away, dragging Ulrich behind her. Odd broke, because he secretly liked Sissi (which I had found out, seeing he hid a picture of her in, not under, his pillow). He quickly asked aelita out. She shocked, said, "Oh, Odd, I'd love to but-" "Great Aelita!" He grabbed her hand and pulled her away, "let's go and find out where we're gonna go!"

A giggled as Jeremie, dumbstruck, watched them go. He hadn't heard the "but" Aelita had said, and was shocked. I tried to cheer him up.

"I guess there are going to be a lot of reservations at some restaurant tonight, huh Jeremie?" That set him off like a firework. Great going Kaitie.

"That's it, Kaitie we're going out."

"You- you mean like a-a date?"


It was nice going out with him. A break from reality and XANA. We went to a decent restaurant, not a fancy place you would usually take someone out to. We didn't get all kissy-kissy, our relationship wasn't as developed yet. I also think he enjoyed having a girlfriend that hadn't been around during around 1974. When we walked to our dorms, i gave him a little kiss on the cheek. He blushed a deep scarlet and gave me this look. I think that the group of ours was breaking up in some ways, but mending back together using each other. We were getting happiness from ourselves by using a person, though I don't know how.

The night Jeremie and I shared together was so beautiful. The only way I can I can really describe it was... musical. Only music could ever really describe love, and music is never words. Songs are words, but music alone is not. No matter how bad it sounds, it always is beautiful in a way. It is never made out of words, so words can never describe it. Some say it sounds like honey, but there will never be a way to describe music.

Chapter 3 - Resisting Secrets by zukogirl6
Author's Notes:

It's hard to believe that I can write such romance stories, seeing to it I never had a boyfriend.



First Person View - Jeremie Belpois


The night we went out was glorious. It was around the beginning of winter, and three days later it started snowing. A week later we were allowed to go to class, and Kaitie and I trudged through the snow together. Nobody gave us looks, I had heard that there were already rumors throughout the teachers that we like each other (of course that could have been a rumor itself).

Jeremie, why don't you just tell Aelita how you feel, I had often asked myself. It had been so hard keeping the secret in until Kaitie came. Everyone knew I liked her, Aelita. Her name before, Maya, it was beautiful. But then there was Kaitie. I was torn between them. But by taking her out when I wasn't even sure Aelita wanted Odd.... It was heartbreaking. and wrong. I had no idea which one like me more, and more important than that, who I myself like more.

But the way she looked at me the night I nearly let XANA slip, the night that she will never remember, it made me nearly hypnotized. But there's no such thing as hypnotysm. Or is there? Kaitie nearly made it real.

So we trudged through the snow. Most people out at that time were late for class, like us, so there weren't very many. We were so close in our heavy coats it was hard to tell there were twopeople heading for the door. We stopped to open the doorknob, and she accidentally - was it? - touched me on the cheek with her lips. I blushed and felt like kissing her back, but I didn't. I was a little embarrassed to be around her in the first place. We had developed such a strong relationship in a month. Most of my thoughts of XANA and what he was plotting for so long at  this time were occupied by either Aelita or Kaitie. It was complicated, and I couldn't explain it, no matter how intelligent I am.

BUt there was something about this girl that made it more mysterious that I loved more than her. Who can resist trying to find a secret? From that day on I swore to myself to find the secret.

The secret of love, even if it was impossible.

Chapter 4 - What If by zukogirl6
Author's Notes:

This is still part of season two, but it makes sense since I started the series in seaason two. Duh.

Kaitie logged onto her computer. She checked her files to see if she was still connected to Lyoko. Yes. She opened the program she had made. It wasn't a game of any sort. No, something much more powerful. Something even better than being linked up physically to the internet.

She had been working on it secretly for a few days; a link to Xana's own files.

All she had to do was hack in, copy the files onto her own, and delete the program. If she was lucky, she could link the two files together without the virus knowing, and track whatever Xana did or thought. A true genuis' work.

She of course hadn't told Jeremie about her plan, for he would think it too dangerous and try to terminate the program. kaitie had stayed up all night and during her free time to work on this program, though, and at the rate she was going it would be finished in about two weeks.

This will knock his socks off, she thought menacingly, and I'll prove that I can really take his place.


There was the extra details of course, too. It would be more than just a program to hack; a program that looked good. There was the gold pimped-out banner that showed all around the screen when she put the program to use. It would blend with whatever she was doing. 


And there always had to be a trail of sparkles on the cursor too, right? Kaitie giggled when she thoguht of the surprised look on Jeremie's face she expected. A sweet-looking monitor and a program hacking into Xana at the same time. She also thought of the more logical advantages, too. If Xana thought that a cool program that just elevated the look of the computer, but accidentally sneaked into his files, he would reject it without realizing that it was stealing its files.

It was a weak enough program to let him push it out effortlessly, but strong enough to steal files. She couldn't wait to set it to use.

Two weeks.

What if Jeremie didn't like it, though?

What if, what if?

Chapter 5 - Like None Other by zukogirl6
Author's Notes:
Okay, sorry if this is too short. Sorry. What can i do.

Odd looked at Kaitie, standing with Jeremie in the snow. He felt a small rage build up inside him; some uncontrollable source.

He looked at the loving Aelita beside him. I can't leave her now. But that anger, that feeling.

I can't be jealous of Einstien, he thought, but there was still something...

A feeling that was like none he had felt before.

Chapter 7 by zukogirl6

Three months passed. Christmas came and went, and Summer vacation was two days away. Kaitie ran into Jeremie's room, a big grin on her face. Even though she went to a boarding school, her divorced mother was only a half hour away, making so that she could stay during summer.

"I can't believe I get to see my mom in two days Jeremie!" she shrieked with delight. The blond was standing in front of his window, face unemotional. "Oh, yeah," the girl said, dissapointed, "your parents live in like, another country, huh?" "No, it's not that." Jeremie turned to face her.

"XANA hasn't attacked ever since you joined. He's planned something big."

"Oh, uh, yeah, um..." Kaitie bit her lip. If I just told him about the program, I could use it and find out what's going on, and we could attack without the stupid virus knowing, "Jeremie, there's something I have to tell you." "What?" Kaitie eyed him sadly. What if he said no? "I made... this program...."

"To stop XANA? Completely?"

"No, uh...."

"Kaitie, you know I don't like guessing games."

"Okay! I made this virus to sneak into the supercomputer and steal the stpid program's files." Jeremie stared, speechless.

"Will it work?"

"I don't know." There was a long period of silence. Jeremie asked what it consisted of, and she explained a bit. there was another pause.

"ABSOLUTELY GENIUS!!" Jeremie said, wide eyed, "let's set it off now! No waiting, how long does it take to load?"

"An hour."

"Great! That's so little time for a huge program like that!" He put an arm around Kaitie and walked her, pointlessly, across the hall. It was going to work out after all.

Chapter 8 - The Mistake by zukogirl6
Author's Notes:
Ugh. I'm working on my freind's laptop and the space bar doesn't work very well. Any spaces you see I had to go back and fix them. Did I sayUgh already?

Jeremie walked into the courtyard of Kadic, a large smile on his face. Kaitie walked akwardly behind. The two geniuses strode up to the lyoko gang and greeted them.  Jeremie  announced what had happened, still grinning. 

"Guess who just made a program to steal XANA's personal files, guys?"  

The entire group looked up in disbelief. Odd stood politely and put a hand on Jeremie's shoulder.

"Great job, Einstein. Idon't think I'veever met anyone like you."

The boy led Jeremie away. Jeremie looked over his shoulder at Kaitie, a look of asking for forgiveness on his face. She looked down modestly. 

Aelita walked up to Kaitie, frowning. They looked at each other for a moment, accepting each other's prescence for both liking the same person. Aelita remembered hating Kaitie for so long, but understanding the sorrow look on the girl's face showed what had really happened.

"Ice cream parlor?" the pink-haired girl asked the brunette. Kaitie nodded, and they walked off campus together, their freindship just beginning.

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