When You're Too Far Away by Aqua Lyokia
Summary: Aelita is gone, and now, a new girl appears, begging for help. Meanwhile, in a farther off land, Aelita searches for help, and the "original decipherist". Can she get back to Kadack?

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Challenges: Crossovers! Love them, Hate them, WRITE THEM!!!
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1. Hoen, Home of the Lost by Aqua Lyokia

2. Cipher by Aqua Lyokia

3. Getting Alanna by Aqua Lyokia

4. Yumi's First by Aqua Lyokia

Hoen, Home of the Lost by Aqua Lyokia
Author's Notes:
I don't own Pokemon or Code Lyoko.

    Aelita looked around, it was too dark for her to see even her own hand, or her cell phone, which fell onto the ground somewhere. Aelita looked around, for the pink cell, but nothing. She felt something on her foot.


    "Eek!" Aelita scampered back, not able to see what touched her. Something screeched as well, and Aelita felt something on her face, like wet paper. She ran for the nearest light she could see, a hole in the ceiling. Aelita climbed up, to find that she was in a cave. So this was where that guy left me. Aelita walked out of the cave, to only see a few fishermen laughing about, then turning to her.

    "Nice to see you, m'lady. It isn't common to see a lass just walk out of a cave like that."

    "Great! My line's tangled! I bet it's a Magikarp again!" Aelita looked at them strangely. She never heard of a Magikarp. Where am I? What is a Magikarp? Aelita's questions were answered, when a giant red/orange fish landed by her. The fish had long, yellow whiskers, and had the look in its eyes that a cow might give you.

    "Eew." Aelita laughed. She had screeched when the fish landed by her, and she was afraid of a dumb thing like this. She chuckled, until the fish used its giant, grey tail to swack her in the face. Aelita was dumb-founded. She heard some laughing, the fishermen.

    " I'm sorry, but you're not supposed to laugh at a Magikarp, no matter how dumb or weak it is! It might attack you when it's a Gyardos! Don't worry, typical mistake of novice trainers."

    "I-I-I- I'm not a trainer of any sorts." Aelita blushed. These fishermen seemed to know quite a bit, and she didn't want to correct them. The other one was to speak.

    "I see, well, I think you better head to mainland, there's a man there who'd fix that quicker than a happy Growlith's tail!" Aelita walked off, wondering who the fishermen were talking about.

    "Hello, dearie, is there a problem?" Aelita looked up, an old lady came by.

    "I, was told that I needed to see a man about becoming a trainer. " The woman smiled, a friendly one.

    "Well, I just know the ticket." The woman turned to the beach. "Briney! Briney, get out here!" A man who reminded Aelita of pictures of ship captains came up to them. "Briney, this girl needs to get to the main land. She needs to see you know who."

    "I don't think it'll be safe getting there from the port, but I'll try to find our friend. Com'on missy, I didn't get your name." Aelita followed the man to a small ship, where a small bird that looked like a white sea gull with blue markings sat, scrreching.

    "Aelita, sir." He seems nice. I wonder who their "friend" is. I guess I'll have to wait and see. Aelita gazed at the brillient blue sea before her. Birds like the one that was at the ship flew about, screeching. Fish like Magikarp and others that Aelita could only see in her dreams jumped out. One was red and blue, another looked like a red eyed shark. A thrid one looked like a giant whale. Aelita laughed like a little kid, this was an amazing site. It only seemed like seconds until Aelita saw land.

    "Ahoy, Briney!" A boy who had white hair, a blue headband, an orange shirt and a dark blue jacket were on shore. By him was what looked like a giant grey wolf, with a black main and red eyes. The boy jumped on the wolf, and the wolf raced to keep up with the boat.

    "Ahoy, Brandon!" Briney turned to Aelita. "That boy there is Brandon, he's an elite trainer, why he saved little Peeko!"

    "Wingull!" The bird stayed on the ship, by Briney's side. Aelita guessed that Peeko was Briney's pet. Briney stopped the ship at the nearby dock, and Brandon came running.

    "How are things, Briney?"

    "Doing good! No attacks so far! Brandon, could you do me a favor? My friend Aelita here just came into Heon via Dewford, would you mind if you could take her to Birch?"  Brandon simply laughed.

    "I'll be honored to lead the way for you, Aelita!" Brandon pulled out a white and red ball. "Go, Mightyena!"

Cipher by Aqua Lyokia

    A girl with brown hair walked onto the campus. Among her now messy brown hair were a bunch of teal streaks and one bright yellow streak. She sighed, as she gathered up strength to run onto the campus. Someone here has to know what this "XANA" thing is. I'm not going to let Bronco down again. The girl passed what looked like a dorm. She went by them, into the the edge of the campus, where there was a forest. She looked around, then looked at the ground. In front of her, was a manhole. I don't care how my clothes'll look after this, I just need to get the XANA program out of Orre. The girl removed the manhole, the smell of the sewers coming out to cling onto her black shirt, her green jacket, and her black pants. The girl ran through the sewers, to reach a ladder. She climbed up slowly, then reached what looked like a bridge. She grabbed a rope, and swung over the gap. After throwing the rope back, the girl ran, until she reached an elevator. She pushed the red button, then the elevator started to move. She leaned against the opposite wall. I need rest, maybe a few winks. She didn't realize that the elevator stopped as soon as her eyes were shut, leaving her inside, to be found by anyone who happened to stop by.





    "She's waking up." The girl opened her eyes, to find herself surrounded by three figures. One of them had blonde hair, which was spiked back. In the middle was a highlight in the shape of a flame. Another was brown haired, and he appeared to be quiet. The third had black hair, basiclly all black.

    "What the?" The girl tried to get up, her arms were stiff. "Where am I?"

    "How about France for a start?"

    "Odd!"  The blonde haired boy smiled sheepishly as he helped the girl up.

    "Guys! You need to get to the scanners! Have you forgotten what XANA will do if we don't?" The girl half jumped at the disembodied voice, until she saw a speaker.

    "XANA?" Everyone now looked a bit sheepish. "Odd" pushed the girl in the elevator, then pressed a red button. The elevators closed, carrying the girl up. She jumped out as soon as the doors flew open. Only a blonde haired kid with black glasses was here, and he was on a computer.

    "Scanner, Odd. Scanner, Yumi. Scanner,  Ulrich."

    "Hold up a second!" The kid finally turned to the girl. "Are you fighting this XANA thing?" The kid seemed a bit startled.

    "She probably heard you say it Jeremy." There were no speakers in the room, and the kid had a blue tooth on him.

    "Just who are you?" The girl looked around, looking a bit ashamed.

    "Teeleah. Teeleah Cipher of Orre."

Getting Alanna by Aqua Lyokia
Author's Notes:

I don't own Pokemon (owned by Ninetndo, the series by Tracey West) and I don't own Code Lyoko (owned by Moonscoop). Also Alanna is owned by Tamora Pierce.

By the way, thank you all who reviewed, sorry about the infrequent updates!

    Aelita held tightly to Mightyena's mane, the course hair was easy to hold a grip on. Aelita often had to pull her legs back up, it wasn't easy to find a foothold on Mightyena's back. Aelita watched as the city apeared and disapeared, opening to reveal a lush feild, with a beautiful lake. Over the city, Aelita could see a very distant mountain.

    Mightyena jumped over cliffs, landing on all four paws, like a cat. Aelita could see a town below, but there were more ledges. Mightyena jumped once more, Aelita was caught off gaurd. She tried to once more grip the course main, but the wolf went so fast, Aelita couldn't hold on. She soon was on thre ground, and Mightyena was still in the air, jumping over another cliff.

    "Brandon! Help!" The Mightyena was down at the town below, where Brandon was probably not ble to hear. Aelita struggled to get up, despite the pain in her leg. She gave up, trying to only sit to look at her leg. There were no cuts or bruises,everything looked fine from the outside. Aelita gently rubbed her right leg, to find the area of pain. Great, it's broken. Someone should find out sooner or later. Aelita sat up, to lean against a tree. She looked at the town below, not noticing the branches above her head were moving. Before Aelita could think a thought, she was face to face, with a giant red eyed bee. Aelita screeched as she tried to get away, her leg screeming in her head about the pain.

    "Zeeeeee!" The screech filled the forest as a brown fox creature came running. Before the bee could poke one of the two-three (counting the stinger) barbs that it had, the fox jumped and headbutted the bee. The bee fell to the ground, then picked itself up, preparing the bug wings to fly off. Aelita now could take a good look at the fox creature.

    The body and tail was that of a regular fox, but this one had brown fur. Around its neck was a cream colored mane, so long that it touched the ground from its two foot stance. The little fox also had long rabbit ears, both standing straight towards the sky.

    "Are you a boy or a girl?" Aellita asked the little fox quietly. It didn't seem to be afraid of her. Aelita sighed and leaned back on the tree, first looking at the branches for anymore giant bees. Relived to find none, Aelita sat back and closed her eyes. The little fox crawled into Aelita's lap, wanting something in return. "Alanna."

    "Eeve?" The little fox squeaked in confusion.

    "Alanna. It's a good series to read. You see, its about a girl who wants to become a knight for the king, but she can't, it is against the law for girls to go and become knights. the closest legal way was to become a guard for the temple, only women could do that. So Alanna got herself up as a boy, so she could go train as a knight. She even saved the prince." Aelita closed her eyes as she stroked the fox's fur, falling asleep from the rush of events. She opened only one eye to see a lanturn lit, hearing the sounds of course fur rushing in the air.

    "Aelita!" Aelita now sat up straight, that was Bradon she heard.

    "Over here!" She called to the area she heard Bradon's voice coming from.

    "We're coming!" The reply came froman older man, probably only in his thrities. The lanturn light went in her direction to reveal what Aelita had heard, the older man and Brandon. "Are you okay?" The man helped Aelita back onto her feet.

    "I think I broke my leg." The man simply whisked Aelita onto the back of not Mightyena, but what she had thought was a larnturn, a large horse with a firey mane.

    "Rapidash, get Aelita back to Littleroot, not the lab, but home." The horse whinnied, and was ready to take off back to Littleroot when the fox jumped onto Aelita, and Rapidash. Brandon gave the man a befuddled look, only to recieve a warm smile.

    "It seems to me that Aelita, you have a little friend. I'm sure we ca-"

    "I was saved by Alanna from a giant bee creautre!" Aelita was afraid that the man would take Alanna away, or hurt it, but the man only smiled.

    "I was about to say that I'm sure we can m ake arrangements so that you can keep Alanna as your first Pokemon. She's a very healthy looking Eevee, and if she took down a Beedrill all by herself, then she is for sure, your Pokemon!" Aelita laughed witj full-hearted delight. Alanna seemed to share her happiness as well, laughing in her own the launguage, altough they were saying the same thing.

Yumi's First by Aqua Lyokia
Author's Notes:

I don't own Pokemon or Code Lyoko, all I own is the character of Teeleah and the plot. Nintendo own POkemon, and as Code Lyoko is owned by Moonscoop.


NOw did you think that Aelita was going to get all the Pokemon action? 

"Well, Teeleah, then another question, how do you know about XANA?"

"XANA has been taking over computers and people of both high and low ranks in Orre, as well as my own brother!"

"How did you know to come here?"

"I managed to hack into one of the possessed computers from a different source, right before my brother was possessed, seeing that the four main tarets were in France."

"Likely story, just who is your brother anyways?" Teeleah sighed, then released her answer.

"Seth, Seth Cipher. You can hack into the Orre computers that aren't possessed, you can even put a lie detector on me, I'm telling the truth!"

"Jeremie, we need some help down here!"

"What am I supposed to do?"

"Well, 'Teeleah', why not get into a scanner and get out here to battle!" Teeleah nodded.

"Right!" But before anyone could move, a flash came from Teeleah's belt, the beam taking the shape of a little mouse, only a bit bigger. It seemed to have eyes that were shut, as well as red spots on its back. The underside of the mouse was chick yellow, the other was a color between teal and charcoal. "Cydnaquil! We have no time! Get into your ball!" Teeleah held up a ball, which was painted red and white. The mouse squeaked its name, and bit Teeleah on the arm. "Oh never mind, Jeremie, sorry about this, but watch Cyndaquil." Teeleah ran off in the direction of the elevator, pulling Cyndaquil off of her. Teeleah got into a scanner as she heard the same words as before, but this time, with her name. She faded away from her body, as she was in the world, Lyoko. Lyoko seemed to be like a desert, but with a lot of giant crabs.

"Teeleah! Over here!" Teeleah followed Odd, who now looked like he was part purple cat. She now looked like aswat team member, but only she was wearing yellow, and no mask.

"Let's go!" Teeleah's whip struck squarly on the Krab, which exploded soon after. Teeleah went on through, to see that everyone was surrrounding a tower, which looked like it could cruble anyday.

"Well, Jeremie, what are we supposed to do?"

"Gaurd the tower until I can find where Aelita is." It seemed like a long wait, with nothing to do. Odd pulled Teeleah over so that they could talk, while Yumi and Ulrich stayed quiet, their backs were to each other. "I found her. You cans can go back. Devertualize Teeleah, devirtualize Odd-" Jeremie's voice was cut off when Teeleah woke to find herself in an open scanner, her body panting for breath. Teeleah walked out, to see the scanner closing, then opening, to let Yumi out. Everyone walked back to where Jeremie was, to find him trying to get an angry Cyndaquil off of his arm. Yumi tugged at it, until Cyndaquil came off. Yumi was pulling hard enough that the force of her last pull pulled both of them down, Cyndaquil landng on her chest. Cyndaquil hugged Yumi, as it seemed.

"Well, it seems like it likes ya Yumi."

"Get it off of me! That tickles!" Yumi laughed as Cyndaquil ran around, tickling any spot that it could find.

"Yumi, you need to tell it to stop." Yumi did so, enabling her to get up. "Tell ya what, You guys help me purify that Cyndaquil, and Yumi, you get to keep it, and I'll help you guys battle XANA until it's out of Orre!" 

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