Soulbound by metrunui1

    Urich finaly gains the courage to ask Yumi out, only to find out that she is leaving. Is fate against the two of them, or is it fate binding them together.

 Parental Warning: there is sex in later chapters.

Categories: Ships > Ulrich and Yumi Characters: Aelita Hopper, Jeremie Belpois, Odd Della Robbia, Ulrich Stern, Yumi Ishiyama
Genres: Drama, Romance
Warnings: Sex
Challenges: A Novel Idea
Challenges: A Novel Idea
Series: Bound by Fate
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All or Nothing by metrunui1
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    Three days ago Xana released himself from Lyoko. For three days we have waited for his next strike. For those three days I have been thinking, and I have decided to take the biggest gamble of my life. A single word will decide whether I shall succeed or fail, it is all or nothing.

    "Hey Yumi!" I called, running to catch up with her.

    She turned around and smiled. It was an amazing smile, whenever it apeared I was stunned. "What's up?" she asked, begining to walk again, now that I had caught up with her.

    "Well I was wondering, um, if you had anything, um, any plans for tonight?" I asked, mentaly kicking myself. I had been practicing all morning, and as soon as I try talking to her I start studdering.

    "Well, I might have to watch Hiroki tonight. My dad has been in a lot of meetings lately. But other than that, no." she said, then stopped, and gave me a curious look, "Why?"

    "Well, um, I was wondering if you, um, would like to, um," I studdered, trying desperately to untie my tounge. "I've heard that Erato Park is real nice this season, and, um, I was wondering if, um, you'd join me this afternoon?"

    She leaned foreward a bit, "Ulrich, are you asking me out?" she asked, her tone unrecognizable. At this point all ability to form coherant speech had evaporated, so I just nodded. She smiled and put a hand on my shoulder, "Ulrich, how could I say no?" 

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