Soulbound by metrunui1

    Urich finaly gains the courage to ask Yumi out, only to find out that she is leaving. Is fate against the two of them, or is it fate binding them together.

 Parental Warning: there is sex in later chapters.

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Challenges: A Novel Idea
Series: Bound by Fate
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All or Nothing by metrunui1
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    Three days ago Xana released himself from Lyoko. For three days we have waited for his next strike. For those three days I have been thinking, and I have decided to take the biggest gamble of my life. A single word will decide whether I shall succeed or fail, it is all or nothing.

    "Hey Yumi!" I called, running to catch up with her.

    She turned around and smiled. It was an amazing smile, whenever it apeared I was stunned. "What's up?" she asked, begining to walk again, now that I had caught up with her.

    "Well I was wondering, um, if you had anything, um, any plans for tonight?" I asked, mentaly kicking myself. I had been practicing all morning, and as soon as I try talking to her I start studdering.

    "Well, I might have to watch Hiroki tonight. My dad has been in a lot of meetings lately. But other than that, no." she said, then stopped, and gave me a curious look, "Why?"

    "Well, um, I was wondering if you, um, would like to, um," I studdered, trying desperately to untie my tounge. "I've heard that Erato Park is real nice this season, and, um, I was wondering if, um, you'd join me this afternoon?"

    She leaned foreward a bit, "Ulrich, are you asking me out?" she asked, her tone unrecognizable. At this point all ability to form coherant speech had evaporated, so I just nodded. She smiled and put a hand on my shoulder, "Ulrich, how could I say no?" 

Awaited by metrunui1
Author's Notes:
This was a fun chapter to write. Yes I have a sibling and it helped when writing this chapter. BTW the calculation for the 250 franks to dollars is about $50 US currancy.

            I was shocked; he’d finally asked me out! I had half given up on him, and her he was asking me out. I told him that I would call him if I had to watch Hiroki then rushed home. “Mom?” I called, dropping my bag by the door.

            “In here!” she responded from the kitchen. I instantly went in and sat down at the table. My mom took one look at me and sat down, smiling. “Who is it?”

            “What?” I asked. Was I that obvious?
            “I’ve never seen you so dreamy eyed before,” she said, “So who’s the guy?”
            I felt my face turn pink. “It’s Ulrich,” I mumbled.

            “’Bout time!” she said, smiling wider, “Every time you were talking about him your eyes would light up.”

            “MOM!” I moaned, embarrassed.

            “So when is the date?” she asked, serious now.

            “Tonight,” I answered, “He’s taking me to Erato Park!”

            Mom blinked “Tonight? Did you forget that your dad and I have a business meeting tonight?”

            “I don’t care. I’m not babysitting Hiroki.” I said stubbornly.

            Mom sighed, “I hope that I can convince your father of this.” She said, then smiled, “You go get ready, I’ll see what I can do.”

            “Thanks Mom!” I said as I bounded out of the room.


            I decided to take a shower and put on a nicer outfit, after all how many first dates have I had before, one, maybe two? Ulrich was the first guy that I had realy liked in a long time. After all those times he had saved my during Xana’s attacks I know that he felt the same way. What if he doesn’t? the thought came, unbidden into my mind. You might like him but what if he only wants you for sex? I shook my head and stepped into the shower, letting the steaming water wash the thoughts away. Ulrich would NEVER do that to me! When I got out of the shower and put I decided to put on a black and red plaid mini-skirt and a black midriff bearing sweater with red embroideries around the cuffs. I then froze, looking at the bottle of perfume that my uncle had gotten me for Christmas, and then smiled.


            When I reached the bottom of the stairs I heard a low whistle. I turned to see my dad standing there, looking absolutely shocked. “Wow, you’re really going all out for this kid!” he said, then frowned, “I’m guessing that you won’t be willing to baby-sit tonight.”

            “That’s right.” I said, grabbing my good shoes.

            “Would you be willing to put it off tonight if I paid you triple allowance this week?” he asked, looking me in the eye.

            I was surprised, triple allowance on the first bribe? That was Two hundred Fifty franks!  I shrugged “Sorry, no sale!” I said.

            “Triple and a raise to ninety five a week!” I shook my head and his jaw dropped. “Please Yumi! This meeting is extremely important. Is there anything, anything at all, that would make you stay?”

            “Sorry Dad, but I’ve waited far too long for this just to give it up!” I said and then walked out the door.

Kindling the Flame by metrunui1
Author's Notes:
This is a fun chapter for me...and a bit difficult in a way.

“So you finally asked her?” Aelita asked.

“Yeah, I’m broke so I thought that I would take her to Erato Park.” I said.

“I guess that I’m bunking in Jeremie’s room tonight! I actually want to get some sleep without getting sick.” Odd said. I whirled; about to deck him, but Aelita beat me to it.

How dare you say something like that? Ulrich has been waiting for a chance like this for a long time!” she snarled, kicking the prostrate Odd.

“We’ll keep him out of your way.” Jeremie said, “Even if we have to tie him up we will.”

“Thanks Jeremie.” I said and then looked at my watch, “Damn, I’d better go. See ya!”


            I waited outside Yumi’s house for about fifteen minutes before she emerged. I’d never seen her so beautiful before, or so tempting. She was wearing a black and red skirt that stopped just above the knees and a midriff bearing black sweater. The entire outfit accented her body perfectly, from her long, slender legs to her curvy chest.

            She smiled “I don’t even have to ask if I look good,” she said, closing my mouth with a finger on my jaw. “Come’on, Let’s go before my dad thinks up something to make me stay.”


            Erato Park was amazing. It was ser in a terraced design overlooking the river. In a way the park looked like a solid wall of greenery. Running along the terraces was a stream, creating waterfalls and pools in its wake.

            “Wow,” Yumi whispered, stunned.

            “It’s amazing,” I agreed, taking her hand. She pulled up closer, hugging my arm.

            “And so are you.” I heard her whisper, as a warm sensation crawled up my arm. We ended up roaming around the park two times; admiring the plants and, secretly, each other. After a long while we sat down on one of the benches at the top of the park, watching the sun set. The sky was a blaze of color, spraying like fireworks, over the horizon. Though there was a shocking beauty of nature in front of me, I couldn’t take my eyes off of the beauty next to me.

            “Ulrich?” she asked eventually, “Can I ask a favor of you?”

            “Sure,” I said, “What is it?”

            “Come’ere,” she said grabbing the lapels of my shirt and then pulling me close. Holy shit! She’s going to… I thought, then our lips met, and my mind was filled with static. All I could concentrate on was her lips, her body pressed against mine. She was gentle, tentative, but firm. My heart jack hammered in my chest as she wrapped her arms around me, pulling me closer. After a few seconds we pulled apart, breathless…BRING! We both jumped as the burst of sound came from Yumi’s pocket. She whipped out the phone and looked at the caller ID, “Damn, it’s my parents.” She said, annoyed, “One sec.” she then answered the phone “Yes? Yeah…um, no? What? NOW? But…except…okay, I’ll be right there.” She then turned to me. “Ulrich, my parents want me home. I’m sorry.”
            I felt my shoulders sag, “Okay, I’ll see you tomorrow.” I said, then turned around to go, only to feel a hand come down on my shoulder, I turned to see Yumi smiling wryly at me.
            “Wait a sec, who said I was done kissing you?” she said.
Fire and Ice by metrunui1
Author's Notes:
I know everyone has had experiances like this before, so i thought this would be a perfect sort of chapter.

           I moved close to kiss him again, inhaling his scent. It was like cinnamon, sweet with a spicy bite to it. I loved it. Ulrich then closed the distance between us, and once again our lips met. After a few seconds Ulrich’s hands shifted, one settling on the bare skin of my back, one traveling up the back of my shirt. I gasped as a tremor fired through my body then pressed closer to him. The contact made my body flare with a wonderful, addicting warmth. I wanted to stay like that forever, not letting time ever take us apart.

           We stood there for ages, absorbed in the moment, then all too soon Ultich pushed away, "I think you'd better go," he said softly, his face a briliant crimson... Boys!

           "Sure," I said, smiling. "I'll see you tomorow!" I then turned and started home, not even the cold wind could extinquish the burning fire within my chest.

          "How could you do this to us?" I was shocked, Mom yelling? She never yelled, when she was upset she would get extreamly quiet.

          "I'm doing what is best for the family!" That was dad. Great, they were fighting, the last thing that I needed after today. I opened the door as quietly as I could and slipped inside.

           "WHAT IS BEST FOR THE FAMILY?" Mom screached, "What do you know? You aren't here half the time so how could you know ANYTHING? We finally get settled, I finally see Hiroki getting friends, and Yumi truely happy and you CHOOSE to do this?"

           "Do what?" I asked, frightened. This was the first time I'd ever seen my mom this way. "What is going on?"

           My mom turned to me, her face red and tear streaked, "Yumi," she said, using a voice that I knew she only used when she knew it would upset me "We're moving."

           I was shocked. Moving? I must have heard wrong. "What?" I asked my voice cracking.

           "I got a raise." Dad said, "The thing is that we have to move to America. I decided that we should keep the family together, so we're all moving."

           "No! This can't be happening! We can't be moving!" I screamed, "Please tell me he's joking!"

            "I'm sorry Yumi..." Mom started, but I didn't want to hear the rest, i grabbed my coat and was out the door before she finnished the sentance.

            I ran and ran and ran, not caring where I went, as long as I could get away from this nightmare. When I finally looked around I noticed I was back at the park. Crap! I thought, my eyes filling with tears. Crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, CRAP! I hammered a tree with the side of my fist. This can't be happening! I felt my eyes well over, I needed someone, someone to wake me from this nightmare. Ulrich's face flashed before my eyes, his warm eyes comvorting me. I immediatly pulled out my cell phone and began to dail.

Anchor in the Storm by metrunui1
Author's Notes:
I ran into a lot of difrent problems for this chapter, I hope you think it turned out right!

Wow, what a night! I thought, flopping down on the bed, Yumi’s image cemented in my mind. I sighed, the day had been perfect. I lay there, absorbed in the memories for a long time, undisturbed. Thankfully Odd seemed to be considerate enough to leave the room and leave me alone. I lay there in the dark silence, enjoying the lingering feeling of her skin against mine. Now if only she had been a little bit closer. I thought, and suddenly the image of Yumi popped into my mind again, only this time she wasn’t wearing any clothes. NO! I thought, shaking my head to dislodge the image. That’s the last thing that I want on my mind right now or I’ll NEVER get to sleep. I Covered my eyes with the back of my arm, trying to relax. Then my phone started ringing, startling me. Who is calling me at this time of night? I thought, looking at the caller ID, Yumi? Why would she be calling me? “Hello?” I asked.

    “Ulrich,” It was Yumi alright, but her voice echoed with pain “I need some help.”

    I jolted up, all senses on alert. “What happened? You hurt?” I asked, hoping she wasn’t.

    “I’m fine,” She said, her voice catching, “I just need some help, can you meet me in back of the dorms?”

    “Sure, what is going on?” I asked, still worried. I had hardly ever heard Yumi like this before, and when I had she was extremely upset. What the hell had riled her up this much?

    “I’ll tell you when I get there,” she said and ended the connection. I was out the door within seconds, only to run smack into Jim.

    “Shit!” I whispered, busted.

    “Hey, back to bed Stern!” he ordered, “It’s past 21:00 , you know the rules.”

    “Sorry Sir,” I said, “Yumi’s in some sort of trouble, she asked me to wait outside for her.”

    “Huh, you think that I am going to fall for that one? Do you think that I am that stupid?” Jim snarled, crossing his arms.

    “I’m serious!” I said, furious. He looked me in the eye, “You know what type of trouble that she is in?” he asked, finally deciding that I was telling the truth.

   I shook my head “No, I don’t. But she sounded really upset about something.”

    Jim stood there for a few seconds, thinking, “Fine, you have ten minutes. If you aren’t back by then you can expect major trouble, got it?”

    “Yes sir,” I said, then started for the back door “Thank you sir!”

   “And no funny business, ya’ here?” Jim called after me.


    When I got to the school I saw Ulrich immediately. I ran up and tackled him with a hug, letting his warmth, his scent surround an enclose me. I felt so much better just having him around; he was my anchor to this world. An anchor that I clung to in this tempest of pain and emotion.

    “Yumi!” he said, startled, “What is going on?”

    Pain welled up again as the memory of that short conversation filled my mind. “I’m…I’m moving!” I managed to say before I collapsed into tears. I gripped his shirt, pulling him close, crying into his shoulder.

    He stood there for a while, silent, hugging me. "Are you sure?" he asked, and I nodded, and he pulled me closer.

    I pressed against him, refusing to let him slip away from me "I don't want to go!" I said, and let the tears take over.


    After a long time of her crying Yumi fell silent. I waited, unusually calm. I should be crying too, but why can't I? I thought, then tapped her shoulder. She looked up at me, her eyes bloodshot. "I'd better go in, before Jim gets suspisious." I whispered, she just clung to me tighter. "Come'on. Go home and get some sleep." I said, brushing a loose lock of hair out of her face.

    "I don't want to go home." She said, burying her face into my shoulder again. "I want to be with you."

    "What?" I asked, shocked. Had she just said that?

    "Please," she said, "Don't make me go. I want to be with you!" Suddenly the image of her naked again filled my mind. I quickly stomped it down again. Damn it! I thought, Why can't I keep a clean mind around her? I felt my face turn red. "Ulrich?" she asked, a subtle amount of pressure adding to her embrace.

    "It's fine, you just caught me off gaurd." I said, giving her shoulders a light squease. "Come'on. Let's go."

A Comforting Heart by metrunui1
Author's Notes:
I'm sorry it took so long for me to get this to you guys, I've had a few dificulties.
As always i do NOT own any of the Code Lyoko charicters
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“Uh,” I stuttered as Yumi flopped down on a bed.
“What?” She asked, looking at me tiredly. She looked as if she had just gone through three XANA attacks consecutively!
“T-that’s my bed!” I stammered. She blinked once, the scooted over a bit, leaving enough room for another person. Shit! Is she trying to kill me? I thought, then after a moment of hesitation I sat down on the bed. Then again I might not have the chance to really be with her again. I lay down then Yumi hugged my arm; her face pressed into the hollow of my shoulder, and fell asleep. The warmth that spread throughout my body was amazing. Every place that it touched fell into a serene bliss that began to permeate my entire being. To think, I thought as I began to doze off that I’d be able to sleep at all. It’s nuts! Just before I fell asleep I recognized the faint hint of a subtle, sweet, flowery scent that seemed to cushion the air around us.

The first thing that I noticed was that I was warm. Normally I would wake up half freezing because I had kicked off my blankets in my sleep. The next thing that I noticed was the slight pressure on my chest. Damn it, how many times do I have to tell Odd to keep Kiwi off of my bed? I thought as I moved to shove the dumb animal off.
“Don’t move,” a voice said quietly.
“Huh?” I asked, opening my eyes for the first time. It wasn’t Kiwi; it was Yumi, the side of her face pressed into my chest.
“You have a strong heart,” She said, her voice still soft. She yawned, “It’s real relaxing.”
“Uh, thanks?” I said, confused for a sec, why was she here? Then yesterday came crashing back, the date, the park, and the pain. Damn, this is insane; I just slept with the girl that I have had a crush on for about two years now. It is like I just jumped off a bridge, now I have no control whatsoever on what the hell is happening.
“Ulrich?” Yumi asked, “You okay?”
“Yeah, things are moving a little fast at the moment that is all,” I said, then took her hand “I’ll be fine.” She smiled and went back to listening to my heart. This is going to get real interesting real fast.

We lay like that, in silence, for ages. Suddenly the door flew open and Odd walked in, making us jump. He turned and his eyes got huge. “Yumi?” he asked, “What are you doing here?” then looked around “Oh, shit, on second thought I don’t want to know.”
“Jesus. Odd, get your mind out of the gutter!” Ulrich said, turning red. “It’s too early for that sort of thing!” I buried my face in Ulrich’s chest, feeling it burn with embarrassment.
Odd shook his head, “Fine,” he said, and then turned to me “Hey, Yumi, nice outfit.”
I looked down at the rumpled and dirty clothing from last night. Shit! I thought; This is just perfect, I can’t war this home! I went through various options of procuring an outfit. Home was defiantly out of the question; they’d be waiting for me.
“Odd, can you tell Aelita to expect company, please?” I asked, my voice soft, wishing I didn’t have to do this.
“Huh?” he asked, evidently trying not to pay attention to me or Ulrich.
Damn it! I thought, rubbing my temples. Boys can be such idiots sometimes! “Never mind!” I said, getting up, “I’ll do it myself.”
The Price of Passion by metrunui1
Author's Notes:
This was a fun chapter to do up! I hope you guys like it!
“Wow,” Aelita said, smiling at me.
“Yeah,” I responded. I’d just told her what had happened last night.
She looked down, her face suddenly shadowed. “I wish I could be like that with Jeremie.”
“Hey,” I whispered, “Jeremie loves you. Not that many boys are that devoted, Jeremie is one of the rare ones.”
“I know, it’s just…it seems like, like he is more into fighting XANA now than he is helping me.” She said, her voice soft almost hurt.
I put a hand on her shoulder, “Aelita, Jeremie’s been, well, obsessed with you since he met you.” Obsessed doesn’t even cover it! I smiled “He’s put himself through hell for you. I don’t think that he will loose interest at all.”
Aelita smiled a bit, “Yeah, I guess so.” She looked up at me, “I just wish that he would show a bit more interest in me every now and then. I am happy that he is trying to get my father out of Lyoko, but it’s just difficult to do this when he is so, um, determined to do it.”
“Yeah, Jeremie is one of those people that if you put a challenge in front of them, they will spend as much time as they can to figure it out.” I said smiling, “Just look at how many sleepless nights he had when he was first trying to materialize you. Just give him a little time.”
Aelita laughed, “Yeah, I guess you’re right, he is rather stubborn.” She then gave me a once over, and smiled evilly “And yes I do think I have something that you could wear.”

“No! I said indignantly, “Not even if you paid me!” I could feel my face burn with embarrassment.
“Too bad,” Aelita said, pushing the outfit into my hands. “It’s either that or going home and dealing with your parents.”
Shit! I hate it when I’m put into this sort of situation. “Aelita,” I pleaded, “Are you sure that there is nothing else, nothing at all?
“I’m sure,” Aelita said, “Try the shirt on, I don’t really know if it will fit you.”
I reluctantly pulled on the shirt and started buttoning it up. This is so uncomfortable. I’m going to die of embarrassment before the end of the day! I thought, mechanically buttoning the shirt until I got to the second to last one. Oh no, I thought and tugged harder “SHIT!” I moaned.
“Great it fits!” Aelita said, glancing at me.
Fits? How can you say this fits?” I asked, franticly working at the button. Unfortunately; I was going nowhere.
Aelita smiled “It works doesn’t it?”
“It shows half my chest!” I said, abashed.
“You’re fine, trust me,” She said, then grinned wickedly, “Plus, with your size you can afford to show a little more skin.”
“NO FAIR!” I cried, my face burning fiercely, “It’s not my fault that my chest has exploded!”
Aelita covered her smile, “I know!” she said, and then lowered her hand now that her face was under control, “But really Yumi! If what you are saying is true Ulrich deserves to see you at your best.”
I looked down, “Fine,” I mumbled, “But I’m only doing it for Ulrich.”
Aelita just smiled “I thought so.”
Complications by metrunui1
Author's Notes:
This took a while to get up, sorry! i hope you like what i have for you this time!

            “You slept with her?” Jeremie asked, shocked.

            “Shuh!” I said, thankfully no one had heard. The last thing I needed was to have rumors flying around. “But we didn’t do anything.” Jeremie raised an eyebrow, he clearly didn’t believe me. “Jeremie, I swear, we did nothing! I wouldn’t have touched her. ‘Specially after what she went through.”

            “Care to elaborate?” Jeremie asked.

            “He just doesn’t want t’ admit to it!” Odd said an impish look on his face.

            “Shut up Odd!” I snapped.

Ulrich and Yumi sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G.” Odd sang, making several people look at us. Why does he have to be such an idiot at the most inopportune times?
Odd!” I growled.
First comes Love, then comes Marriage, then comes...” he continued.
I grabbed Odd by the scruff of the neck, pressing lightly on the pressure points at the base of the skull “If I have to tell you to shut up one more time Odd you will not like what happens.” I said. Odd instantly shut up, and Jeremie shook his head. “Um, well Jeremie, it’s, um, it isn’t really my business to tell you.” I could feel my face start to burn, damn it!

            Jeremie cocked an eyebrow, and then shook his head. “Fine, I’ll wait for Yumi,” he said as he walked into the cafeteria.


            I had barely started eating when a silence swept through the cafeteria, I turned to see what was happening, and was shocked at what I saw. Yumi was there, dressed in a light green shirt and tight blue jeans.

            “Holy shit!” I heard Jeremie whisper. Holy shit is right! She looks amazing! I really need to thank Aelita for pulling that off! I thought. Yumi was blushing a furious crimson but continued to walk to the line. When she sat down she buried her face into my shoulder.

            “I’m going to die!” she whispered, sounding completely mortified. “Some one kill me!”

            “No you aren’t!” I said, hugging her, “You look wonderful!”

            “It’s true.” I looked up to see William walking toward our table What the fuck does he want? I thought. William stopped “Ulrich, I know we have our differences,” He started, then paused, thinking “I just wanted you to know that even if you are dating Yumi now I will not stop caring for her.”

            I was shocked, ever since William ha come to the school we had been rivals over Yumi. For him to come and say this, to admit defeat was an absolute shock. “Um, okay,” I said, then he turned and walked away. Well, I thought hesitantly That is one less problem that I have to deal with. I went back to my food, trying to make sense of what had happened.

            “Oh great!” I heard Aelita say. I looked up and say Sissy, looking as if she were about to tear someone’s throat out. Oh, crap! I thought As if I don’t have enough problems as is.
Caught in the Undertow by metrunui1
Author's Notes:
FUN FUN FUN chapter for me to write! please R&R!

            “What is the meaning of this?” Sissy screeched, “Why are you going out with her?”

            This is just perfect. I thought, trying to tune out Sissy’s bitching. How blunt do I have to be to make her see that I have no interest in her? I’ve tried sayin “no”, I’ve tried avoiding her, I’ve tried ignoring her but nothing seems to get through her head! Plus, even if I had liked her, all of those cruel things that she’s done to me and Yumi and every other girl that even glanced at me would have made sure that I never went out with her!
            “Are you done?” Yumi growled at Sissy, fixing a smoldering glare on her. “In case you can’t get it through that thick skull of yours Ulrich doesn’t like you!”

            “He never saw me cause you were always fawning over him!” Sissy retorted.

            Yumi shook her head, “Let’s get one thing straight: He’s never liked you! If you would deflate your head a bit you might be able to see that!”

            Sissy stepped back, looking as if Yumi had slapped her. “No.” She stuttered, “YOU’RE LYING!” she then rushed forward, fists flying wildly. Yumi calmly grabbed Sissy’s wrist, and in a single, fluid motion, flung Sissy over her shoulder.

            Yumi looked around to see the whole cafeteria staring at her. “I’m done, you can have the rest Odd!” She said, shoving the tray at Odd, and then walking out the door. I glanced at the group, then followed after Yumi.


            I moved quickly, trying to put the situation behind me. Why was it that whenever I had a grasp on something good someone, or something had to ruin the mood? I sighed, what did I do to deserve this?
            Arms wrapped around my shoulders and gave me a friendly squeeze. “Ignore them. Thy have no idea what they are talking about.” Ulrich said, moving to my side and taking my hand.

            “I know,” I admitted, but it doesn’t make it any easier to deal with.”

            “Yeah, it’s tough,” he said, then game my hand a squeeze, “But that is why I’m here.”

            I smiled, then looked around. We were near the old cottage that Aelta had lived in before she was virtualized. I tugged Ulrich in that direction. “Come’on I know someplace people will leave us alone.

            Ulrich shrugged. “Lead the way.”
Meeting of Minds by metrunui1
Author's Notes:

This is a teachers confrence FYI, the names can be found on the Lyokofreak site under the class pictures...

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           “Personally I don’t understand it.” Suzanne Hertz said, “Ulrich and Yumi have never really been ones to cause a fuss. They stuck with their group and left most others alone.”

            “We all have known they are good friends,” Michel Rouiller said, “Every morning they would spar just for fun. Heck, I’ve even watched them a couple of times.”

            Jean Pierre nodded, “That’s true, but it still doesn’t justify the incident in the cafeteria, or that they slept together.”

            Suzanne nodded, “It seems out of character for Ulrich. Normally he’s so distant I can hardly get him to focus on his work.” Several other teachers nodded.

            “I think I can explain it.” Hans Klotz said, setting down his coffee.

            “Okay Hans, you have the floor.” Jean Pierre said.

            “We all know the two of them are friends, we have established that. We also know that Miss Ishiyama was informed of the family moving last night.” Suzanne nodded, “And it has come to our attention that Mister Stern and Miss Ishiyama have recently started dating. I believe that when she was told about the move she felt severely betrayed by her parents, and wanted to be with someone that she trusted and understood her. So, that would lead us to someone within that group. I think that she chose Ulrich because she had gained a major bond with him.”

            “That still doesn’t explain why they slept together.” Gilles Fumet said.

            “That’s easy.” Michel piped up. “She had just had a major fight with her parents. I don’t know about anyone else, but when I got into it with my old man the last person I wanted to be around was him. I think the reason she stayed with Ulrich was that she needed a shoulder to cry on.”

            Hans nodded “Exactly.”

            “I see.” Jean Pierre said thoughtfully, “Then the situation this morning must have come about with the combining of stressors.” He turned to the rest of the staff. “I think that minor consequences for those two. My daughter on the other hand I believe should receive two nights detention for provoking a fight, agreed?”

            “Agreed,” Responded the staff.

            “Okay then, this meeting is over.” Jean Pierre said.

            Suzanne stayed sitting while the rest of the staff left. “Jean, I think that we should keep a close eye on those two, just in case.”

            “I understand, and have already taken that into consideration; I’ve instructed Jim to make double sweeps of the boy’s dormitory hallway.”

            “Thank you sir.” Suzanne said, and then left the room.

Hidden Warmth by metrunui1
Author's Notes:
I'm sorry it took so long to update this. Over the last few months there have been some things that have come up that have left me mentally and emotionally shattered. I've been slipping in and out of depression and have had almost no intrest in writing during those times. I will try and get stuff up when i can, but be patient with me. okay?
“I love you.” I said, pulling closer to Ulrich. I buried my face in his neck, pulling in his sweat scent, and wrapping my arms around him.
“I know.” He said nuzzling my ear. “This is perfect.”
“Told ya!” I said, and Ulrich chuckled. I sat like that a long time, just enjoying the feeling of warmth emanating from my chest. I felt his hands slide lightly across the exposed skin of my lower back, sending waves of sheer pleasure shooting through me. His hands were so warm and gentle; I didn’t ever want him to stop. I felt my back arch in pure pleasure. His scent enveloped me, making my body ache with a longing that I wanted to fulfill. Eventually I started listening to Ulrich’s strong heart. It was so relaxing just to lie there, listening to that strong steady rhythm. I didn’t want to move; all I wanted was to be with Ulrich until the seas boiled away and the mountains crumbled to dust.

“Has anyone seen Ulrich or Yumi?” Jeremie asked, sitting down at the computer, doing his daily sweep of Lyoko for activated towers.
“Not since breakfast.” Aelita said, lying on the bed, eyes closed.
“This is insane,” Odd said, “I’ve never really pegged Ulrich for this sort of thing.” He sighed, “Normally it is me who acts off the wall.”
“At least you’re smart enough to admit it.” Jeremie said absentmindedly, not noticing the scathing look that Odd gave him. “You think we should call them?” he continued, “Yumi’s parents are going to go ballistic!”
“Why bother? They obviously want to be left alone.” Aelita said. “After all of the places that we have explored and found when we were fighting XANA they know a good number of hiding spots.”
“You have a point.” Jeremie said, turning to face the other two. “I’d hate to have Yumi pissed at us when she leaves. But all the same, we still should do something so we know what is going on and how to contact them if we have to.” He looked at them, “I say we call them, that way we have a good idea of what is going on.”
“Fine, just as long as I’m not the one who is going to be making the call.” Odd said, “I like my head right where it is!”

Wow, I thought I must have dozed off there I yawned and looked at Yumi, who was lying on my chest, fast asleep. I smiled She’s even cuter when she is sleeping. I thought, brushing a lock of hair out of her face. I had seen her so often in the same black outfit day after day that to see her in this colorful outfit was amazing. My eyes flitted over the colorful clothing [i:]She should wear color like this more often. She has such a wonderful personality that to wear black all the time is just a crying shame.[/i] I thought, brushing my fingers through her hair.
“Mm?” She mumbled; I must have woken her.
“It’s just me.” I whispered. “Go back to sleep.” Yumi shifted a bit, her face pressing into my collarbone. Her hands slithered under my shirt, pressing into the muscle of my chest and stomach. I wrapped my arms around her, pressing her firmly to my chest.
She smiled and kissed me in the hollow between my neck and shoulder. “I love you.” She mumbled, half asleep.
“I know Baby.” I whispered, hugging her tightly, “I love you too.” Yumi chuckled.
BZZT For a second I wondered what in my pocket would be vibrating, then I realized it was my cell phone. I pulled it out, trying not to disturb Yumi. On the screen was a message from Jeremie. where r u? I rolled my eyes, why did he need to know?
@ Atas old plc
Ymi w/ u
kk, will cl if u r askd 4
“Who was it?” I jumped as Yumi spoke; I had thought she was still asleep!
“Jeremie, just checking on us.” I said, and she rolled her eyes. “Thanks for doing this with me.” I said, kissing her forehead.
She smiled, kissed me on the lips, and then settled back into her original position, “Any time.” She whispered before falling back asleep.
End Notes:
I personally think this is one of my best chapters so far, let me know what you think!
Tempest Rising by metrunui1
Author's Notes:
This was a dificult chapter for me, I had to go back and redo it several times. Hopefully you will agree that this is good work. I await your responces to this

I woke up again when Ulrich’s phone rang. Why couldn’t people leave us alone? I wanted to tell him to turn the damn thing off. “What is it this time?”
“Your parent’s are asking for you.” He responded
“They can go and fuck themselves for all I care. They don’t give a damn on what I think or feel, so why should I give them the light of day?” I mumbled. This was so unfair, when I finally get something that I like it is snatched from me in the next second. I pulled myself closer to him, unwilling to let him go.
“I’d rather you not be grounded for the next year though. That might make it a little hard for us to be together.” Ulrich said, his fingers lightly brushed my cheek. “Come’on, let’s get you home so we can get them off your back.”
He’s right a part of me said, “Fine,” I said grudgingly “But it is only cause you asked me to.”
Ulrich smiled, “I know.” He said, then stood up and helped me to my feet.

When we got back to my house I was ready to just turn back around and leave. This is absolute bullshit! Why do I have to do this? I asked myself. I sighed then opened the door. “Hello?”
“Yumi!” Mom exclaimed, coming out of the kitchen. “Thank god you’re all right. Where have you been?”
“With Ulrich, where else?” I mumbled, looking away.
Mom flashed a look at Ulrich, then turned back to me, her face furious. “Do you know how much trouble that you are in?” she snapped “You run off and don’t even so much as call? You are to go straight to your room and stay there. Got that?”
“Fine,” I spat, I wanted to say more but knew I was in for it enough as is. I turned to the stairs, finding myself in front of Ulrich. “I’m sorry,” I whispered.
“Don’t be,” he said, then hugged me. A blast of his delicious scent washed over me. I was caught off guard at the sheer power of it, and suddenly wanted to fasten myself to him and never let go.
After a very short time Ulrich pushed away, “You’d better go, he whispered. I wanted to stay with him, and let the wild fantasies flying through my head filter into reality. But my responsible side stomped down on them. “Bye,” I said, giving his hand a squeeze, the hurried up to my room

Before I closed the door to my room I heard my mom start talking to Ulrich. Why is it that she has to snarl at me and Ulrich? He did nothing but help me when I needed it! I wrapped my arms around my chest, enjoying the warmth and scent that lingered like an aura around me. I didn't care what i had to do, I would stay with him.

"So, what's going on?" Aelita asked hesitantly.
I turned to her, "I don't know, Yumi's dad is pissed. Her mom says she understands what we're going through, and is going to try and smooth stuff over." I said, downcast.
"That's good." Odd said, absently.
"No, it's not!" My frustration coming to the surface. "What if her dad says we can't be together anymore and moves even earlier?"
"He wouldn't do that." Aelita said, giving my shoulders a hug. I looked down, avoiding her eyes. "Even if you were told that you would find a way to be together. That's just how you two are, you just never give up on Lyoko, so don't give up now."
"This is so dificult! I finally am able to ask her, and next second I found out she is leaving, maybe for good," I said, "This sucks, this royally sucks."
"At least you asked her before she left, this way you have a chance," Odd said, his voice solemn and eyes distant.
I stared at my shoes, they were right, I just didn't want to admit to it. "Cheer up Ulrich, things'll be fine."
"I hope so," I said.
Odd put a hand on my shoulder "If things get real bad you know you can talk to me, I will help." I shuddered, remembering what he had been through.

"I'm very upset with you. First you run off and not even tell us where you are going, then you spend the entire day with that boy doing god knows what." My dad turned to face me. "I've half a mind to bann you from ever seeing him again..."
"NO!" I cried.
"Now that is just mean!" Mom said, glaring at dad, "She's going to be leaving, and probably will never see her friends again. At least let her have the time she has."
"I don't care what you say," I said, the tension and frustration flowing to the surface "I am not moving, and I am going to be with Ulrich."
Mom glared at dad with a look that said This is your fault, Dad just scowled "Yumi, there will be plenty of other boys that you can be with..." he started.
"Other boys arn't Ulrich." I interupted, thoroughly peeved, "Why are you so intent on making me leave him? It's almost as if you requested this to keep us apart!" I stood up from the table "Why dont you let me live my life instead of trying to live it for me!" Before they could say anything i stormed up to my room and slammed the door, only then did I start to cry.

End Notes:

....raise your hand if you have been through this sort of thing with your parents.. *raises hand*

Old Scars by metrunui1
Author's Notes:
This was a fun chapter for me...but i will warn you now: ODD LOVERS LOOK AWAY!
“Milly,” Tamia said, looking at me “Are you going to eat those potatoes or are you just going to play with them?”
“Hm?” I asked, looking up, “What?”
“Ugh, girl, get a grip!” she said, “So Ulrich’s going out with someone else, it’s not the end of the world!”
“He’s the only boy who ever looked at me.” I whispered. “No one else seems to care.”
“Milly, there are plenty of other guys around; all you have to do is look.” Tamia scolded.
“But none look at <i>me</i>, so why should I give someone attention if they are never going to return it?”
“Milly, have you ever even tried?”
I looked away, “No, I was waiting for them to look my way. I really don’t feel like falling for a guy and then getting burned.”
“A little late for that.” Tamia mumbled, shaking her head. “I mean, if you have never tried how do you know what is going to happen?” I looked at my feet, knowing what was coming next. “That is your problem, don’t just wait for them to come to you, you have to get out there and go to them. I mean seriously, if you actually did that you would find out there is a guy who is just begging for you to notice him.”
“What?” I asked, taken aback.
Tamia rolled her eyes “I’m serious you’ve been so caught up in Ulrich that you have never noticed the guy who actually wants to be with you.”
“Who?” I asked, half suspicious, half excited.
A pair of arms came from behind me and wrapped around my shoulders. “You have three guesses and the first two don’t count.” A familiar voice said.
I gasped the face that went with the voice popping into my head. I whirled and there was Odd Della Robbia! “Odd?” I squeaked, then my shock turned into fury. I stood up, untangling myself from his arms, and punched him as hard as I could. “Do you think this is a joke you asshole?” I screamed as Odd blinked and rubbed his jaw. I kicked him in the shin. “Well I’m not laughing!” I turned and ran out of the cafeteria, crying.

“Damn it!” I yelled and threw my pillow against the wall. <i>How could he be so mean? All he is interested in is pulling pranks and being funny. He doesn’t give a shit on what other people think!</i> I thought, letting my tears stream down my face. Plus he had done that in front of the entire cafeteria! Sissy was going to have a hay day when she found out. She was always picking on me as is, and this was going to make it worse. “I’m going to kill him.” I whispered to myself.
“Why?” someone asked, making me jump, I hand thought that I was alone. “I only said I liked you.”
I spun around, already swinging. “Damn you!” I yelled as he caught my hand. “Every time I think I’ve hit rock bottom you show up and make things worse!” I swung at him again with my free hand.
“I really didn’t mean to.” He said, his voice obscenely calm. He caught my other hand and held on. “I just want to be with you.”
“<i:>Fuck off ass hole!</i>" I yelled trying to pull free.
"Calm down, I just want to talk." Odd said, "Please."
"Just go away." I said, my tears flowing like a river. "Just go away."
He pulled me close, pinning my arms between us, and hugged me. "I'm sorry." He said softly, "I really am."
"Why?" I asked "Why are you doing this to me?"
"I care for you." he said, "I've never felt so much for a single person since... Since my parents died."
I froze, "What?" I looked at him, and for once he wasn't smiling.
"My parent's died in a car crash when they went to America. That was four years ago. Mr. Delmas was one of my dad's old friends, so he let me come here untill I could... untill I can go on my own." His voice was ddeper, as if he were lost in his memories. "I was depressed for a long time. I probably would still be in a mental facility if I hadn't come out of it."
"Mental facility?" I asked, shocked. The only way that I had ever seen Odd is when he was bouncing off the walls. Most of the time he acted like he didn't have a care in the world.
Odd released me and pulled up the sleaves of his shirt. "I did this a lot so they put me up untill I got better." he said then showed me the insides of his arms. I gasped, as I saw the pink and white scars that criss-crossed his arms.
"Holy shit." I whispered, "You did all this?"
"That's why I was there. I was a threat to both myself and others." He said, as I traced the paths of some of the scars. He shuddered but didnt pull his arm away. "Thankfully I was able to heal there."
"Crap." I said, half hypnotised by the patterns.
He put a hand on my chin, making me look at his face, "Will you be my girl Milly?" He asked, his voice that rich, deep tone. "Will you be with me?"
I paused. "I..." I felt his shoulders slump, as if in defeat, "I'm not sure." I pulled him into my arms "Let's try it for a week and see what happens."
He hugged me tightly "Thank you." he said, then kissed my forehead, "Thank you.

"There must be something in the water." Tamia said, looking at mee with a sly grin, "You go from hating him one moment to going out with him the next."
I looked down, blushing, "It's only a trial period," I said.
"I still dont understand; what made you change your mind?"
"A lot of things," I said, thinking of the long ranks of scars on Odd's arms. "He really just needs someone to be with."
”Is it you that needs someone or is it him?” Tamia asked.
“I think it is both of us.” I said after a while.
“Good, cause I know you don’t seem to be the type to take advantage of someone, but I just wanted to be sure.” Tamia said.
“Hey!” I shouted, hurt.
“I know,” Tamia said, “And I’m happy that you aren’t one of those girls who will go out with some mutt just for the title of going out.”
“Like Sissy,” I said, and we both burst out laughing.
“Yeah, exactly,” Tamia said, “I hope for your sake that things turn out fine.”
”I don’t hope,” I said “I know they will.”
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