Enter Digimon by GarageKid
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Author's Chapter Notes:

Ulrich, Jeremie, and Yumi are first.

Ulrich’s POV

Me and my Digimon DemiVeemon where headed off toward our new school. Kadic. Ya see, people with Digimon are called Tamers, and Tamers are sent off to DATS schools, which are schools filled with Digimon Tamers. My dad was a very successful tamer and ever since I had gotten my Digimon, he had been pushing me to be the same, only I wasn’t really the nerd type. I was more of the average German teen who had different problems other then grades. Dad never saw that I was just a normal teenaged boy who wanted to work on his fighting style. DemiVeemon never pushed me to be something I wasn’t. He was a true friend. Well, here I was trapped in a car being pushed toward another new school.

“Ulrich, I expect big things from you going into this school, you better not disappoint me.” My father told me. He never cared if I had friends, or even if I was happy. The truth was, I wasn’t happy. Why should I be, I never had one friend thanks to my dad other then DemiVeemon. I don’t care, as long as it’s me and DemiVeemon, I don’t need anyone else.

Jeremie’s POV

I typed a mile a minute on my laptop. Terriermon looked over my shoulder at the screen. I had been going to Kadic for a very long time. I was currently Typing an Email to my parents. Telling them about how the first month of school has been and all that. I can’t say I have any friends, well I know a few people that seem to be almost friends. But then again, I can’t say I hang out with people. Terriermon on the other hand is the only friend I can say I have. Of course he’s only my Digimon. Terriermon looked over my shoulder again to read what I wrote.

“Hey Jeremie, is writing to your parents really as painful as you say it is? They really are nice people.” Terriermon said as he looked up at me.

“I love them, but you know how my older brother and cousin are about how they’re doing compared to me.” I said as I typed a few more things before ending it with the usual ‘Love Jeremie’ at the bottom. Terriermon looked skeptical at it. I retyped. ‘Love Jeremie and Terriermon’ Terriermon nodded in acceptance. I looked around at the pile of finished homework and opened up my Digital world notes and set in my special Digital World Program.

“Wouldn’t it be amazing to find a way into the Digital World?” I asked. Terriermon looked at my notes, I had checked out, read, and took notes on almost every book on the Digital World ever written in the library. I also has brought every one in the stores. Just thinking about another world interested me. A world just like ours, but with more Digimon, civilization differences, culture, all of it was amazing. How cool it would be to walk along a new world.

Yumi’s POV

I walked along the dirt covered concrete floor. Dorimon was in my arms as I headed back to Kadic after a training session. I was more thrown out of my old home by my mom. She was cheating on my dad and seeking a divorce, my dad had no clue she was cheating on him, so after I had eavesdrop on her conversation with her hidden boyfriend, she had convinced my dad to let me go to Kadic with my cousin Sai and his Digimon Koromon. She had told my father that it would be a great opportunity to had quality time with Sai and Hiroki. I looked over at Dorimon.

“Yumi, I’m sure your parents can get through this.” He said, but even his voice was unsure. I looked at the lonely gates of Kadic. Why was this happening to me? I was the teenaged girl who kept to herself, who hang around a small group, who was dumped by the school hottie. William Dunbar. He and his Digimon Cyberdramon, their names make me sick now. And to top it all off I have to show the new student around as soon as I step into the school yard, is the second I have to look after the new boy, Ulrich Stern.

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