Soulbound by metrunui1
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Author's Chapter Notes:
FUN FUN FUN chapter for me to write! please R&R!

            “What is the meaning of this?” Sissy screeched, “Why are you going out with her?”

            This is just perfect. I thought, trying to tune out Sissy’s bitching. How blunt do I have to be to make her see that I have no interest in her? I’ve tried sayin “no”, I’ve tried avoiding her, I’ve tried ignoring her but nothing seems to get through her head! Plus, even if I had liked her, all of those cruel things that she’s done to me and Yumi and every other girl that even glanced at me would have made sure that I never went out with her!
            “Are you done?” Yumi growled at Sissy, fixing a smoldering glare on her. “In case you can’t get it through that thick skull of yours Ulrich doesn’t like you!”

            “He never saw me cause you were always fawning over him!” Sissy retorted.

            Yumi shook her head, “Let’s get one thing straight: He’s never liked you! If you would deflate your head a bit you might be able to see that!”

            Sissy stepped back, looking as if Yumi had slapped her. “No.” She stuttered, “YOU’RE LYING!” she then rushed forward, fists flying wildly. Yumi calmly grabbed Sissy’s wrist, and in a single, fluid motion, flung Sissy over her shoulder.

            Yumi looked around to see the whole cafeteria staring at her. “I’m done, you can have the rest Odd!” She said, shoving the tray at Odd, and then walking out the door. I glanced at the group, then followed after Yumi.


            I moved quickly, trying to put the situation behind me. Why was it that whenever I had a grasp on something good someone, or something had to ruin the mood? I sighed, what did I do to deserve this?
            Arms wrapped around my shoulders and gave me a friendly squeeze. “Ignore them. Thy have no idea what they are talking about.” Ulrich said, moving to my side and taking my hand.

            “I know,” I admitted, but it doesn’t make it any easier to deal with.”

            “Yeah, it’s tough,” he said, then game my hand a squeeze, “But that is why I’m here.”

            I smiled, then looked around. We were near the old cottage that Aelta had lived in before she was virtualized. I tugged Ulrich in that direction. “Come’on I know someplace people will leave us alone.

            Ulrich shrugged. “Lead the way.”
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