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Quick guidelines for making episode threads

Talk about the episodes of Evolution here! (Season 5)

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Quick guidelines for making episode threads

Postby TheAppleFreak » Tue Jan 08, 2013 2:23 pm

With Evolution now premiering in France, episode threads are beginning to pop up. For the new forumers who might stumble upon us in the future, I'd just like to ask the thread creators to put the following information in the OP:

Episode title
Air date
Link to the episode on the Lyoko Freak wiki*

It's really just for cataloging everything. That's it, and happy posting!


* Notes about the wiki:
Spoiler: show
As of this writing, the wiki is very new. There is less than the barest minimum of content on there; I'm counting on all of you to help me populate it with meaningful information that people can reference in the future. There are two things to make this job a little easier for you.

The first is a dedicated Lyoko Freak wiki tag. Typing in
Code: Select all
[lfwiki="article name goes here"]blah blah[/lfwiki]

will result in a link to the specified article. For example, typing in
Code: Select all
[lfwiki="Code Lyoko"]Code Lyoko[/lfwiki]

will show Code Lyoko.

The second are three ways to directly link to an article for an episode. You can link to it by typing in the exact name of the episode, by typing in "S#E#" (season #, episode #), or by typing CL_## or CLE_## (for the original series and Evolution, respectively). Linking to the article "XANA 2.0", "S5E1", or "CLE_1" will all lead you to the exact same place.

If you're editing the wiki and a page for an episode has not yet been created, create three pages. Create one page with the exact episode title, one in the S#E# format, and one in the CL_## format. The exact episode title will be the main page, and the other two will be redirects. To create a redirect, enter
Code: Select all
#REDIRECT [[exact episode title]]

and submit the page. From there on forward, it will automatically redirect to the exact episode title page.
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Someone actually trusted me to run this site
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