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Episode 18 - Obstination

Talk about the episodes of Evolution here! (Season 5)

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Episode 18 - Obstination

Postby TheAppleFreak » Sat Apr 27, 2013 2:17 pm

Yet another blank header

Like with a few episodes ago, I decided to liveblog my reactions to the episode. Read on below...

Obstination Liveblog

I don't want to be spoiled by the titles I don't want to be spoiled by the titles lalala--HOLY F*** IS THAT ANTHEA

Dream sequence, trippy. Reminds me a bit of when Jer was on that mind boosting headset in Season 2. The camera fades could have been a bit better, but whatever.

Laura, you b****...

Isn't Aelita's room/bathroom on a different floor than Jeremy's?

ODD IS STROKING A KIWI, HE MISSES KIWI (retroactive edit: I'm really now thinking that the Kiwi song from one of those Twitcams that Quentin and Melanie did was supposed to be canon. I wonder if Odd will now eat this Kiwi)

I maintain that Jim is still the best transitioned character in the show.


Oh wait he's not faking it f***

Jim is still my favorite character, no questions asked.

What annoys me about the virtualization sequence is how painfully obvious they're standing in the same scanner. The scanner itself doesn't change orientation, but the people change inside of it.

Wait a second, that's not the right elevator to the Skid garage...

I would really, really like a soundtrack for Evolution.

Okay, the debarking procedures for the Skid are really, really cool.

A Manta in the digital sea? It makes sense, per se, but they're not canon in here!

When did they get torpedoes?

The digital sea looks a lot more like a circuit board now.

The combat in this definitely looks a lot more fluid than the original CL's. The unstable reticules is a really, really nice touch.

Poor William. I admit, I laughed really hard at that.

Oh god I think I see where Laura's going with this. Again.

Poor Ulrich. I wonder if what would happen if he got virtualized with those braces. Would they be arm mounted swords? Maybe he'll become something like a Tarantula and get arm-mounted sword cannons.

Holy f***, the UST just got addressed. She just said her feelings for him.

Shadows of Pick on Yumi Week, I see.



Some a** is going to be kicked, I feel it.

Well that was anticlimactic.

Aelita really is bullish in Evolution. A bit moreso than in the original series, I think.

And credits! I wonder if Ulrich is still going to have his broken leg next time. I want to see his arm-mounted sword cannons.
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Re: Episode 18 - Obstination

Postby penguin30 » Sat Apr 27, 2013 2:26 pm

My timing is awful. Literally at the same moment another thread is made.

I don't think Ulrich's injury is all that bad. Twisted or sprained, at worst.

It may have taken them half this season to actually get to the good stuff, but at least we're here. Now to see what's next.

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Re: Episode 18 - Obstination

Postby AmericanLyokoTeam » Thu May 02, 2013 12:49 am

You know, I get that the gang is shocked by Anthea showing back up, but After Jeremie thinks about it for a couple of hours, you think he'd realize there are other ways to track a person you know is alive down, whereas there's only one way to kill the AI that has been heavily preparing to go full skynet on the world a second time. Just saying, they know what's at stake and it feels like there should be some priorities here. It's a very weird feeling that Aelita is the only one going into full self sacrifice mode and trying to finish the job. I can't tell if there's some inconsistency in the way she's being written, or if this episode is just her trying to make up for falling for fake-spectre-mom back in ep 11.

That said, neat hook, want to see where this goes.

Oh and now that the quicksubs are out, that scene with Odd coming back to the dorm to help Ulrich for the factory was pretty good. Maybe it's just because I was checking out some old season one episodes for the hell of it, but those two used to not even like each other. Now they're, like, total bros.
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Re: Episode 18 - Obstination

Postby Snickie » Fri May 10, 2013 7:42 pm

I basically saw this episode as complete Aelita angst. I mean, it was a good episode, but it seemed kind of pointless except they have their virus and they found Aelita's mom.

Here's my reaction the first time I watched the episode (before subs came out, even though I don't understand French lol)
So, I basically feel like this episode is one huge filler for Aelita angst with a random Ulrich injury and Odd detention.

Aelita must be all like, "I'm so useless and tired, and I want my mom, and the only person I feel comfortable going to for help is busy with her, the enemy." And so that affects her all the way into the Cortex like in Deja Vu and Ulrich in Swarming Attack. And then Yumi talks to her and she admits some feelings for Jeremie in front of all the others on earpiece. And finally she sees her mother in Tyron's lab, and calls out to her and she doesn't answer. Then Tyron realizes he's being watched, and disconnects them and sends ninjas while Aelita angsts again because her mother is with him, the enemy. Then Jeremie devirtualizes her and they have some kind of heartfelt conversation with promises and stuff in front of everyone else including Laura. And bam that's it.

Oh, and Ulrich has to randomly get injured and Jim give Odd a detention because he accidentally dropped Ulrich's foot or something

(I know now that it was because Odd insulted him.)
But yeah. Aelita angst.
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