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I challenge someone/anyone to write a Sissi/Jeremie fic that is rated K or K+! You may write in another non-canon couple if you so choose, as long as the spotlight is on S/J. And another catch: it must be written before Season 1, meaning no Lyoko or Xana.

Good luck, but I'm telling you, this is impossible. YOU CAN'T HANDLE IT!

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I've never even seen a YumixOdd fanfic, and really want to know what people can do to make their relationship come alive. So, here's the challenge rules:

1) Must be a YumixOdd fanfic (other ships can be added)

2) They must stay together the whole fanfic (they don't have to start together, just either get together and stay a couple, or end up a couple)

3) Must be rated T or under

4) Must include XANA or Lyoko, or both, (any season welcome)

Th other characters from the show and original characters may be added, I have no objection to OC's. Also, for all you YxU fans, this is nothing against them, (trust me! I'm a HUGE YxU fan!) it's just a challenge to see what people can do with Yumi and Odd's relationship! Also, any length is welcome, it can be a one-shot, or a regular chapter story.

So, start moving those fingers over the keyboard and type! Good luck to whoever tries, (i might try to create a fic about this myself!)

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Summary: A challenge (what is a challenge anyway?)
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crossover fic challenge, crossover between the universe of Doctor Who and Code Lyoko.

 can be either

Doctor Who: classic or new series with any doctor or/and companion.

partial Doctor who: UNIT or a doctor who monster or villian (e.g. let Xana and Wotan or BOSS, two meglamaina obsessed computers (classic series) go head to head for control over Lyoko) please note that was merely an example.

Torchwood: Captain jack heartness and the gang from cardif go to france to track some unusaly activity maybe?

the Sarah Jane Adventures: Maria jackson Sarah janes faviout partner in alien adventures has a french pen pal. (could happen, i had a french pen pal when i was at school)

(Sarah jane adventures has been broadcast in Britian but i have no idea if it is or will ever be broadcast in another country)

as long as it's from Doctor who, anything go's no pairing code lyoko characters to DW characters though (crushes and drooling over the hotties like Rose is alowed)

you can use or don't use lyoko pairings depending on if ou want to or not my fave is Yumi/Ulrich for the others it goes Aelita/Jeremie (not ot heavy though) if you have to give Odd a girl give him Sam (i liked her hair)

i included all characters but you don't have to use them all, i just don't mind which characters you include

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I want someone to write a story where jeremie's parent's die in a car crash and sissi goes to comfort jeremie in his time of need.    Multiple chapters would be preferred and this is a romance challenge not a just friends challenge. The rating can be anything.  And i don't care if there is sexual relations in the story.

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Make an OxU fanfic.


1. At least 800 words.

2. No crossovers.

3. Now new characters.

4. Any rating.

5. At least 3 chapters.

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Summary: Write a story including an made-up character in place of an original one.
Categories: Ships > Other Characters: Aelita Hopper, Jeremie Belpois, Odd Della Robbia, Ulrich Stern, Yumi Ishiyama