A New Friend by LatiasGirl
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Summary: A new girl, Brittney, joins Kadic, and Odd decides to introduce her to Lyoko.
Rated: T
Categories: Ships > Other, Ships, Seasons > Season 3 Characters: Aelita Hopper, Jeremie Belpois, Odd Della Robbia, Ulrich Stern, Yumi Ishiyama
Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama, General, Romance
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Published: Dec 31, 2006 Updated: Dec 31, 2006

1. Prolodge by LatiasGirl [Reviews - 0] (298 words)
Okay, I'm Brittney in this story, and if you cant tell, Odd likes her♥

2. Chapter 1 by LatiasGirl [Reviews - 1] half-star (238 words)

Nothing much, just a trip to Lyoko.