Heart of a Warrior III: Warrior's Redemption. by Sithking Zero
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Summary: The Lyoko Warriors, their adventures in the cyber world months behind them, have begun to relax. Without XANA, relationships bloom, and everything is peaceful. However, XANA and her newest allies have other plans for our heroes...
Rated: K+
Categories: Seasons, Seasons > Season 3 Characters: Aelita Hopper, Jeremie Belpois
Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama
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Challenges: Crossovers! Love them, Hate them, WRITE THEM!!!
Challenges: Crossovers! Love them, Hate them, WRITE THEM!!!
Series: Heart of a Warrior: The Trilogy
Chapters: 20 Completed: No
Word count: 38062 Read: 60393
Published: Feb 06, 2007 Updated: Feb 23, 2009

1. Heart of a Warrior: An overview by Sithking Zero [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarhalf-star (2047 words)

This is Part three of my Heart of a Warrior Series. This chapter is merely the setup, an overview of the events that shaped the world of HOAW.

2. Dark Designs by Sithking Zero [Reviews - 1] starstarstar (1019 words)

XANA and her father have a little heart-to-heart. What plans do they have for our heroes?

3. A perfect day, A perfect comback by Sithking Zero [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (1259 words)

Aaaah, JXA fluff. The two lovebirds are on a romantic date, and everything is going right in the world.

But would it REALLY be one of my stories if there wasn't something going spectacularly wrong?

4. Friends and Fiends by Sithking Zero [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (1768 words)

XANA and Aelita face off in the Forest Sector, but no help seems to be forthcoming from the Lyoko Warriors. How can Aelita possibly last?

5. Something Wicked This Way Comes by Sithking Zero [Reviews - 0] (1924 words)

When Aelita recounts her battle, first one shocking bit of data is revealed, then another. The first one could lead to Aelita's death. The other? A familiar friend is back...

6. Digital Interlude I by Sithking Zero [Reviews - 0] (1849 words)

Aaah... the cyberworld. A digital utopia where nothing goes wrong, correct? WRONG!!!

Protoman fights a Replicon, and the Ruler of the Undernet grants him a gift.


Not my best work, but two awesome characters make their debut. And Chaud comes in as well.

7. Of Heroes and of Darkness by Sithking Zero [Reviews - 0] (1230 words)

Bass reveals the state of the enemy.

8. Shadow of a Shadow of a Doubt Part I by Sithking Zero [Reviews - 0] (1765 words)
XANA and her father have a little talk about the progress of their plans. And it appears that a secret weapon is about to be enacted...

9. Shadow of a Shadow of a Doubt Part II by Sithking Zero [Reviews - 0] (2069 words)

Cool, huh? Odd and Bass get stuck, while Aelita and the others deactivate two towers and save the day.

But does everyone get out unscathed?

10. Character Bios by Sithking Zero [Reviews - 0] (3343 words)

Just the Bios of the main characters.

11. Rest, Relaxation, and Rage by Sithking Zero [Reviews - 0] (1941 words)

This is the REAL chapter ten. But It's actually chapter eleven.

Anyway, Odd's having nightmares after being attacked by the Scyphizoa, the shadowy figure comes back, and new plans are abound for our enemies...

12. Happy Second Birthday, Heart of a Warrior! by Sithking Zero [Reviews - 0] (720 words)
Heart of a Warrior's Second Birthday Party!

13. Darkness finds a Home by Sithking Zero [Reviews - 0] (1599 words)

Odd begins to feel the effects of darkchip implantation, XANA and her father watch from the shadows, and an old friend is about to make a comeback...

14. Betrayal Part I by Sithking Zero [Reviews - 0] (1390 words)
XANA tries a new twist on an old tactic...

15. Betrayal Part II by Sithking Zero [Reviews - 0] (2110 words)

(Sings) "White is black, and black is white. Right is wrong, and Wrong is right... but nothing ever fills this hole inside your heart..."

16. Betrayal Part III by Sithking Zero [Reviews - 0] (1879 words)
The third part of the Betrayal saga. Bass and Forte square off, and a new threat to Aelita emerges...

17. Victory, Defeat, and Revelations by Sithking Zero [Reviews - 0] (2914 words)
Aelita gains new powers, Odd and XANA are beaten back, and XANA's mysterious father is revealed...

18. Something Old, Something New by Sithking Zero [Reviews - 0] (957 words)

Yumi tells a little about Wily, and the Net Officials send their top operative to investigate Kadic Accademy...

19. Blaze of Glory by Sithking Zero [Reviews - 0] (3764 words)
In which Protoman appears, and there is much squealing of fangirls.

20. The Good, The Bad, and the Navi by Sithking Zero [Reviews - 0] (2515 words)

Sithking Zero: HOAW belongs to me, but the characters involved are not.


            Well, We’re closing in on the final two arcs of the main story. There have been  arcs before, and in order: Bass comes to Lyoko, Bass is healed by Aelita, the Rediscovery (where Bass and Aelita find their origins) arc, the Carthage Battles, Bass under attack arc, the Ressurrection arc (where XANA and Wily begin pulling their resources together, takes place at the same time as) The Deception arc (where Forte, not Bass, was helping the Lyoko Warriors), the short Revelations arc (where Bass reappeared, Forte showed his true colors, and Odd turned dark). We’re in the Redemption arc, where so far Chaud and Protoman have shown their faces, and after that is the Showdown arc, the Finale arc, and the epilogue.


            What happens in there, you ask? I’ll give you a hint: the identity of the mole in the Kadic staff will be revealed, and go re-read the part of the story about XANA’s torture by Wily. There’s a clue there… and if you want to know how the torture works, go and read “Hikari Enzann” by Atreyu452. It’s one of the best stories that I’ve ever read. It’s all about Chaud, actually, and his adventures in a virtual-reality world. (if you can’t understand it, go to Rockman-exe. Com (minus the spaces.)) The “Punishment,” works the same as XANA’s torture.


            Enough Spoilers! Let’s go!