Be the Girl by GarageKid
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It has been a whole year since the gang split up. Jeremie was going to his new dorm. This year he was going to have a roommate. Jeremie never made a new friend since the gang broke up. As Jeremie entered the room he realized his roommate was a year older then him.

"Hi. I guess your my new roomie." The boy said. He had short black hair and was wearing a red shirt with blue jeans. "I'm Jeffery."

"I'm Jeremie." Jeremie put his things on the bed and begain to unpack.

"Your a year younger then I am." Jeffery said.

"Yeah." Jeremie payed almost no attention. After the gang spit up he was almost happy to be a loner.

"Well I have to meet up with some friend, don't mind the mess." Jeffery left the room. Jeremie wished he was never his roomate. Even on the first day, Jeremie needed to be 100% alone. He thought he would never make friends again. Then he would never have to say good-bye. Jeremie took out his new labtop and begain to surf the web. He needed to keep his mind off things.


Odd and Ulrich got to their dorm. They were the only two that stayed together. Mostly because they shaired a dorm.

"So Ulrich, how was your summer?" Odd asked. Odd's hair was a little longer since the gang split up.

"OK. I guess." Ulrich said. He was wearing a blue shirt with blue army paints.

"Ever since we beat XANA and the gang spliting up, was that on your mind this summer?" Odd asked.

"Yeah." Ulrich said as he begain to unpack.


"Now, Aelita we can return to our normal lives." France Hopper had said.

"What about the rest of the gang?" Aelita asked.

"Return to your normal lives before XANA ever attacked." France had said.

"You mean......Split up." Jeremie asked.

"Yes." France had said. Jeremie agreed and the gang followed the last request.

End Flashback

"Well it's a new year. A new biggining!" Odd said to his friend.

"Yeah and no more XANA bringing us down." Ulrich continued to unpack.


Yumi steped out of her parents car. Her hair was no longer cropped but long and her bangs covered one of her eyes. She was wearing black jeans, and a white shirt with a black jacket over it. She still was wearing combat boots though.

"Yumi, please tie your hair back." Mrs Ishiyama said handing Yumi a hair tie. "You know it bothers me that your hair is always in your face."

"OK." Yumi pulled her hair back into a pony tail. "Better?"

"I guess I wont get you to push your bangs off to the side will I?" Mrs Ishiyama asked.

"No." Yumi said as she got her bag.

"YUMI!" A voice from behind them said. Yumi, unlike Jeremie, made two new friens since the gang broke up. Tori, who had long black hair and wore a red shirt with a jacket over it and black sweat pants. And Miley, who had waved, long, black hair and wore a short sleave shirt with a jersey over it, and army jeans.

"Hey Tor, Miley." Yumi ran over to them.

"Kadic high." Miley bagain "They have the best teachers around."

"BORING! They also have a beach right across the street and air condioning in the dorms." Tori said.

"Anyway, if we don't hurry, we'll be late to get to our dorms." Yumi reminded them.

"That's what hundred yard dashes are for." Miley said. "Ready.....GO" The three girls to off for the dorms.


At lunch Odd or Ulrich never reconized Yumi when she and her friend walked in. Jeremie saw them. He never thought he would ever see them again as he rushed over.

"Ulrich...Odd" Jeremie called. The two boys looked over and saw Jeremie.

"JEREMIE!" Odd and Ulrich yelled suprised to see him.

"It's like the gang's back together. Exept for the girls." Odd said.

"Don't remind me." Ulrich told him

"You miss Yumi, don't you?" Jeremie asked.

"Big time." Ulrich said. as the boys sat down for lunch.

Meanwile the girls were leaving the cafatiria to unpack.

"Me and Yumi and together." Miley said. "Who are you with Tor?"

"A girl named Emily." Tori said.

"So Tor, did you right that song for homecoming?" Yumi asked.

"Yeah." Tori handed Yumi the lyrics.

"Be the Girl?" Yumi asked.

"Yeah." Tori sonded pround as Yumi read through the lyrices.

"Great Tor, Now we just need to practice." Yumi said.

As Yumi and Miley unpacked they started talking about years at Kadic Jr. High.

"I use to be a loner at Kadic Jr. high." Yumi said.

"Me too, until I met Tor." Miley said the two girls talked for a long while.

"I'm going for a walk." Yumi said as she left the room.

"Don't forget your key." Miley said as Yumi came back for her key.


In the forest Yumi walked near the passage to the swears. On her way back she bumped into a girl with long pink hair.

"Sorry." The girl said.

"No harm done." Yumi said. The girl gave her a strange look.

"You look fumilar." She said. Yumi gave her the same look.

"Aelita?" Yumi asked.

"YUMI!" Aelita hugged her. "I missed you."

"Ditto." Yumi said.

"You grow your hair longer. That's why I didn't reconize you." Aelita said as she pulled away.

"Jeremie will be happy to see you." Yumi said.

"When would be the best time to suprise him?" Aelita asked. Yumi thought for a moment.

"Homecoming." Yumi said with a smile.


"Come on, Ulrich homecoming will take your mind off Yumi." Odd said

"OK I'll come." Ulrich said.

"Great letts go." Odd was headed for the gym. As the dance started the dio met up with Jeremie.

"Three, good-looking guys with no dates. How sad." Odd said.

"And Now for our first performace the newest pop group in the book, With their first song 'Be the Girl' The Tomboy Trio." Jim announced as the band begain to play. Tori on guitar, Miley on drums. Yumi and Tori begain to sing.

"You look at me

Courious what I'm made of

Suger or Steam

And What kind of man I love

What I believe

What I know and what I crave

All my petpevs

Where I shed and where I shain

Do you know?

Coz I'm not here to be around

and be that girl that you forget about

Coz all I want is just to be a song

that you can feel

more then just right now

So come on baby

Let me Be the Girl

That you can count on to rock you world

Then you'll see there's so much more then curves

Then You'll see that you and me belong

Do you know My vibes

And how to get under my skin

Just what I like

And where I want you to begain

Do You Know?

Where I'm sensitive the most

That each night I pray

And Do you think I fit that mode

Do you know?

Coz I'm not here to be around

Be that girl that you forget about

Coz all I want is just to be a song that you can feel

more then just now

Come on BabyLet me Be the Girl

That you can count on to Rock your world

then You'll see there's something more then curves

Then You'll see that you and me belong

You and me Belong

You and me Belong


Coz I'm not here to be around and be that girl that your forget about

Coz all I want is just to be a songthat you can feel

longer then just right now

So come on Baby

let me be the girl

That you can count onto ROCK YOUR WORLD

and then You'll see there's so much more then curves

Then You'll see than you and me belong

Coz you and me belong

You and me belong

You and me belong

As the song ended the school begins to cheer. The three girl bow and head back stage.

"That was amazing!" Aelita said.

"Thanks Aelita."All three said at once.

Meanwile Odd, Ulrich and Jeremie where making there way back stage.

"There are many people that go back stage Jeremie. And you did get a note from a girl that told you to meet her here right?" Odd said.

"Yeah" Jeremie said. As they get back stage their are only a few people. Fewer were girls.

"Look aren't they the girl that just whent on?" Odd asked.

"Yeah and?" Ulrich asked.

"Lets go over." Odd said as he pulled his friends over.

"Hey Aelita Jeremie's coming." Yumi whispered in Aelita's ear.

"Hello ladies. I'm your prince charming here to say it's your lucky day." Odd flirted.

"I'll pretend I never heard that and gag later." Yumi said.

"You and your temper." Tori said. "I'm Tori. But everyone calls me Tor."

"I'm Odd." Odd said.

"I'm Jeremie." Jeremie said. Yumi and Aelita begin giggleing. The guys don't reconize them.

"What's so funny?" Ulrich asked.

"Nothing..." Aelita said. "I just thought Jeremie would reconize me." Jeremie gave her a strange look.

"Should I tell him?" Yumi asked.

"No." Aelita said.

"Unn....I don't know you." Jeremie said.

"Boy, are going to feel like a moron." Yumi said.

"Just tell him." Miley said. "I'm Miley by the way."

"But we all call you Miley cat." Tori said.

"Uhhhhh...." Jeremie just gave up. "I give who are you?"

"I'll give you a clue, It begins with Aelita and ends with Aelita." Yumi said.

"Aelita!" Jeremie said. "You look so different."

"Is different good?" Aelita asked.

"Very." Jeremie said. Yumi begins to fix her pony tail that was messed up in the performance. When she finished Aelita gave an evil smile at Ulrich.

"And you also know her." Aelita said pointing to Yumi.

"Do you HAVE to play name games Aelita?" Yumi said.

"TORI!" A voice said.

"What in the world did you do?" Miley asked.

"Well....I kinda wanted to start a science project on whather or not the punch would kill that plants and well it did." Tori said.

"Wait I made that. You are SO dead!" Miley begins to case Tori around the back of the stage and to th dance floor.

"Aren't you going to stop them?" Aelita asked.

"If I tried, I'd be dead." Yumi said.

"Come on Jeremie. I did promesed you a dance." Aelita said.

"I'm going to get Tori's number, Miley's two!" Odd said.

"Cheat on MY friends, and You'll never see the age of 16!" Yumi warned. Ulrich was thinking for a minute who this was. Yumi wanted to tell him.

"If you don't know....." Yumi begain. Ulrich pushed her bangs out of her face.

"Yumi?" He asked.

"Yeah?" Yumi said as if he was calling her. Ulrich tackles her with a hug and she falls over.

"You changed alot." Ulrich said.

"Just on the outside." Yumi said as she gets up. Ulrich leans over and kisses her. when he pulls away, they both are blushing.

"I missed you." Ulrich said as he took her hand. "Next time, your not going anywhere."

"I wont want to." Yumi tells him.

The End

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