Heartland by GarageKid
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Author's Chapter Notes:

Yumi had checked on Flicka after she woke up the next morning. Flicka's knees where wrapped up from the night before.

"Hey, Girl, You OK?" Yumi asked the horse. Flicks walked over a nawed on Yumi's black vest. "Hey, if your hungry, don't eat my vest. That's not horse food." Yumi teased and walked over to get some hay from the arch on top of the stable.

"Need help?" Ulrich asked as a pile of hay fell down on his head, he heard Yumi laughing on top of the arch. Ulrich climbed up and got in a wrestleing match with Yumi.

"Ulrich!" Yumi yelled playfully as she was pinned down in the hay. Ulrich whipped the sweat of his forehead.

"Next time, can you hit Odd with hay and not me?" Ulrich asked. He hear hoof steps and was hit in the back hard by something causing his lips to crash into Yumi's. Both broke apart and looked at each other.

"Uh....Sorry." Ulrich said blushing. Yumi looked over to see Crash had tackled Ulrich into her.

"Little pest." Yumi murmered.

"I hope your not talking about me." Ulrich said offended.

"No, not you him." Yumi said pointing to Crash.

"Oh." Ulrich said as Yumi looked up at him and kissed him again, more gentley and passonatly then the first one. Ulrich pulled away blushing. Flicka nighed in the backround.

"Someones hungry." Yumi said as Ulrich let her up. The two walked out and fed Flicka.

Chapter End Notes:
Sorry Short chapter.
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