Heartland by GarageKid
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It was the day. The biggest day of the year for the Heartland ranch. The Jr. Sport Horse Cup. Many people where there. The cup was fpr everyone 18 and younger. Yumi tacked Flicka up in a black leather competition saddle, a perfectly fitting girth, black leather reins, and a perfectl fitting bit. She trimmed Flicka's main and tail and had washed her the day before to make her look show shape. Mainly because the Dressage was the first event, and it was all about the way the horse looked. And had fed Flicka with her mom's secret show fed mixed with her normal food.

"OK, everyone take their seats for the dressage!" The announcer said as the huge amount of horse lovers and tamers sat down in the large bleachers. Yumi waited for her name to be called to start the Dessage, it was her strongest.

"Yumi Ishiyama!" The announcer called. Yumi troted to the center of the ring and saluted. Then troted around the ring and did a half circle. Into a canter around the ring and to a twenty metter circle. Then into a gallop to a ten meter circle then around the ring to a ren metter half circle. Then into a trot around the ring.

"Exelent control in the gallop." Judge A said as the next couple of moves where preformed. Yumi troted diagnal across the ring and then to a twenty meter circle. The into a half circle to a walk. Walk half circle into a canter. Cantering around the ring, into a twenty meter circle, then to a half circle.

"Coming in for the final salute." The announcer said. Yumi troted to the center of the ring again and saluted as the crowd applaud the performance. Winning Yumi a 29/30 for the first event. Flicka was able to cool of and rest until the other horses and riders went.

"Checking our leader board." The announcer said as the names came up on the leader board.

1st: Yumi Ishiyama

2ed: Sam Richman

3rd: Miley Greene

Miley was doing good. Yumi never minded if Miley won, after all they were good friends. Now Sam was another story (No not the Sam Odd has a crush on.) With three more events ahead, things where already heating up.

"Nice work." Miley said as she and her horse Morning Star walked up.

"You where good too. The next event is cross country right?" Yumi asked.

"Yup." Miley said.


The next event was up. Miley was the first to go. As she jumped the larged jumps, Yumi's attendion went to Sam, who was holding a mirror up to the sun. At first Yumi didn't know what she was doing, until Sam arranged the mirror, scaring Morning Star and Star threw Miley off and she landed on the jump.

"Miley!" Yumi saw John Ken running down over to Miley, who was out cold. An ambulence toom Miley to the hospital. And Yumi was next.

"Yumi Ishiyama." The announcer called. Yumi cantered through the first jump and the second, switching to the gallop to go over the longer jumps. Sam did the same thing she did with Miley, only Flicka wasn't afraid of the light, she just refused the next jump when the light tried to make her throw Yumi off.

"That's going to cost them points!" The announcer said. Yumi cleared the other jumps perfectly, leaving her with a 20/30 for that event. minus points for the refusal.

"Anouther heated up round! Lets look at the score board." The annoncer said.

1st Sam Richman

2ed: Yumi Ishiyama

3rd: Kira Stoodak

Yumi missed her good friends name on the board. Miley could have won, she could have beated Sam in a matter of seconds. Flicka felt the same way. Morning Star was also a bit injered. He skinned his knee as he thew Miley off. He was such a beautiful stallion, Miley could have won on him.


The third event was show jumping, which was Yumi's mom's favorite event. So Yumi was very datermond to get a good score.

"Yumi Ishiyama!" The announcer called. When Yumi and Flicka walked out, Yumi saw Miley in the stands, she broke her arm. Yumi started at a trot to go over the begining of the jumps as cleanly as she could.

"Such a big powerful mare." A jugde comented. Yumi went into a canter for the last of the jumps leaving her with a perfect 30/30.

"Lets look at the leader board." The announcer said.

1st: TIE! Yumi Ishiyama and Sam Richman

It was all going to came down to the final event. Free Style. This was the more fun of the events, no rules. Which made it the most fun of the events.


Yumi took off Flicka's reins and switched it with a hulter and put a free stlye saddle on her. Yumi had the upper advantage, she could use her gymnastics on the saddle and Flicka had the freedom of a wild mustang.

"Yumi Ishiyama! Which, let me remind you all is in a tie with Sam Richman." The announcer said as Flicka came galloping into the ring. Yumi started with an easy handstand on the saddle and then an easy back flip off it. Flicks galloped in a perfuct circle and came close enough to Yumi for her to jump on her at a gallop. Leading Flicka through a large spring of Jumps. Then, Yumi stopped Flicka, took off the saddle, and got on bareback.

"What an amazing performance!" The announcer said through the mic. Yumi did another backflip landing in the center of the saddle while Flicka stayed at a full gallop. Then she back handspring off Flicka's saddle while Flicka jumpped through a hoop and ran back to Yumi who used a backflip to remound the mustange.

"What a wild performance!" The announcer said. The crowd went wild. The other went and the whole crowd waited to see who won.

"Now, lets look at the score board." The announcer said.

1st: Yumi Ishiyama

2ed: Sam Richman

3rd: Kari Hoodack.


As the group returned to Heartland. Yumi put Flicka's name on her stall, in gold. And the metal in the trophy case. Heartland had over houndreds of calls, people wanted to learn and board their horses here.

"That was cool!" Odd said.

"I know, Everyone wants to be here now. People have been bording here."" Jeremie said.

"And Flicka's got a boyfriend!" Hiroki said as he watched Flicka and Morning Star out in the paddock. Miley and her dad had to close their ranch, but they come over to Heartland, and helped make the ranch much, much bigger.

"Looks like we'll see colts." Miley said.

"Mabe." Yumi said as the group watched the two horses. Morning Star's brown fur and white star mark on his forehead, was know as a the most hansome stallion in the country.

"Next year, Star's going to win it!" Miley said with confudence.

"Star's going to be an amazing show horse." Yumi told her.

"I gotta go." Odd said walking to the door.

"On a date with Sissi." Ulrich said. The other laughed alittle at the new couple.

Chapter End Notes:

The End of Heartland.

End notes:

Miley and John Ken are both 20 years old.

What Yumi did in the free style event was really something that people really do on their horses.

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