Heartland by GarageKid
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"Yumi, Hiroki are you ready to go to the funeral?" Mr. Ishiyama called up the stairs.

"Yeah, dad, be there in e few minutes!" Yumi called down. After ten minutes, Yumi and Hiroki came down the stair case.

"I called your school, the principal gave you guys a few days off. Two week to be exact." Mr. Ishiyama said.

"TWO weeks?" Yumi asked.

"Yes, because we are also prepareing to move. Well I am." Her dad said.

"MOVE?" Yumi and Hiroki said at once.

"You two wil still go to Kadic, we just wont be in the city." Mr. Ishiyama said.

"Were are we moving to?" Hiroki asked.

"Heartland. We are moving to the ranch to get away from the city. And the drunk drivers in it!" Mr. Ishiyama said. His fist was clanched when he said it.

"What's Heartland?" Hiroki asked.

"A beautiful ranch out west of the city. It was for sale, so I took interest to see to buying it. We will be in there in a week. Your mom was with me when we first looked at the place, so loved it so much, if we had the money, she would have bought that place the day we came!" Mr. Ishiyama took a breath before continueing. "You two will love it there! The whide open land! Oh and your older brother is coming back home to help out at the ranch."

"Jonh Ken?" Hiroki asked. "Really?"

"You were too younge to remember him before he joined the army." Mr. Ishiyama said.

"J.K. at a ranch? Now that wont be much of a change for him." Yumi said.

"We better hurry. or well be late for the funeral." Mr. Ishiyama said as he grabbed his car keys.


"Why isn't Yumi here?" Ulrich asked.

"I think she might be sick." Aelita said. "Why else would she not be here?"

"Who knows?" Odd said.

"I hear from Sissi what happened." Emily said. "Her mom died in a car accedent."

"Oh! That has to stink." Ulrich said.

"Today was the funeral, so that's where Yumi is." Emily said.

"I feel really bad for her." Aelita said.

"Yeah, she's probaly in shock." Jeremie said.

"ULRICH!" A girl's voice said from behind them.

"Hey Ulrich, it's your fan club." Odd said as Sissi walks up to the gang.

"Very funny Odd. So Ulrich, Yumi finally stand you up." Sissi said.

"You know very well Yumi's mom died. I know exactly were she is." Ulrich said.

"Then why aren't you there?" Sissi said. As she walks away Ulrich notices that Emily has a suprised look on her face.

"Did Sissi just try to get you and Yumi together?" Emily said.

"What! NO!" Odd said.

"Well, she had a point saying that you should be at the funeral with Yumi. And if you want to go, the funeral is held at the Vine Graveyard." Emily said.

"Did Sissi tell you that to?" Ulrich asked.

"No. I talked to Yumi on the phone this morning." Emily said.

"So, Romeo, are you going to met Juliet or not." Odd said. Ulrich nods and heads to Yumi's house.


After the funeral John Ken went home with Yumi, Hiroki and their dad. When they got home they were packing to leave for Heartland.

"John Ken, It's great to see you move back. Yumi and Hiroki are going to need you around for a while." Mr. Ishiyama said.

"Well, that's why I'm here." John Ken said.

"J.K. can you help Hiroki here. He needs some help, and I'm not willing to awnser his weird questions." Yumi called.

"OK Yumi, I'm comeing!" John Ken called as he ran up the stairs. Mr. Ishiyama heard a knock on the door.

"It's not locked!" He called.

"Hi Mr. Ishiyama." Ulrich said.

"Hi Ulrich. Yumi's upstairs with Hiroki and J.K." Mr. Ishiyama said.

"J.K.?" Ulrich asked.

"Their older brother." Mr. Ishiyama said.

Ulrich walk upstairs to Yumi's room. no one was there and everything was packed up.

"Yumi!" Ulrich called.

"In Hiroki's room." Yumi called back. Ulrich walked into the room to see Yumi wearing black jeans, black riding boots, a white three quarter sleave shirt and a black vest over it. Hiroki was wearing brown jeans, brown riding boots, a white long sleave shirt and a brown vest over it. There was a tall black haired bay wearing

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