Heartland by GarageKid
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Ulrich had helped them pack while Yumi explained the move making sure he knew that she would still be going to Kadic. Ulrich had asked questions about her mom's death, wich Yumi gave up awnsering after a while. John Ken talked to Ulrich and they soon became friend. No surprise, Ulrich was a great friend of the Ishiyama family. John Ken was a contry boy, his acsent has a contry song to it, he always had a piece of straw in his mouth, and he talked about his days on the ranch before they moved out to the city. Yumi used to ride before she was thrown off and put into the hospital. Her mom had said that they would go back to the contry.

"Yumi, wake up." John Ken said as they reached the ranch house. Yumi had fallen asleep with her i-pod on.

"How long has it been?" Yumi asked.

"An hour." John Ken said.

"So how far are the stables from here?" Yumi asked.

"If you look up, you can see them behind the house. I cann't wait to fill it with horses!" John Ken said excitedly.

"We'll worry about that later. I don't think Yumi is willing to get back on the sadle after what happened last time." Their dad said.

"I fall off on time! Sorry dad but I'm as excited as J.K. over here." Yumi said.

"I'm not!" Mr. Ishiyama said slightly angry.

"Look, I'll be fine." Yumi said stubbornly.

"Your as stubborn as your mother!" Mr. Ishiyama said. Yumi got quite when he mentioned her mom. She missed her.

"Dad I'll be with her. Come on." John Ken said.

"You'll both help unpack! Riding will wait!" Her dad's voice was really angry now. Jonh Ken and Yumi obayed. Everything was unpacked, and put away. After that it as too late to go to the stable.

"Hey, Yumi!" John Ken called Yumi was on the porch. As she turned around her brother had a box in his hand. "I need to fit you for a riding helmet. Dad'll flip it I don't do it." Yumi smiled and followed him into the house.


"Is this the place, Ulrich?" Odd asked.

"Yeah, that's Heartland." Ulrich said as the bus stopped. Him and the gang walked out.

"It's beautiful." Aelita said.

"I'll say. I thought it was on of those, you know, places that looked" Jeremie begain.

"Like it went through World War II." Odd said.

"Yeah." Jeremie said. Jonh Ken was heading out to the stables.

"HEY JOHN KEN!" Ulrich called. He runs over to John Ken with the gang following.

"Hey Ulrich." John Ken said.

"Where's Yumi?" Ulrich asked.

"In the stable tackin' Yankee up." Jonh Ken said.

"Who?" Odd asked.

"Come and see." John Ken said. The gang follows up the path to the stable. Yumi had a brown horse with a white star on it's forehead. The horse had an English sadle and Yumi was getting the horse's reins on.

"That's Yankee." John Ken said as he walked over to the horse. "Ready to ride?"

"I'm waiting on you." Yumi said.

"Hve you riden before Yumi?" Aelita asked.

"Before my parents moved to the city, we lived on a ranch. We moved to the city because...." Yumi paused John ken finishes the sentence.

"Yumi was thrown off one of our horses, Rio, and was sent to the hospital." John Ken said.

"ouch!" Odd said.

"That's why I have second thoughts." A voice said they all turn to see Mr. Ishiyama walking to the stable. Hiroki was with him.

"Dad, I'll be fine." Yumi protested.

"Yeah, dad, I'll be with her for the billionth time." John Ken said.

"OK, but if she falls" He begain.

"Look, dad, I don't know when she will fall because I ride western. Yumi rides English. If she loses her balance Yankee will go to a walk or stop remember?" John Ken said.

"I've fallen before, no prob." Yumi said.

"Other then the one time you went to the hospital." Ulrich said.

"Yeah." Yumi said.

"OK, go have fun. I'll be teaching Hiroki how to ride." Mr. Ishiyama said.

"Can we come?" Odd asked.

"Sure I'll hook Red up to a cart." John Ken came back with a redish brown horse.


When they started for the trail, Yumi was the first to hop and start riding.

"Slow down Yumi, dad's gonna have my head if you run off!" John Ken yelled. He put Red into a trot as he followed Yumi.

"Come on!" Yumi yelled back.

"Yumi look out." Jonh Ken said. Yumi saw a log on the trail. She easily jumped it and waited for the others to get to the other side.

"That was amazing Yumi." Aelita said.

"It's too low! A higher jump would be more of a challange!" Yumi said patting Yankee on the neck.

"Your first ride since the accedent." John Ken said.

"Come on Yankee!" Yumi said as she cantered him on the trail.

"YUMI! Get back here!" John Ken said cantering Red with the cart.

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