Heartland by GarageKid
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John Ken and Yumi headed back to the stables after giving Lance, a brown horse with a black mane and tail, and Thunder, a golden yellow horse with a golden yellow mane and tail. As Yumi dismounts and brushed down Lance, John Ken was done and was tacking up Whirlwind, a white horse with a white mane and tail.

"I'm going to exercise Whirlwind." John Ken said as he ties his laso to his belt.

"I still need to feed everyone." Yumi said as she put Lance back in the stall and headed to the feed room.

"Need help?" A voice from behind her said. Yumi turned to see a girl with long black hair and was wearing white jeans, white riding boots, a black three quarter sleave shirt, and a white vest.

"Who are you?" Yumi asked her.

"Name's Tori but everyone calls me Tor." Tori said as she walked up. "Your dad hired me and my grandfather to work at Heartland."

"So now you work here?" Yumi said as little suprised.

"Yeah, your day said that you would give me the tour of the ranch." Tori said.

"Well, I can show you all the horses. It's feeling time." Yumi said getting the clipboard with the horses names and what they eat. 

"How many horses are there?" Tori asked.

"Only five for now." Yumi said as she filled the food buckets. The buckets had the horses names on there so the food wouldn't mix. As Yumi showed Tori around, Tori would asked questions about the horses. Yumi could awnser every one.

"So, I met your dad. Does you mom help out here." Tori asked. Yumi was quiet for a long minute.

"My mom's dead." Yumi said. The words came out uneasily for Yumi.

"I'm sorry. But we don't have to talk about moms. I don't have one either. I lived with my grandfather my whole life. I know how it feels to lose someone though, my grandmother died a year ago." Tori said.

"So, Yumi, your dad said you where new at horseback riding." Tori said when they finished feeding the horses. Yumi laughed at that comment.

"I've ridden for years. My dad's worried becouse I fell of one of our old horses and was sent to the hospital before we moved to the city. Them my mom died in a car accedent, because a drunk driver ran into her car, and we moved back to the contry." Yumi said.

"So your OK with your old rival." Tori said Yumi shot her a very angry look.

"That horse snob, Sam, is still rideing?" Yumi said.

"Yeah, but in a year, there's the Sport Horse Cup where you'll kick her butt. She'll flip when she sees you." Tori said to her.

"A new friend and an old rival. This is going to be a great place to live." Yumi smiled at her new friend.

Chapter End Notes:
Sorry this chapter's short. The next one will be much longer.
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