Heartland by GarageKid
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It has been a week since Flicka became part of the Heartland Ranch. Ulrich and Odd have got jobs at the ranch. John Ken has turned Red into a great race horse. Aelita helps out as with the new colts and fillies. Jeremie doesn't do much, but he helped Aelita on few accations. Yumi has gotten Flicka used to a hulter, english saddle, and reins. Hiroki lerned how to ride Western. Mr. Ishiyama keeps himself buisy so he wont think about Mrs. Ishiyama's death, Yumi falling of a horse, or Hiroki falling off a horse. There where two new colts, one new filly, and two new horses, one mare one stallion. Making a total of seven horses and three foals. (colts and Fillies are Foals.) Tori and Yumi have became as close as sisters. Tori's Grandfather was the top stablemen of Heartland.

"Oatie wont eat." John Ken said.

"Really?" Tori asked.

"Oatie is the shyest horse in this universe." John Ken said.

"Is there anyway you can get him to eat?" Ulrich asked.

"The poor guy has to be hungery." Odd said. "Hey, were are Jeremie and Aelita?"

"With the three foals, Crash, Thunder, and Storm." John Ken said.

"Crash?" Ulrich repeated. "Why Crash?"

"Yumi named him Crash because he loves to tackle everyone. When he came to the ranch the first thing he did was tackle Yumi." John Ken said. "Crash's a golden colored horse with a golded brown mane and tail."

"Hey guys." Yumi said as she walked in.

"How's Flicka?" Ulrich asked.

"I rode her through some of the easier jumps." Yumi said. "She's a great jumper for a mustang."

"I was just telling them about Crash. Oatie still wont eat. And Saphire really is geting to be a moodie horse." John Ken said.

"Oatie still wont eat? He'll die if he doesn't." Yumi said.

"Oh, I did some research on Oatie's past by looking at the files at the horse acctions. Oatie can't make any kind of noise. He must be really scared of humans." Tori said.

"So he's a shy one?" John Ken said.

"Yup." Tori said.

"I'll take Oatie around. Mabe if he was used to humans, he would trust us." Yumi said.

"OK, go get him." John Ken said. Ulrich handed her a leading rope. After a few minutes Yumi came back with a white horse with black spots and a black mane. Oatie didn't move at first, but Yumi got him to the cross ties and hooked him up.

"Hey boy." Yumi said as she rubbed the horse's neck. Ulrich wlked up to the horse. Oatie looked at him with his ears up. Oatie lowered him neck to let Ulrich pet him.

"Wow, He likes you." Odd said.

"Well It's like Yumi and Flicka. Their both stubborn, free willed, and they can both are determond to win. Oatie, like you Ulrich, is quiet, layed back, and you both like soccer." John Ken explained.

"Soccer?" Ulrich asked.

"Oatie loves kicking balls around. Yumi, Take Oatie outside and show Ulrich what I mean." John Ken said. Yumi lead Oatie outside with Ulrich behind her. As soon as they were in one of the riding rings, Yumi rolls a ball over to Oatie. Oatie starts to kick at the ball and chase after it.

"He likes you Ulrich." Yumi said as Oatie troted over to Ulrich with the ball in his mouth, ears purcked up, and snout sniffing Ulrich.

"Looks like he wants to play." Ulrich said as he kicked the ball around the ring with Oatie.

"Hey, mabe if you feed him, he'll eat." Yumi said. Ulrich followed her to the feed room and grabbed Oatie's food bucket, and brought it to his stable where Oatie was waiting. John Ken had cooled him off while Yumi and Ulrich got his food together. As soon as Ulrich put the food in the bucket Oatie rushed over and begain eating.

"Looks like you have a new friend." Yumi said as they leave the stables.

"Yeah." Ulrich smiled to himself.

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