Heartland by GarageKid
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Odd and Ulrich got to the ranch extra early to get ready for the cattle dive. Yumi and John Ken were just as excited. As they packed up the saddles, reins, blankets, brushes, horse shampo, extra clothes, water, food, the whole nine yards. The sweet summer air made it a beautiful day for riding.

"Hey guys!" Yumi called as she pul Flicka in the horse trailer.

"Hey Yumi." Ulrich said. Hiroki was walking Crash into the van.

"Hiroki, what are you doing?" Mr. Ishiyama asked.

"Crash wants to come." Hiroki said as Crash lied down on the seat.

"Crash needs to stay." Mr. Ishiyama said.

"Let him go dad. Hiroki just wants someone to play with." John Ken said.

"OK he can come." Mr. Ishiyama said.

"100 cows is a lot for us to handle." Tori said as she sat down.

"Your grandfather's coming and some of my dad's friends will help." Yumi said.

"So who's everyone riding?" Ulrich asked.

"I'm riding Flicka, Tori's riding Whirlwind, Odd's riding Thunder, John Ken's riding Red, your riding Oatie, dad's riding Banjo, and Tori's grandfather's riding Lance." Yumi said. Her dad looked up.

"Come on we're going to be late." Mr. Ishiyama called.

As on the way their John Ken had his head out the window.

"I thought that only worked with dogs." Yumi whispered to Ulrich how started laughing.

As they stopped at the barn. Their were a few other people waiting for them.

"Howdy!" On of them called.

"Rusty, how are you?" Mr. Ishiyama said as he got out of the car.

"Good, very good." Rusty said as the rest of them got out of the car. Hiroki had Crash by a lead.

"You remember my two sons, John Ken and Hiroki, and my daughter, Yumi." Mr. Ishiyama said.

"Of course! Miley wont let me forget." Rusty said as John Ken started to blush. A girl with long waved brown hair wearing a white three quarter sleave shirt with a red vest over it and red jeans wlked out of the house. Ran over an hugged John Ken. Yumi and Hiroki were giggling.

"Hi Miley." John Ken said as she pulled off.

"So who are the others?" Rusty asked.

"This is Ulrich Stern, his friend Odd Della-Robbia. Our next stableman Mr. Tomus and his granddaughter Tori." Mr. Ishiyama said.

"You all can call me Rusty. And this is my daughter Miley." Rusty said.

"We heard 'bout you're mom." Miley said.

"We're really sorry." Rusty said. Crash tackled Miley.

"Crash, no!" Hiroki said as he pulled on the lead.

"Well we should tack up and ride out." Miley said as Flicka started kicking in the trailer.

"Yumi, get Flicka out. She'll scare the other horses." Mr. Ishiyama said. Yumi grabbed a lead and Flicka's Hulter and took her out.

"She's one fine mustang." Rusty said.

"Yumi tamed her." Mr. Ishiyama said.

"Like mother, like daughter." Rusty said.

As they all tacked up and talked. The cattle's men dropped off him cattle in the pasture. Hiroki tacked up Ace, a brown pony, and was going to let Crash stay in the cart that Mr. Ishiyama and Rusty took turns leading.

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