Heartland by GarageKid
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Author's Chapter Notes:
Yumi falls off Flicka and her dad get furious with the poor mustang. Rusty opens her dad's eyes.

As the cattle were taken to the other side, Mr. Ishiyama and Rusty swap stories, John Ken and Miley talked alot, Tori and Yumi had to be the only two how were paying attantion to the heard, Ulrich and Odd were following Yumi and Tori.

"Mr. Ishiyama, Rusty, your turns to watch the cattle." Tori called as her and Yumi troted the horses to the front of the heard. The two men troted backwards. Miley and John Ken were on one side, and Odd and Ulrich were on the other side. 

"Watch it, girls, the woods are up ahead." Rusty called. Tori and Yumi slowed down to a walk and slowly started to walk through the woods. Flicka started to act up and try to back up.

"Come on Flicka." Yumi said trying to get the horse to go forward. Flicka snorted and ignored Yumi's commands. Yumi kept kicking the horse to go forward. Flicka dashed out in a canter. Going behind and around the heard, charging back in the woods, stopping short at the same spot that she was before.

"You OK Yumi?" Tori asked as Flicka snorted and tossed her head.

"Yeah, I always have a heart attack after a ride." Yumi said clenching Flicka's mane. Tori stopped Whirlwind and checked the heard. Yumi calmed down and let go of Flicka's mane and gripped the reins.

"Try to get Flicka through again." Tori said.

"You girls OK?" Mr. Ishiyama's voice asked.

"Yeah!" Yumi called back. She tried again to get Flicka into a walk. This time Flicka cantered around the hread and throw Yumi off by rearing up in. Yumi landed hard on her back. Flicka ran across the field out of sight.

"YUMI." Mr. Ishiyama yelled as he jumped of Bongo and ran over.

"I'm fine dad." Yumi said as Tori helped her up.

"That didn't look like it hurt much." Odd said.

"That dang horse's getting the boot." Mr. Ishiyama said as he looked around. "That mustang took the cattle."

"She might of took them back to our last campsite." Rusty said.

"She's a stupid mustang's not going to take them anywhere near the site." Mr. Ishiyama said as he troted bongo back to the site. Yumi jumped in the cart Rusty was driving with Hiroki and Crash. As soon as they got to the site Mr. Ishiyama was looking for Flicka, shot gun in hand.

"What do you think you're doing!" Rusty yelled.

"As soon as the mustang comes back, I'll shooting her." Mr. Ishiyama said. Rusty looked back to see Yumi jump out of the cart toward them. Everyone else kept their distance. John Ken got off Red and walked over.

"You can't kill her." John Ken protested.

"Boy, when you run this ranch, you make the dicisions." Mr. Ishiyama said.

"I don't want any part of your ranch! I want to go to collange. That's why I spent all the years at the army for!" John Ken said.

"Sorry you feel that way." Mr. Ishiyama said as he heared hoofs. They all look over to see Flicka with the heard.

"No Flicka, RUN!" Yumi called as the horse turned and ran the oppisit direction.

"Why'd you do that?" Mr. Ishiyama yelled angrly.

"Cause I'm not letting you shoot her." Yumi murmered. Mounting Red and following the heard.

"Don't scratch the paint!" John Ken yelled as Yumi put Red in a canter.

"What were you thinking?" Rusty asked as the other dismount and lead the horses over.

"I'm going to let Yumi fall." Mr. Ishiyama said.

"You can't stop a person from falling." Rusty said.

"Yumi loves to ride. Even is she falls, she's willing to get back up on the saddle and try again. Your just overprotective. Just stop" John Ken said before he was cut off.

"Stop what? Stop being her father?" Mr. Ishiyama said.

"When?" Rusty asked.

"When what?" Mr. Ishiyama asked.

"When are you going to look at your daughter and realize she's you." Rusty said.

"She lives in a fantisy." Mr. Ishiyama said.

"So do you." Rusty said. "Your wife's looks and her dad's stubborn personality."

"Ulrich, Odd, Tori, go look for Yumi and tell her I won't shoot Flicka. And I mean it." Mr. Ishiyama said as he put the shot gun down.

"Hurry. The rain's going to roll in." Rusty warned as is started to rain.

Ulrich, Odd, and Tori split up and searched the woods. The cattle had returned to the campsite, but Yumi and Flicka were gone. The rain poured down from the sky. Ulrich and Oatie were looking for hours.

"Come on Oatie." Ulrich said puting him in a trot. Ulrich had put on a few more layers of clothes from his bag to keep warm. Somthing caught Ulrich's eye as they passed the river in the way. He took a closer look. It was Yumi laying on Flicka. Ulrich got of Oatie and lead him over. Yumi was shivering from the cold. Flicka must have fallen because there was blood on the horse's knees.

"Yumi." Ulrich said as he kneeled down next to her. Ulrich put his jacket around her as Oatie layed his head on Flicka.

"Ul-rich?" Yumi shivered Ulrich smiled and wrapped his arms around her.

"We need to get out of the rain." Ulrich said picking Yumi up bridal style and walked over to Oatie thinking of how to get everyone back to camp. Ulrich got on Oatie and left on of his hands to support Yumi. Flicka limped along side them.

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