The Kadic's Secret by Kiwi_R0x
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Woo! I’ve been writing this story down on paper for like. Ages…And I finally got to type it! Score for me!

Anyway, there’s a mysterious new rumor going around at the Kadic. A new student? What? Two?! They haven’t gotten one for a while. It was both a boy and girl. Most likely brother and sister, and that was true. The brother’s name was Will, and the sister’s name was Kristi. Kristi was a year younger than her brother, making her 13, and Will 14, and you can imagine their grade. 7th and 8th. Kristi, being like her mother, a blonde with medium in length hair, wasn’t like most girls. She always wore jeans, she always wore a tee-shirt, and that’s including to dances, proms, whatever. She hated dresses, and skirts, the colors of Orange, Red, Yellow, Pink, and EW…White. Her favorite colors where dark blue (Navy) green, darkish purple, and the #1, black. She never gave up easily, she was outgoing, never shy, she was smart, she was pretty…Yes, and she was. She was…a Rackwell, and that’s exactly how a Rackwell girl was.

Her brother…Will was like the father, brunette, also always wore jeans and a tee-shirt, and it wasn’t rare to see them wearing the others clothes, and it wouldn’t be embarrassing or anything as such because they always DID wear the same type of clothes. He used to have glasses, hiding his beautiful blue eyes, but he finally got his parents to buy him contacts. His colors were different though, He loved Brown, green, blue, and purple. But wouldn’t care to dress in black, he didn’t really care. He also never gave up, but was shy at time, like now, yeah. Now, was a good time to be shy, he was also very smart, and very handsome, of course. That’s just how the Rackwell family went.

Their father, Mr.Rackwell, was a somewhat wealthy father. He owned a computer business that at first was a total failure, but as time went on, and when he got the business he improved it so much it was #2 in France for technology supplies.

So…why are his two kids going to the Kadic now? They used to be in a nice private school. They were polite kids…in front of adult figures anyway, and they got along most of the time. They were used to going to school at 8 and coming back at 3, and we’re very happy about living at their school. Would that give the teachers an excuse to give them more homework? You couldn’t use the excuse “My dog ate it” or “I left it at home” anymore. Their mother Mrs.Rackwell was against this whole Kadic business, but lost the battle against her husband and off they were to the Kadic.

They had nothing but supplies needed for school in their backpacks, laptops, and they were the only other’s friend, but something seemed…too strange about this school. They were going to find out. That’s what they did, The Rackwell siblings always found things out, always, and this school had a secret, and they were going to figure it out.

The Kadic’s secret better be ready... The Rackwell’s are on its case…Did I mention that they never give up?


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