Chemicals React by GarageKid
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Ulrich's P.O.V

I'm Ulrich Stern. I lost my mother three years ago due to heart cancer. Now a days, I'm called Silent Stern because I never talk to anyone, other then to my crazy roommate Odd, and Jeremie, I never talk.

"Ulrich!" A girls voice called. I knew that voice very well. Sissi, the only girl with hundred of guys after her, and she bothers me the most.

"Get lost Sissi." I yell back. But she keeps coming. She slowed to a stop in front of the bench me and Odd were sitting on.

"If I get lost, you would have to find me Ulrich dear." Sissi said. I hate it when she does that.

"No I wouldn't." I tell her. She scowls at me. I didn't care.

"Leave Sissi, no one wants to deal with you right now." Odd said. I laughed as Sissi pushed him down into the grass.

"I don't care what you say." Sissi said as Odd got to his feet.

"I just wanted to say that I was sorry about what happened to your mom." Sissi tells me. I never liked it when  she brought her up. I was ready to kill her and make sure she never spoke about my mom.

"NEVER talk about my mom!" I yell. She backed away and frowned at me.

"You need to talk about her Ulrich." She said.

"No I don't!" I yell louder. She turns and walks away. I hate her. I walked to me dorm, Odd didn't follow. I guess he knows I need to be alone. As soon as I get to my room I quickly open up the box with the Japanese style pendent that my mom used to own. My grandfather owned a dojo and he tought kendo. The pendent was given to my mom by one of her friends at the dojo, who was Japanese. I knew what the symbols ment, my mom would never let me forget.

A True Worrior is judged not by the size of his blade, but the size of his heart. I read to myself. I loved that phrase. My mom loved it too. As I read the phrase again, Odd walked in.

"You OK buddy?" Odd asked me.

"Yeah." I say. Odd smiles as Kiwi walks over to him begging to be pet. I guess I just needed time to clear my head. I loved my mom.

"Come on! Lets eat." Odd said pulling me out of the dorms to the cafitirea. As soon as we got there we were stopped by Theo.

"Hey Silent Stern. Did you talk yet?" He asked sarcasticly. I wanted to punch him. He and a group of other students laughed.

"He's just a mama's boy!" Another voice said. I knew that one, William Dunbar. I really wanted to leave.

"Leave him alone." Odd said.

"Make us shorty." William challanged as he punched Odd's shoulder.

"Your just angry he's a soccer star and your just a soon to be drop out!" Odd said.

"Oh yeah?" William said as he punched Odd in the stomach. I quickly punched William off of Odd.

"Look! You two never belonged at Kadic!" Theo bellowed.

"Why don't you just run back home to your mothers?" William said. I lost it. I tackled him and he flew and landed on a table.

"We need to get out of here." Odd told me. I nod. We made a break for it, William and his gang after us.

"Get back here!" I here William bellow.

"I'll hold them off." Odd said. "They cann't follow me throught the woods." I nod and run in a deferent direction. It didn't look like any one followed me. I slowed to a walk and hurry to the dorms were I could hide out until things settled down. With I knew would only be a few hours. Jeremie saw me head to my dorm.

"Ulrich, what's going on?" Jeremie asked.

"William and his gang are looking for me and Odd. I was going to wait in my room for a while." I said as I unlocked the door.

"Where's Odd?" He asked me.

"Lossing William and his gang in the woods." I tell him as he follows me into my dorm.

"What did they do?" Jeremie asked.

"Silent Stern, mom jokes, and threaten to kick my but." I said. Jeremie nods.

"Silent Stern cann't be that bad." Jeremie said.

"No it's not. But mom jokes?" I asked.

"I know those hurt." Jeremie said as Odd walked in the door.

"Mission acomplished!" Odd said as he sat down on his bed.

"I'm going for a walk." I said.

"Be careful." Jeremie said.

"Don't worry their still in the woods." Odd said as I walked out.

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