Chemicals React by GarageKid
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Normal P.O.V

Ulrich waited outside Yumi's classroom door. When she came out, Ulrich greeted her like they've know each other for years. They walked around the school into the gym.

"Hey Yumi, I thought you murdered Sissi, you were gone long enough." Aelita said.

"To many people were watching." Yumi said as the two girls laughed.

"I see you two already know each other." Jeremie said.

"Ulrich!" Sissi's voice said.

"Beat it." Ulrich said.

"He said yes!" Sissi sqealed.

"How said yes? The preson you asked if you were a total snob?" Yumi asked sarcasticly. The others laughed.

"No! My father said that the students were aloud to sing during the dance." Sissi put on an evil smile. "And your performing."

"WHAT?!" Yumi asked in a yell.

"You heard me." Sissi said as she walked away.

"Why are you so angry? Your a great singer." Aelita said.

"Yeah, that's in front of you or my little brother. Not in front of the whole school." Yumi pointed out.

"What's the worst that can happen?" Aelita asked.

"I could switch into Japanese." Yumi said.

"You have stage fright?" Odd asked.

"Yeah." Yumi said.

"Just close your eyes during the performance." Jeremie said.

"Yeah Yumi." Aelita said. "And you could rub it in Sissi's face."

"OK." Yumi said.

"Why don't you practice just with us Yu" Before Aelita could finish, Yumi was gone.

"She really cann't sing infront of people can she?" Odd asked.

"I think it has somthing to do with" Aelita trailed off.

"What?" Jeremie asked.

"The only time Yumi sings, is in the graveyard next to her dad's grave." Aelita said.

"Mabe we should look for her." Ulrich said. The gang walked over into the woods when they heard the sound of a country guitar. Aelita motioned them to follow her into a bush near where Yumi was singing.

"I miss you

I miss your smile

And I still shead a tear

Every once in a while

and even though we're different now

your still here some how

my heart wont let you go

And I need you to know

I miss you

Sha la la la la

I miss you"

Aelita started to clap making the others clap as well. Yumi jumped at the sound at first.

"See you can sing very well, you just need to close your eyes on stage." Ulrich said.

"And rub Sissi's face in it!" Odd said.

Yumi stared home eary, she had to babysit Hiroki, her little brother.

"YUMI!" She heard someone call her name. She turned to see Ulrich.

"Hey Ulrich." She said as she waited for him to catch up.

"Hey Yumi, um I was wondering if, um, you wanted to, um, go to the dance with me?" Ulrich asked nervously.

"I'd like that." Yumi said. Ulrich smiled.

"Great! I'll see you tomarrow at six then." Ulrich said. Tomarrow was sunday and they had no school. Everyone was using the time to get ready for the dance.

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