Family Reunion by GarageKid
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Story Notes:
I Do Not Own Code LYOKO. I used the name "Toboe" from Wolf's Rain, only I used it as a girl's name K? Sorry about the other Code LYOKO/ Wolf's Rain crossovers.
Author's Chapter Notes:
Really short Charater Intro for Toboe and Kiba.

Kiba- 20 years old

Kiba is Yumi's older brother, the football star, military hero, and track star. With an ego to match, he is very hard headed, stubborn, and can be a real bully. He has black hair spiked forward (Not like Odd's) with bangs spiked up. Wearing a short sleeve white shirt with a black vest over it and black jeans with black sneakers. His name in Japanese means "Fang" which suits his harsh personality toward Yumi and Toboe.

Toboe- 14 years old

Toboe is Yumi's old friend from Japan. She is very shy and timid. She is very sensitive, and can be called a "Cry Baby" although she can have somewhat a dangerous temper if her "Pack" is attacked of threatened. She has short shoulder length brown hair. Wearing a red country style shirt, green jeans, and black boots. Her name in Japanese means "Howling." She is an all round good person, and a true friend.

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