Family Reunion by GarageKid
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The gang meet up in the school yard. Everthing seemed like a normal afternoon, Kiba and the others acting like jerks, Hige keeping them from driving everyone crazy, Odd failing to prove his feet don't stink, Jeremie on his computer, same old.

"XANA has bee way to quiet, I mean, a month with no attacks?! Come on, he's not that layed back about his attacks." Jeremie said. Odd looked over his shoulder.

"Mabe he's scared of us now." Odd said with his goofy trade mark smile.

"Or he may have a new threat he's throwing our way, here comes Yumi and Toboe." Jeremie said as the two walked up.

"Mabe we should have Toboe join the group, we have known her for about a month now." Odd whispered in suggestion to Jeremie.

"OK, I guess we can trust her." Jeremie agreed. Ulrich nodded his head.

"And the battle against XANA continues." Odd said.

Chapter End Notes:
Sappy ending I know, I will write a sequal if you review me and want me to, but I have the worst case of writers block on this story and have not been able to update it for months. So I will end it here and hope to start a sequal if you want. The ending is short I know, but with other stories, season 4 airing, and back to school, I have no time to finish this so I am truely sorry. I also have my new story "Code Element" I am working on, along with another story. So many things, sometimes you gotta end a story short.
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