Family Reunion by GarageKid
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Yumi and Kiba walked home after school, Kiba talked about football the whole time, which got really annoying at times.

"Jim's jaw just kept getting lower and lower as I kept kicking fifty-five yard field goals! HAHA! I made quarterback and team captain. I can't believe everyone at Kadic are wolves, even the teachers! Talk about an easy way to live!" Kiba said as Yumi unlocked the door to the house.

"Mom?" Yumi called.

"Kitchen." Their mom said as the two walked in and took a seat. Their mom walked over and sat across from them.

"You wanted to tell us somthing?" Yumi asked.

"Yes, something very importain. You two remember Toboe right?" Their mom asked.

"How could we forget?" Yumi asked. "We were very good friends."

"That weakling? I don't know why you two were friends. She's really weak and she was raised as a house pet! That wolf is more like a puppy dog." Kiba said. "Why were you two friends anyway?"

"We were both the same. We both were outcasts." Yumi said.

"Well, there is some bad news." Their mom began. "When she walked home one day, her house was burned down, and her family was killed by wolves. She ran out toward town where the police found her, So, your father offered me and him to be her guardians instead of forcing her to be put with a Foster family."

"Why?" Kiba asked.

"Kiba, she a wolf, she needs to be around other wolves. Besides, your father is bringing her home with him when he comes back from his buisness trip to Japan." Their mom said. "I'm afraid war will break out soon, attacks like this have been happening all over the world."

"Jim has been makeing the students take extra combat classes. The school must think the same. Poor Toboe, she must be really upset." Yumi said. Their mom nodded.

"So, will it be alright for you two, to let Toboe stay here?" Their mom asked.

"Fine with me." Yumi said.

"Ok, as long as she's fighting her own battles. That I wont be doing." Kiba said.

"You've never fought her battles." Yumi pointed out.

"I know, I know. I'm just saying." Kiba said.

"Glad to see you two are OK with it." Their mom said.


Yumi and Kiba set the spare bed in Yumi's room, since Kiba was living in the guest room, Toboe and Yumi would have to share a room. Yumi had no problem with that. Her and Toboe had been as close as sisters. Hiroki remembered Toboe as well, Yumi and her stayed in contact by letters.

"Ok, the beds ready, and dad should be home in a few minutes." Kiba said. "I'm going to unpack."

"Ok, have fun." Yumi said sarcasticlly as Kiba walked out into his room. Yumi was very sure that the rest of the gang would exept Toboe, but if they didn't, she would talk them into giving her a chance.


"Yumi, dad's back!" Hiroki yelled from the bottom of the stairs. Yumi hurried down, her dad was in the living room with Kiba telling him about football. Toboe was sitting on the couch with Mrs. Ishiyama acting like she was paying attendion to Kiba. Hiroki was showing off the fact that he learned how to control his wolf form.

"Yumi!" Toboe said as she hugged her old friend.

"Ok, we all know Toboe will be staying with us, I have a few things to say." Kiba said as Yumi and Toboe took a seat on the couch.

"What is it?" Yumi asked.

"Just a few rules. One, Yumi and Toboe shouldn't bother me on Kadic grounds. Two, I don't want anyone to know that I know the weakest wolf in the school. Three, I'll be the one to say weather or not those two are following my rules." Kiba began.

"Four, you leave Toboe alone. Five, no showing off." Yumi continued.

"I agree Kiba, Toboe wouldn't porpusly get in your way." Mr. Ishiyama said. "Any who, It's almost eight, everyone under 30 has to get ready for bed."

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