Family Reunion by GarageKid
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Toboe and Yumi met up with the rest of the group.

"Hey guys." Yumi said casually.

"Hey who's your friend?" Odd asked.

"Toboe." Yumi said as she gestured for Toboe to step forward.

"Hey." Toboe said shyly.

"Hey we have combat practice in five minutes, we should get to the gym." Odd said.


Jim was instructing a few of the students. Reminding them the rules of sparing. "No biteing or claws. Only use tackles and paws." He continued to talk about how the match ups work. The board shuffled the names until two names came up.

Yumi Ishiyama VS William Dunbar

"William? I thought XANA got a hold of him a while ago." Yumi whispered to her friends.

"Careful Yumi, this guy's bad news." Toboe said as Yumi walked over to the gym floor.

"Ready......FIGHT." Jim called as William got into wolf form, which had messy blueish black fur, and charged at Yumi faster then she could get into Wolf Form. His paw striking her hard in the waist cousing her to fall.

"Darn." Yumi whispered as she got into wolf form herself, which has short German Shepard like black fur, and run at him. William moving slightly to the left and gripping her neck with his teeth. Causing the wolf formed Yumi to yip.

"He's hurting her." Aelita said as Yumi struggled to get free.

"William! Let go!" Jim yelled panicing himself. William refused to loosen his grip, starting to use his paw to put pressure on her stomach making it harder for her to breath. Toboe paniced the most.

Toboe's Flash Back

The fire's flames reached the highest peak on the house. Toboe standing in shock.

"MOM! DAD!" Toboe yelled in fright. Her parents were dead, and were now as good as wolf food. A Black wolf with long sharp teeth dug into his kill, two humans.

"MOM! DAD!" Toboe yelled agian in a worthless attenpt to stop it. The black wolf turned and laughed at the poor girl unable to save her own family.

End Toboe's Flash Back

Toboe's fear was getting the best of her. Her anger rose and she unkowningly ran onto the gym floor. She changed into Wolf form, which was a brown wolf with a darker colored spot on her back with short German Shepard like fur, and bit William in the face forceing him to let go of Yumi.

"Toboe!" Yumi yelled as her friend attacked William until he backed far away and changed to human form with blood going down his face. Yumi was also back in human form with a hand on her bleeding neck.

"Yumi, are you OK?" Ulrich asked as he and the others walked over. Toboe changed into human form and walked over.

"Yeah." Yumi said wincing at the pain in her neck. "What got into you Toboe? You've never acted like that."

"I don't know." Toboe said. "I just snapped."

"Well, I'm glad you did." Yumi said. "Or I would have been as good as wolf food."

"Well, we better watch out for William, he's been acting very strange." Jeremie said.

"Ok, but first we go to the nurse so she can look at that bite." Odd said. "He had a good grip."

"You have no idea." Yumi said, not moving her hand from her neck.

"Well, It could have been worse." Ulrich said as the group walked to the nurse.

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