Family Reunion by GarageKid
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The group met up in the school yard after classes. Kiba walked up with his new "Pack" and looked over at Toboe.

"Well look here. A dog hiding behind a wolf." Kiba smerked thinking of Toboe being a weakling dog hiding behind Yumi.

"Knock it off." Yumi said defending her friend.

"Knock what off? You know it's tru how Toboe acts like a dog." Kiba said making the others in his group laugh.

"Yeah, and your a no good pampered pooch who loves the spot light." Yumi said as Kiba tried to head back to the football field.

"Watch it! I can kill you in no less then two minutes." Kiba said turning back to her. Yumi shot him an angry look.

"You think your so strong, I'll tell you what you are, a dog who needs to be the top of the breeds. You never fight unless they say something about your lame football skills, or bad judgement." Yumi shot back leaving Kiba very angry.

"Look, I'm not scared to" Kiba stared.

"To what? Kill me? You have better luck seeing through that ego of yours." Yumi stated. Kiba got into his wolf form, which is a white artic wolf, and charged at Yumi who also changed into wolf form.

"HEY!" Jim yelled stopping the soon to be fight. They both turned back to humans and Kiba walked away.

"Mabe Kiba's right." Toboe said.

"Don't listen to him, he's a jerk." Yumi said.

"He's just jelous you made him look bad by saveing Yumi." Odd said.

"Yeah, he's probaly very guily about not saving his own sister." Ulrich added.

"So, I'm not a pitiful dog?" Toboe asked.

"Of course not. He and I have more dog in our blood then you do." Yumi said.

"Thanks." Toboe said.

"No prob." Yumi said as the bell rang for their next classes.


Yumi and Toboe had a report to do so they headed to the library. Their topic was on legends. Toboe saw a book that caught his eye and turned through the pages.


The legend only few wolf hear about. A great place in which there is no pain or suffering. A long journey only a wolf can make through smelling the sent of the Luner Flower. Long days past, but many who have searched for the land, have never been seen again. Most likley killed or have mabe found a paradise. The old tail may not be such a tail, though there has been no sent of a Luner Flower in over 100 years, a legend has to exist. The wolves that live there remain ever stray and free of other humans. The last journey was made by a young man named Kiba Inozuka. A great White wolf who's pack was killed in the need to find the unknown place. Great numbers of people and wolves where killed in search of this place and many think that they have died in the prosses. But no matter what, the legend of Paradise lives on in many wolves.

In the cold breeze
That I walk along
The memories of a generation burn within me
It's been forever
Since I cried the pain, the sorrow
I live and die
With the pride of my people gaining
I'm standing on the edge
Staring up at where the new moon should be
No regrets cause I've got nothing to lose
Now I'm gonna live my life as I choose
Untill I fall

Toboe looked around to find Yumi, who had gone of somewhere, but smelled something, Luner Flower.

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