Family Reunion by GarageKid
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Yumi was asleep all day, and Kiba never bothered to look in her room. Their parents were gone for the week, and Hiroki went with them, the trip was for Hiroki's wolf form or some other buisness like that. The next day, Yumi changed into clean clothes and walked down the stairs. Kiba, saw her and rushed her in a hug.

"YUMI! I thought you where dead or worse!" Kiba yelled.

"First of all, What's worse then being dead. Second, I was here for the night, I fell asleep." Yumi said Kiba was too buisy yelling something Yumi couldn't understand. A thought came to her head. "Where's Toboe?"

"She's fine, she's in the school nurse's building." Kiba said. Yumi broke out of the hug and ran to the school. The gang, was very shocked to see her, she didn't stop for them and ran to the building.

Toboe was a bout to leave, but after seeing Yumi, she rushed out and hugged her friend.

"YUMI!" The gang's voices said all trapping her in a group hug.

"I missed you all too." Yumi said as she got out of the hug. Everyone watched as Kiba, Hige and Kiba ran up.

"Glad to see everyone's back." Hige said. No body understood why Hige was part of Kiba's group, he was a good guy, and never picked on the younger people. Hige was a idol to most of the younger students, and was never snobby or stuck up, he just competes the group, he could be the leader, if he was older and more bold.

"We need to get back up there! The luner flower sent is strong. And William and one other wolf are threatening the area. Talk about a A+ rank mission." Toboe said.

"Toboe's got a point." Yumi said. Hige agreed.

"We should go back, the mission's still incomplete." Hige said.

"Who cares?" Tsume asked.

"Look, Kiba, I'm sure you don't want to be labeled a bad guy if your sister gets killed and you had the chance to help her and you didn't. Tsume, you wouldn't want people thinking you are a no good trader to wolf kind if you let young wolves go on a A+ mission." Hige said. The two older boys gave in

Nice work Hige. Toboe thought. The goup decided to head out later, most likely after class.

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