Innocent by Star Way
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Author's Chapter Notes:
Just something old I decided to put up here, for input from more people than just the ones I showed it to in private. Hope you like it, at least a little.

Title: Innocent
Author: Star Way
Genre: Drama
Category: Code Lyoko
Rating: PG
Warnings: Uhh… death… I guess? :D?
Spoilers: None
Pairings: Ulrich/Sissi, and a hint of rather unrequited Ulrich/Yumi
Summary: Xana claims his first victim. One-shot.
Notes: I hope this is good. :P Oh, and it's up to you to decide whether or not Sissi is really dead. I left that open on purpose.
Disclaimer: CL isn't mine, blah blah. But if you take this fic without permission I will personally consume your soul. *rage*

Please comment if you read.


Ulrich's stomach tightened as he looked down at the contorted figure sprawled across the floor. Her fingers were knotted, like the smaller branches of a tree, and her eyes were wide open, surprise eternally burned into them.

His hand trembled as he gingerly felt around her still-warm neck for a pulse. It was just as he feared…

Sissi was dead.

His hand rushed to his mouth, as an uncontrollable feeling of alarm, and horror, and… and guilt rushed over him. Sissi was gone. Sissi.

This was not just the first casualty on their side in the fight against Xana… this… this was a human life… This was Sissi. He had spoken to her before… listened to her fears, her hopes, her dreams… He had even held her once.

And at that moment, he couldn't remember anything bad she had ever done. She was an angel in his mind, an innocent whose life was stolen from her… Stolen by the coldest, most corrupt evil he had ever witnessed.

He reached out and brushed aside a lock of her soft, brunette hair.

"I'm so sorry," he whispered. "It's all my fault. I could have… saved you. God, I… I'm… so sorry…"

A tear slipped down his cheek as he gently slid a hand down her face, closing her eyes.

For a moment he sat with her body, allowing himself to grieve over her.

I've got to tell Jeremie, he suddenly realized. He wiped the tears from his cheek and cleared his voice, making sure he had himself together before speaking to his friend.

He pulled out his cell phone and dialed Jeremie's number. It rang twice, and then the anxious voice of his friend answered.

"What is it, Ulrich?"


"Odd, watch it! You've only got 20 life points left!" Jeremie yelled, cutting him off. "Sorry about that, Ulrich. What's going on?"

Ulrich was about to answer, but was once again stopped short. But not by Jeremie this time.

It was Sissi… she had begun to breathe, taking in short, desperate gasps.

"Ulrich?" Jeremie asked. "Ulrich, are you there? Ulrich… you're worrying me… I'm going to send Yumi to look for you…"

Ulrich dropped his cell phone. "Sissi?"

Sissi's eyes opened slightly, and her tense form relaxed a bit. She moved her lips as if trying to say something, and Ulrich leaned in closer to try and listen.

"Please…" she breathed into his ear. "Listen to me…"

"I'm listening," he assured her, turning his head to look into her glistening eyes.

"Don't… push me away… anymore," she said, her voice tortured by the tears threatening to spill down her face. "I love you…"

Ulrich was speechless.

"Do you… think I'm… a freak, now…?" she wanted to know, terrified of the answer.

A silence hung between them as Ulrich searched for something to say to her… anything…

Sissi closed her eyes and turned her head away from him as far as it would allow. "I knew… this would happen… I'm such a nuisance…"

But before he knew what he was doing… he kissed her.

She gasped as soon as he withdrew his lips, and opened her eyes to study him, as if she didn't believe what had just happened.

All of a sudden, something behind Ulrich caught her attention, and she turned her eyes to it. Ulrich jerked his head around to see what it was, certain one of Xana's monsters would be waiting there to hurt them.

It was Yumi.

Her face twisted into a look of distress just before she broke into a run, leaving the two behind.

Ulrich looked back down at Sissi, who had closed her eyes once more in a pained expression.

"It's me… that should be sorry."

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