Mystery Pain by GarageKid
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Story Notes:
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Chapter One- A Friend


Odd walked over to the normal breakfast table and sat down rather happy. Aelita looked up and stared at him.

“What’s up?” Aelita asked, Odd smirked and waved a black notebook in his hand with a flower design in one corner. Aelita’s eyes widened as the others did, the last time they saw the design it was on Yumi’s diary.

“Odd, is that Yumi’s diary?” Ulrich asked Odd looked over at him and put on the table.

“Yeah, Hiroki helped me steal it from her, it cost me ten bucks, so I’m not giving it back until I read it.” Odd said stubbornly as Aelita took the notebook and looked at it.

“Odd, this belongs to Yumi.” Aelita said. “It’s wrong to look at it.”

“Come one, she has been acting weird lately.” Odd wasn’t wrong, Yumi had been acting differently. It all started last Friday, Yumi had gone home late because of a Xana attack and promised she would call during the weekend, but no one heard from her all weekend. On Monday, she came to school wearing her combat boots, black jean caprise, a white T-shirt with a black jacket over it, and some kind of necklace similar to Naruto’s in “Naruto” She had really been avoiding the gang too, no one could get close to her, if someone tried to talk, she would tune them out, and she was performing rather stiff and carelessly in gymnastics, track, and Silat practice sessions, which was very much not like Yumi at all. Aelita had tried to talk to her, but Yumi was always in a bad mood and never talked to her. And on Wednesday Yumi had yelled at Aelita for asking her what was wrong. Now it was Thursday, and Aelita knew she couldn’t go into the weekend with Yumi like this.

“No Odd, I’ll return it too her.” Aelita said and got up and headed to the woods where Yumi normally spend her time. Yumi however wasn’t there as the bell rang Aelita shoved the book in her backpack and headed to class hoping she could get the diary back to Yumi and solve a few problems. Aelita stared at the notebook all through class, as class ended, Aelita got to her room and cracked the book open, the neat, tomboyish, handwriting filled the pages. Aelita knew what she was doing was wrong and would make her like Odd, but that wasn’t always a bad thing. Aelita read one of the pages quietly.

Pain, the one word that I couldn’t care less about. I don’t give a shit what happens from now on with Xana and Lyoko, sometimes I’d like to pull the plug on this and get it over with. No one knows what it’s like to have to live with parents who hate each other, no one has to face the fact that they will never fit it. Xana can go to hell for all I care, I’m tired of Jeremie giving orders, I’m tired of all Odd’s jokes, I’m tired of waiting for Ulrich, and I’m tired of looking for Franz Hopper. Aelita doesn’t understand that she is luckier then I am, she has a dad that doesn’t hurt her. I don’t care, I just don’t care. I mind as well quit, and I think that’s exactly what I’m going to have to do.

Aelita’s eyes filled with tears, her black haired friend, so cold and numb from what she has to face. Aelita had looked to Yumi like an older sister, so why would Yumi be so mad at everyone? Aelita flipped the page.

Numb, another word that describes me. I don’t care what Sissi says of what every one is expecting from me. All I can say is I’m done, I’ve had it, I can’t take another physical or emotional beating. Aelita and Jeremie are happy, Odd and what’s-her-name are happy, and so are Ulrich and Sissi. I followed them to the park today, Sissi saying that if I didn’t show up this is how it would be with both of them happy, and Ulrich nodded. She asked if they could do this again, and he said “Maybe” so I think I’d rather commit suicide then watch them. Suicide, not a bad idea, anything is better then living like this.

Suicide. The word stuck out on the page. Suicide. Aelita couldn’t face losing her friend this way. Suicide. The word seemed to haunt Aelita, the though of Yumi killing herself was too much as tears streaked Aelita’s face, she wouldn’t imagine Yumi being dead. Yumi was the only other girl that Aelita thought of as family. Suicide. The word make Aelita shiver.

“Yumi, don’t do it.” Aelita whispered as if Yumi could hear her. “Don’t commit suicide.” Aelita flipped to the last page.

My parents got a divorce, yeah now suicide looks really good. I can’t live like this. I can’t take my dad beating me every time he has a bad day, I can’t take him yelling and kicking me cursing the day he married my mom. Suicide seems to be the only option I have now. I wish so much that I could have helped my parents relationship, I wish I could have told Ulrich I loved him, I wish I could have helped my dad before he got drunk. I made my decision, this may be my last entry, tomorrow after school, at 4:00 pm, My problems are gone.

Aelita looked at the clock, 3:40 pm. Twenty minutes, she had twenty minutes to find Yumi and convince her not to commit suicide. She shoved the book in her backpack and ran off to find her depressed friend.

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