Mystery Pain by GarageKid
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A week had gone by, no sign of Sissi. The group headed down to the pool for a last swim before is got too cold. Yumi had faked a note from her dad saying she hurt her leg and couldn't swim. So she watched as Jim taught the other students.

"I can't believe Yumi faked a note from her dad." Odd said.

"She said since he was drunk, his handwriting sucks, so all she had to do was write a sloppy note." Ulrich said.

"She still looks depressed." Aelita said.

"Don't worry, Aelita, she'll heal." Jeremie said. Aelita looked back up at Yumi sitting on the side staring into space. She wished she could believe Jeremie, but Yumi seemed so sad and withdrawn.

"OK, we'll start out with a few laps around the pool." Jim said. "Darn, forgot my whistle, no one move." Jim walked out of the pool area to retreive the whistle. Sissi walked up to Yumi.

"Well, Ishiyama, for a tough girl, I wouldn't think you would hid from gym class. That's lower then me." Sissi said. "Everyone knows I'm not low."

"Hell's not as low as you." Yumi snorted at her.

"Well, don't we have a temper." Sissi said. "I guess Ulrich likes you out of fear."

"And you have to blackmail to get a date. Your turn." Yumi said.

"I don't wear a Hellfire sceme." Sissi pointed out.

"Cat fight." One of the boys in Yumi's class announced.

"Hellfire's back and red, Baka*, at least I have the brains to know that." Yumi said.

"Stand up and say that!" Sissi challenged. Yumi stood up and looked at Sissi.

"Wanna repeat that?" Yumi asked.

"What are you gonna do? Punch me? Go ahead, take a shot! My father will have you expelled faster then you can say 'sorry' hear me?" Sissi said.

"Sissi, I'm too mature to get into a fist fight with someone who has no chance of winning." Yumi said.

"What did you say?" Sissi asked Yumi lightly backed up as Sissi came forward.

"Don't make me repeat that, you have ears." Yumi said.

"I hope you can swim." Sissi said.

"Why?" Yumi asked confused. Sissi shoved her sending her into the swimming pool. Yumi grabbed her wrist and Sissi came down with her. Ulrich and Odd walked over to the edge of the pool. Yumi wasn't wearing a bathing suit, and as Ulrich remembers, used cover-up to hide the scar on her face.
The Scar
Ulrich thought that if the scar was revieled, People would give Yumi a bad rep. Or Sissi would say Yumi's dad beat her and that's how she got the scar. Sissi must have planned this go get proof of Yumi getting beat. Yumi climbed out of the pool and covered her scar with her hand. Sissi come out after.

"Well, well, Miss Ishiyama has something to hide." Sissi said. Yumi stood up.

"No, I just banged my nose as you tryed to KILL ME!" Yumi said. Her other hand came over her nose as if it was bleeding.

"I told you that you where going to pay for taking my man." Sissi said.

"I'm going to the nurse, and then I'm coming after you." Yumi said as she walked out.

"Aww I'm soo scared. Yumi's coming after me." Sissi said sarcasticly. "So Ulrich, how 'bout a kiss."

"Never." Ulrich said. "After you being a jerk to Yumi, God I never thought I would be saying that, I would never go out you."

Chapter End Notes:
Baka- Idiot; Fool
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