Mystery Pain by GarageKid
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Yumi had placed a new layer of Cover-up on the scar on her face. As she walked out of the bathroom she noticed Milly, with a notepad waiting for her.

Damn the press are here. Yumi thought as Milly walked toward her.

"Well, Yumi, our readers want to know, what do you have in store for Sissi?" Milly asked.

"Well, lets just say she's going to wish she never messed with me." Yumi said trying to get away by walking down the hall, Milly followed her with more questions.

"So why did you say your nose was bleeding when their was no blood in the pool?" Milly asked.

"I never said my nose was bleeding." Yumi said.

"You did say you banged it."


"When you bang your nose it bleeds." Milly said.

"Milly, I didn't have a bloody nose when I walked out of the pool area." Yumi said.

"If there's no bruise, and no blood, how do we know you really banged it?" Milly said.

"Take my word for it." Yumi said.

"So, why do you think Sissi hates you so much?" Milly asked.

"I don't really know, I thought it was because Ulrich liked me and not her, but even after she started dateing Ulrich she hated me. I guess I really don't know why she hates me. I kinda thought it was out of jealousy." Yumi said.

"What?" Milly said.

"Well, Jeremie says Sissi lost her mom and that she thought Ulrich was the only thing in her life. I used to feel bad for her, but she never showed me any support after my parents devorced, and I tried to help her but she would never let me. She never really gave me any chance, if she did, who knows we might have been friends. But then things would be way different then they are now." Yumi said.

"What a scoop." Milly said.

"Your not going to tell the school Sissi's mom died are you?" Yumi asked.

"Why not, you would get your revenge, and Sissi would be finished." Milly said.

"If you print that story, you'll never make it to the eighth grade. I sware Milly, you can't do that." Yumi said. Milly frowned.

"Watch me." Milly said stubbornly and Yumi lifted her by her hoodie.

"Don't print that story." Yumi said. She hated being like this to younger kids, but she really had no choise.

"OK, on one condition." Milly said.

"I'm listening." Yumi said.

"You tell me if Hiroki likes me." Milly said. Yumi nearly laughed.

"He does." Yumi said. Milly smiled and walked away.

Too easy. Yumi thought as she walked away.

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