99 Unexpected Victory (The End Trilogy, part 2) by 5CarthageRocks
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Chapter 6- Impossible (09.28.07) 


“Einstein, you can’t be serious!”


“Unfortunately, Odd, I am.”


Aelita was shocked. After going through all that to destroy the Last Replika, they had found out that it was just a decoy. Now XANA had activated all the towers on Lyoko. And they could be sure that whatever he was planning, XANA would make use of all the power currently in his control.


“Einstein, do you have any idea what XANA’s planning?” Ulrich fidgeted, afraid of the answer.


“We don’t,” replied Franz. “But we can undoubtedly expect the worse.”


Suddenly a huge Bang! shook the Factory. Jeremie and Franz gripped the chair for support.


“What was that?” Jeremie said, readjusting his glasses.


Franz looked up at the roof. “I think we’d better go and find out.”


“Aelita,” Jeremie said, speaking into the microphone, “get back to Lyoko and start deactivating those towers.”


“But that’ll take forever!” said Odd.


“I know,” Jeremie said, “but at the moment, it’s our only hope. And you have to go back to Lyoko anyway. Franz and I are going to ground level to check something. I’ve set up a simple script so that the entrance gate will open when you activate the digital key. I've also materialized the vehicles. We should be back in a few minutes.”


“Okay,” Aelita said. “Be careful.”


Jeremie quickly took off the headset. Then he followed Franz into the elevator.




Aelita quickly laid her hand onto the pad. “Digital Key activated.”


The white beam shot out from the Skid, focusing on the circle with the eye of Lyoko upon it. The beam instantly disappeared. The gate slowly opened.


“I hope XANA isn’t going to give us a welcoming committee,” Odd said. “We seriously need to start deactivating those towers.”


Yumi sighed. “Odd, I wouldn’t like a welcoming committee either, but most likely there’ll be one. It’s the obvious move.”


The Skid rose out of the Digital Sea into the Forest Sector. Everyone gasped. “I didn’t think the committee would be that big,” Ulrich said.


Their vehicles were on a nearby plateau. But just beyond them stood a huge army of every single monster XANA had ever created.


Suddenly there was a loud splash behind them. Aelita quickly rotated the Skid. “Great,” she sighed.


Another huge army of the Digital Sea monsters made up of Kalamars, Rekins, and Kongres loomed in front of them. And right in the middle of them floated William, standing on his Black Manta.




The elevator door opened. Jeremie and Franz quickly climbed up to the bridge.


“I should have never created XANA or let him go rogue,” Franz said. “I hope we’ll be able to stop XANA this time, because I have a feeling that this time it’s going to be a lot harder.”


Suddenly they both froze in shock. Above them, a swirl of reddish black clouds completely covered the sky. Red XANA eyes were visible in a multitude of places.


And just in front of them, numerous specters were forming like a whirlpool of smoke. The amazing thing was that they were citizens of the city. Jeremie even recognized people from Kadic, including Sissi, Mr. Delmas, and Jim. And in every single eye flashed the eye of XANA. All the people of the world except for the Lyoko Warriors were part of XANA’s army.


“Oh yeah,” Jeremie said, taking a fighting stance alongside Franz. “A lot harder.”

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