100 Rebellion (The End Trilogy, part 3) by 5CarthageRocks
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Chapter 11- Awake (12.29.07)


William slowly blinked open his eyes. He saw a green ceiling, along with green walls made of what looked like scrap metal. It took him a moment to remember where he was.


William slowly sat up. Everyone else was up, or getting up. Aelita yawned and stretched as she sat up. Jeremie was already watching Franz work on the computer.


“Morning William,” said a voice. William turned to see Yumi walking toward him, smiling. “Had a good sleep?”


“For the most part,” William replied, smiling back. “Where are Odd and Ulrich?”


The elevator opened with a shake, and everyone turned. Odd and Ulrich emerged. Ulrich was holding a glass pitcher full of water, covering it with his remaining hand to protect its contents from falling out. Odd was holding a loaf of bread in a bag, along with a bag of small, pink, pudding-cup-size containers.


“Here we are,” Ulrich said. “We snuck back into school to steal some food from the cafeteria. Thankfully, XANA didn’t seem to think that the cafeteria needed guarding, although there were a lot of people patrolling Kadic.”


“Sorry,” Odd said, tossing the loaf of bread to the floor and opening the second bag. “All we could get was yogurt, bread and water, and not even spoons, cups or mugs. We had to leave before XANA could spot us. I’m not sure how I’m going to manage with this little food!”


“It’s like the time you starved to death,” Yumi joked. “Well, that time, XANA attacked us with food, so that doesn’t count.”


The food was passed around, everyone hungry from the work they had done yesterday. Everyone took a sip of water from the pitcher, and curved the top of the yogurt cups to use as spoons. Quickly, all the food was gone. Not very much, for a first meal back on Earth, William silently commented.


Aelita finally sighed, standing up. “Shall we go?”


“That really wasn’t filling for my bottomless stomach,” Odd groaned, standing up as well.


“We might as well. There’s not much more we can do here,” Ulrich said, standing up with Yumi and William. stood up with her and walked toward the elevator.


Jeremie stood up, and walked over to lean against the chair as he watched Franz. The elevator door closed on the other side of the room.
Chapter End Notes:

Dunno why I even bother to call this a chapter. The reason it's so short is because I only portrayed one scene. I was originally going to include the scene with Ulrich and Odd waking up and actually stealing the food, but too many minor decisions rose and I got too lazy to write it. =/

At 388 words, I'm hoping that it will be the shortest chapter of Rebellion ever. (I do NOT want to go back to discuss the terrible short length of The Miracle and Unexpected Victory in comparison to Rebellion so far.)

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