Sunrise by virtugirl333
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Author's Chapter Notes:

I actlly got some revews! Yay me!

Alita’s POV:


I stepped out of the air port. I did it. I can't believe it, but I did! Of course, it was only a matter of time before Jeremy & the others saw through the story I had told the principal of my father’s death. They would never guess where I went though, so I figured I was safe.


Grabbing my suitcase, I walked down the streets of Tokyo. I had never, in all my life, done some thing this crazy.


Should I be worried that this crazy feeling felt so good?




Ok, where the heck am I?


It must be the hair. That’s what my father always used to say when my mother or I did something with out thinking it through all the way. So, while I was actually in Tokyo, about to find enough evidence to prove to Jeremy & the others that XANA really was still alive…


…I had forgotten that I didn’t know how to speak Japanese. Speaking Japanese tends to be helpful when you are in Japan…


I some how made my way to an area that seemed to have some kind of party inside each building. Suddenly a couple guys started yelling at me.


“I’m sorry.” I called to them. “But I have no idea what you’re saying. Do you speak French?”


They said some more stuff. When I tried to walk away, 1 of them grabbed my arm. He was drunk, & so were his buddies.


Just then, a girl came up behind me. She started to yell at the drunk guys. I don’t know what she said, but seemed to scare away the drunk guys.


“Thanks.” I said. To my surprise she answered.


“No problem.” She was able to speak French! Maybe I cold get some info from her! “I’m Flora, by the way.”


“Alita.” I said. “Do you know any hotels around here that are some what cheap?”


“In the Golden Gai?”


“Oh, that’s where I am?” I asked. “I am so lost. At lest that explains all the bars around here…”


Flora laughed.


“Well, I brought 157,352 yen with me for my entire trip.”


“How long is your trip?”


“That, I really don’t know.” I said. I wasn’t leaving until I had my proof.


“Well, good luck trying to find any hotel. They’re filled with tourists for that sports tournament.” Flora said. “Hey, I know! I live with my dad at the American Embassy, why don’t you come stay with us? It’ll be free, & I can guarantee that we’ll be able to find something fun to do!”


“Ok, that sounds good.” I said after giving it some thought. After all, she did just help me out, & so far she was the only person I was able to talk to.

 Who knows? Maybe she can even help me…
Chapter End Notes:

I'm not at descprtn, so to see what Flora looks like, go to & type in 1202 as her doll ID. I did not make her, but I saw her & just knew that that's what I wantd her to look like.

 Plese revew!

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